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  1. Legofan4ever88

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Or you could just try sorting them out a handful at a time or pick out the pieces u can see that fit in a catagory.
  2. Legofan4ever88

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5 discussion

    Does anyone know when the figgies should start popping up in the US? I'm STILL trying to find series 5 on BL but the only inexpensive ones have shipping that can pile up fast, aren't id'ed, or there's nothing else I want to buy that'd make the shipping price worth it.
  3. Legofan4ever88

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    That sounds right. the "study" probaby forced things towards things girls would "Normally" like. I want a girl themed set to put w/ my stuff and expand overall a little bit that'd add a level of something different when my cousin would come over. I'm a girl that prefers vehicle building and minifigures but I really would like some GIRL items to add variety. Yea, there's the modulars that may attract girls, but the sets cost 2 arms and a leg. Plus, even if I could find it cheap, I have no where to put it.
  4. have you tried eBay? Fair warning though, I've seen bidding wars get vicious on some lego stuff
  5. Legofan4ever88

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5 discussion

    That happens after a while w/ most folded hinge containers after a while. It probably turned that color so fast due to the cheap materials. You may wind up having to stop opening it at all unless u want to risk a hinge failure
  6. Legofan4ever88

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5 discussion

    I can find a whole mess load on BL, but none are in the requirements i need: Pre-id'd zookeeper AND aerobics girl, price at or below retail, good shipping costs, and good stuff in the minifigure section so I can score a few extra things. Best I can get is 2/4. I wish lego would hurry up and release the figgies in the states then maybe I can score something!
  7. Legofan4ever88

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5 discussion

    I hope some UK sellers will start listing on BL. All that's really popping up on BL now are either the un'id'd ones at a good price(i want 2 specific one's), good priced id'd but the shipping looks like it could get expensive fast, or overpriced ones w/ shipping that stacks up fast also if i want to get any extra stuff
  8. Those seem interesting, but if they are real, let's just hope they are prototypes. Quality on some of the parts give me an impression that it's more of Really good custom made or boarder line generic figure.
  9. Legofan4ever88

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5 discussion

    Check bricklink under the sets section. There's only 2 sellers on pre-id'd ones. One selling for 2 something a piece and 1 for 10 a piece. There's also a bunch of un-id'd ones including ones buy the box full on the lower end of 2 dollars. Oh, and a few on ebay. Looks like all they have so far are buy the box or the gangster.
  10. AHEM! 1) I am a FEMALE not a HE and 2) I haven't posted in hopes of letting this SERIOUS post and issue just die off the main page Does anyone know how to lock topics? If this topic isn't going to get serious, i want to lock this.
  11. Legofan4ever88

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5 discussion

    I just checked on bricklink and series 5 figures have started to be listed! ID'd figures appear to be more or less all posted by someone called "Skane Bricks" and they have the figures listed at 10 bucks a piece(yes. $10). there's also one selling unid'd ones for 2.34 w/ one required to buy them by the box and the same seller also has some at 2.93 a piece w/ no minimum requirement.
  12. Legofan4ever88

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5 discussion

    i'm going to look into the aerobics gal and zoo keeper online and maybe the eskimo on Bricklink. Whenever I get to the lego store(planned trip has been postponed), I may look into a couple more there. I'm having to be patient since it'll probably be another week or so until those start showing up on BL at earliest. EDIT: Scratch that. I'll have to look into all the figures i'm looking into at the lego store whenever I go. One of my ACWW towns began having loading issues and I just had to use up all but 2.50 out of my paypal fund to get a new copy of ebay. EDIT 2: Buying the figgies may just be back on! ACWw is working again and if it continues working w/o issue, i'm cancelling the ebay order!
  13. I emailed the lego customer service about it. and out of the 3 times, I only got the information I asked for(latest freebie time). First time, I only got a "items become unavailable when quanities are low" and second they claimed to not be sure what items typical ship w/ which shipper(DHL and FedEx).
  14. It's not odd. I'm just a person that doesn't want to get an overload of stuff. And w/ them, I asked questions on 3 occassions that only needed a very simple answer for each(When for the first q, who for the second, and how for the third) and I get stuff in return! At the way they're going, I should of expected a lego gift card or something from them when I emailed them recently about bailing out of the lego catalog(prices are ridicilous!). I just got a response in the form of what I needed which i'm more then happy with. I got asked my shipping info.
  15. Legofan4ever88

    Are lego prices really that bad today?

    Yea, prices were kinda high back them also, but the stuff is WAY better then a lot of todays stuff. Plus a lot of the older stuff piece counts contained way more bigger pieces then today. All I see in countless of the bigger sets now are lots and lots of little bits that just jack up the price but just cause a headache when building.