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  1. Sir Norman Ray

    EB 2011 Windsor Event - pics & stories

    Ahem. Dirty, STINKING, CHILDREN.... Anyway, now thats out of the way I have to say, this was very enjoyable. It was good to meet a good chunk of you guys for the first time.This was only my third Lego Meet up, but at least this time I didn't have to fly to Seattle! Everybody was a good laugh in their own ways, I don't think I'll ever forget the epic search for Tesco. (Or the fact I found my Guinness pen bottle opener as soon as I got home.) Or of course, I honestly don't know if I can invade Denmark next year (REVENGE!) due to costs. Who knows, maybe I'll get a better paying job? We'll see. But until then, here's dreaming of glorious evil black... -Sir Norman "To the pub!" Ray.
  2. Sir Norman Ray

    EB Event Billund 2012

    I have no idea at this stage. I'm pretty strapped for cash sadly, and I could barely afford this years meet AND BrickCon this year. I'm going to have to decide which I can really afford to do. The face of Sir Norman Ray is expected in too many place me thinks. -Sir Norman "Anybody spare me a few grand?" Ray.
  3. Awesome! Oh, and you can't pay me enough money to go swimming :P -Sir Norman "The fact I can't find me trunks is nout to do with this!" Ray.
  4. Well, I have heard from a few people at work that next week is in fact half term, which means there may be children about... -Sir Norman "Dirty, stinking, children..." Ray.
  5. Well, I COULD pick you up, but I have no idea what traffic is going to be like after gettin the docotr of holograms. I'm pretty much riding rush hour traffic all the way from Essex on the M25. -Sir Norman "I really am gonna need petrol money for this..." Ray.
  6. Well, on the 1st I'm not really planning much beyond getting to the hotel and dumping my stuff. So I'll gladly join you in the the big city for a tour of my Capital. -Sir Norman "I can understand cockney!" Ray.
  7. It's not anymore, thanks for the heads up, that was odd. I mean, I may like BrickCon and Seattle, but I'm British! Honest :P

  8. The country stated below your avatar has changed to United States???

  9. Damn, thats a shame man, sorry to hear that. -Sir Norman "Send in the Special Forces, we need this guy" Ray.
  10. No, they come with life rafts and life preservers. Which are designed to open automatically as soon as the door is opened as soon as the plane takes off. (Did you know that when the captain anounces cross check, thats the air crew arming those things?) And besides, statistically, traveling by air is the safest way. And grow up! I travel to Seattle for BrickCon for the third time this year, from England, on my own. -Sir Norman "Because in my family, if your gonna do it right, do it the dumbest way possible." Ray.
  11. Yeah, you wait until you meet me. -Sir Norman "Raised in the church of cynical and quick snap one liners. Also known as the Church of Saint Bas-" Ray.
  12. Yeah, its the deposit for the hotel in my case. The remaning balance for my hotel bill is £198.00 -Sir Norman "Moneymoneymoney" Ray.
  13. Sir Norman Ray

    Windsor '11 trading post

    ... I wonder if I could get away with coming with my old LEGO trays in the loft. Thats old school stuff. Fabuland to, erm, not sure! -Sir Norman "Traveling salesman" Ray.
  14. Okay, thanks man! -Sir Norman "Relieved? Whisky time!" Ray.
  15. In regards to the trip to Legoland, how is this being arranged? Have we got hold of a deal or anything of that like? The same with the trip to Windsor castle? -Sir Norman "Want a deal? Let me get my trenchcoat..." Ray.