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  1. @1963maniac what software did you use to make your instructions
  2. @Didumos69 I was able to add your 90 shifter with lever, the really compact one, to the non centered 4 speed gearbox and I’m pleased to say that it works flawlessly with the new rotary catch.
  3. This is why i question it's even possible because with double engagement you effectively have an 8 speed transmission. But honestly considering the great minds on this form, @Didumos69, @Sariel, @BusterHaus, @Attika, and @allanp I think we can figure one out but I feel it will be one of the more complicated transmissions.
  4. This video got me out of bed. I was thrilled to see it. Really Good Job designing all 5 gearboxes
  5. I have a challenge for anybody (I don’t have enough parts to even try and my computer is terrible). Make a 6 speed gearbox or 5+r with one or two rotary catches. I honestly don’t even know if it is possible knowing the nature of the catch
  6. @Didumos69 I really like the design. When I finished my version it was about two studs wider but that’s it. Other than that it works pretty much the same way. Thanks for using only two dog bones. Really helpful
  7. Nvm. I figured it out. I would put pics but it won’t let and I don’t have all my parts yet so it is a little bare bones
  8. @Didumos69 when you make the housing for the 3+r can you use as little I-Beams as possible. I only have two and I still haven’t figured out how to use them right. Is it possible to make a 3+r with the new selector but not centered? Kinda like your first 4 speed gearbox but with a reverse.
  9. @Didumos69 Could you make a rendering of the Bugatti Gearbox NVM I found it on other forum the 42083 mods one
  10. @BusterHaus thanks for the explanation
  11. Like in gearboxes above on this forum
  12. Are half stud offsets in gearboxes considered “illegal” building techniques because I noticed that TLG never uses them in their speed or function transmissions.
  13. Jack Bloomer

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I think that the Porsche was for sports car fans (such as me) and the Bugatti was meant for the general population because it is more known. That being said despite the Chiron being obviously better I will always be partial to the Porsche for two reasons. One, any model 911 is my Dad’s dream car and two, it was the first ultimate series LEGO model.
  14. Jack Bloomer

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Are new transmission parts in LDD yet?
  15. Jack Bloomer

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Does new 20z clutch gear work with old 2L driving ring? Anyone know? Any idea?