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    I´ve been reading here for quite some time but thought I´ve give a proper introduction... I am 39, from Dortmund, Germany. My first train was the 7722 which I got as a christmas present back in - I think it was - 1986. I still own that specific train to this date. I think it was a year later that I converted this to 12V. Some longer pauses in between - I never lost touch to the Lego world as I now (beside the 7722) own two 12V 7715s plus a spare 12V 7715 locomotive, a 7725, a 7735, three 7740, a 7745, a 7755 and an older 12V 725 which was the train my wife had as a child. I consider myself a 12V fan and still keep my 80s Lego City stuff for complementing the train layouts. I do own most of the train-related stuff from that era nowadays like the 7824, 7839, 7823 sets as well as two 7866 crossings and the 6399 monorail which I bought just last year. I am happy to share my Lego train fun with my now 4-year old son. For him his Duplo train didn´t cut it anymore so he now uses some simple MOC trains of his own on some older 12V tracks. While looking awfully funny, I think using Lego and building your own stuff can´t be bad for enhancing skills and abilities for kids. So much information, and much interesting stuff on this forum, I am happy to contribute every once in a while. :-)