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  1. Thank you all for your posts. We just moved (to a smaller place! But much better school district ) So I lost the dedicated lego room which has increased the "too many legos!" I am retiring sets and I'll talk about making a more dedicated closet space for retired sets until we move.
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    Hmmm... now I have to research the housing code in Japan
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    Hey, I'm an AFOL who has gotten back into Lego after 25 years (last set I bought was 5521: Sea Jet). My older son never put anything in his mouth at all, so I bought him 6913-1: Blue Roadster when he was 2 and now have close to 100 sets (not counting all the Mixels). We live in Japan and space is more limiting than funds. Yoroshiku
  4. Between me and my older son (now 7), we've amassed close to 100 sets between us (most smaller City and Creator lines). My wife is not a fan. More than the money Lego requires (we can afford it) it's the space. We don't have that big of a place and I've carved out half a room to display and store. All my older son really plays with anymore is Lego and he and I both eye new sets longingly. I don't get any because my desire for new sets doesn't out-weigh my ability to deal with a tirade from my wife. I was just wondering if there's anyone else out there in my boat and if so, what sort of arrangement do you have with your spouse to keep both of you happy.