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  1. Brick A Dee Brick

    Messing with Unikitty

    Oh it looks as if you had a blast making these. Thanks for sharing. They are fun to look at. =)
  2. Brick A Dee Brick

    MOC : Church

    This is an amazing build. I am completely taken by the big stained glass walls. I would love to see this model as a real church building. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Brick A Dee Brick

    (MOC) The LEGO Movie 2 -- Girls' Instrusion

    This is beyond fantastic. Thanks for sharing! The piece looks so dynamic. I went over the pictures several times to catch all the lovely details.
  4. Brick A Dee Brick

    MOC - Kill Teal 2 - the scientific way

    In December 2017 when it became clear that the colour Teal would make a comeback the blog ‘New Elementary’ announced a contest to kill ‘Teal’ again after Mark Stafford inadvertently had already done so back in 2008. It did sound so much fun that I wanted to give it a try. Therefore, this little scene got made. We are on a factory floor and the minifigures working there have to wear protective gear to be safe from the unwanted ‘Teal’. Being rounded up and shipped to the facility to be dumped on a conveyor belt and molten into black little lumps. ‘Peach’ and ‘Chartreuse’ are already gone and others will surely follow. So there. But then I thought what if 'Teal' had not been molten into black lumps after all (government cover story, smoke and mirrors and double entendre) but had secretly been sent to through a dimensional portal instead? Might it not have posed a pretty puzzle for someone somewhere?
  5. Brick A Dee Brick

    [MOC] Angel - Emerald golem

    Oh wow. I would like to echo the sentiment of my fellow admirers. What a stunning build. I immediatly got a "Bioshock" vibe seeing it. I love, love, love the dark green and gold colour combination and the intricate details in the more ornate wheels and wing pieces. And using the bow of Aira's Airship as pauldrons is a stroke of genius. Such a lovely MOC. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Brick A Dee Brick

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    I am late to the party with commenting on this one but - oh boy - is that a sweet whimsical build. It gives me a lot of joy to look at it! I love icing on the train and wagons and intricacy of the each part of the train. That nougat, red and white is wonderfully accented with all the pop colours too. This as a build has me bouncing up and down with glee. Almost missed the Yeti sitting there by the tree. Thank you for sharing this lovely build.
  7. Brick A Dee Brick

    [MOC] Phoenix at Sunrise

    Hi JanetVanD, That is a wonderful build you are sharing here with us. I enjoyed the elaborate feather detailing immensly. Another thing I really love is your choice in colours. The magenta you used on the back in conjunction with red, orange, yellow and gold gives me so much joy and the bird looks more vibrant for the colour graduation. Lovely build.
  8. Brick A Dee Brick

    [MOC] Fus Ro Dah !

    Thank you for sharing the coloured detail pictures on how you went about building the rocky cliff. That is an amazing technique. The entire build is very enticing. It is a lovely vibrant scene.
  9. Brick A Dee Brick

    REVIEW: 71021 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 18

    @WhiteFang Thank you so much for yet another fun and outstanding review. I enjoy these a lot and find myself returning to them just because you put the new minifigures in such enjoyable contexts. I appreciate the effort you invest in these reviews.
  10. Brick A Dee Brick

    Petticoat Lane

    Hello eanair I like the asymmetrical build up of your street scene. It looks inviting so that you want to send your minifigures exploring this part of town. The colour scheme in dark nougat and white with pops of colour looks delectable as if the build was actually a cake you could eat. Very nice.
  11. Brick A Dee Brick

    [MOC] Ninjago - Sons of Garmadon Hangout

    Hello badchriss, Thank you for sharing this fabulous build. It is great what you thought up on the basis of the '70640 S.O.G. Headquarters' set. I would love you to expand on it (in all directions!) because this is too much fun. What set does the lionine head that you have used in the support beam come from? I think I have not seen it before. Also the round tiles with blue bits and orange plus signs in the fourth pic from the top - are those stickers from Nexo Knights? The colour scheme seems to suggest it. I like what you have done with the METRO station, rails, payphone, ventilation, maps, graffiti... a cool entrance hall to the baddies' hang-out. I am looking forward to you building this up-wards.
  12. Brick A Dee Brick

    [MOC] Laundromat and Musician's Apartment

    DK_Titan - thank you for sharing this beautiful work. I enjoyed watching the video. I have seen it several times because there are so many fabulous details in this build. I would not even know where to start the build is so choke full of great details. The Laundromat wash machines are build beauifully with their red and green lights indicating machines free and in use. I think my favorite is the bathroom floor upstairs that is made of the 1x1 round tiles. - Is it safe to assume that the door opens outwards as the tiles would get in the way if you pushed inwards? The colours chosen are too very enjoyable. the blues and yellows give the entire build a warm inviting presence. I also had to laugh at the girl spilling her drink in the guy"s lap. See, I am all over the place with this comment but there is just too much great detail to gush about. Anyway, thanks for sharing.
  13. Brick A Dee Brick

    Lack of original themes

    You have a very good point there BrickJagger. I agree that liscensed themes are seemingly inescapable now. I understand that that is frustrating when you are not into these specific themes as there are simply few alternatives to chose from instead, not to mention the difference in price for liscensed sets. I would add though that the liscensed sets also gave us great new moulds and pieces that I for one greatly enjoy. I agree =) Furthermore, I also do not mind the mash-up of themes one bit. After all it is about how you use the bricks. Just build what you prefer to see with them and enjoy the possibilities the new pieces offer. After all you can dismantle even the figures into their components and re-arrange them in the ways you want them to look. And I love him. The hilarity of that figure alone gives me so much joy. Also, I think it GREAT that batman's sense of self is so secure that even wearing a fish tail and a clam shell bra can not shake his self-confidence. I think that is a great message to everyone, including kids. It is OK who you are, it is OK to explore how you self-identify even if that may not be mainstream. Yes, you can be a hero in a fish tail and clam shells. That is a brave and fabulous thing to do with such an iconic character that has such a long standing in pop culture. Batman - prior to the 'Fairy Batman' - was almost always defined masculinity as hard and dark, suffering and brooding and lone fighter like. And now Batman's masculinity encompasses cross dressing and fun costumes without that questioning his manliness or coolness factor. I think this could have great positive impact in the playrooms worldwide. I appreciate however that Robert8 was not talking about self-identification or starting a gender debate but merely made a point about even the collectible minifigure series being high-jacked by liscensed themes.
  14. Brick A Dee Brick

    [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Hello DwalinF, While browsing pirate MOCs, I found your raft escape. It had me laughing straight away. The whimsy, the movement, the humor are all there and make it a great piece. The photography too is used to an amazing effect. I love the shot taken from inside the beast's maw in direction of the raft. Blow, Harry blow indeed, the monster almost gotcha. If I could make a wish, I would request for you to build a follow-up scene, where at least one pirate was swallowed (alive obviously) and could strike a match to show us the inside of the beast. Who knows what our brave pirate would discover there. =) Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with us.