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  1. Lol,... yeah, not shure about the stickers as the engine design is based on a old school supercharged hemi V8 big block with nitro injection, Porsche don't make those But they give a nice detail to the cillinderheads... I think they will go at some point... At first I was disappointed the main fan has no axle + connection but a round hole instead, but it runs just fine and the cool thing is, when the engine stops the fan keeps on running for a bit, just like the real thing. Also the supercharger is mounted quite loosely on purpose so it shakes and rattles a bit when the engine is running. Back to the chassis now...
  2. Hello, It has been a while due to being too occupied on the job (landed a new engineering project) to build anything substantial, but this christmas I started another MOC concept "A Muscle Car" as I am not shure what it is going to end up like. The first finnished stage is the Supercharged V8 engine, it will be front mouted between the wheels, I allready have a concept chassis going on and it fits nicely and I did not have to compromise the steering angle and pneumatic suspension system. The engine is mounted in a way that will make it quite easy to swap for a replacement engine and will run on it's own, not mounted to the drivetrain which will consist of two pairs of hard coupled L motors driving the rear wheels only... enjoy; Next stage, chassis...
  3. "KILLROY" Autonomous robo sniper. Inspired by this google search; I wanted to build something autonomous styled that does not look like a tank too much, the main design being about "effectiveness" I've been experimenting with a pneumatic Lego gun for a while and got it to shoot quite a nice distance with some tinkering and added a laseraim system to it with quite good results, killshot after killshot. It is powered by the standard PF system using 2x V2 and 1x V1 IR receiver on a third party 11.1V LiPo battery, wich is housed in a Lego build batteryholder. It has a fair bit of power by 4x L motor on portal hubs driving the sprocket wheels, 2 per side, it is quite fast and has a lot of torque and climbs steep hills with no problems dispite it's weight being 2100 grams. As you might notice I put bits of neoprene selfadhesive tape on the tracks, on my first testrun I was unpleasantly surprised how loud this thing was on my laminate floor, oh my, the next day my downstairs neighbour asked if I was sanding the floor lol... "No, that was just a tank" It also improves grip on a smooth floor and protects the tracks from getting scratched. The gun has remote tilt and rotation wich is very slow / geared down using wormwheels so it allows for very accurate aiming, movement is limited by the cables and hose running to the gun from the chassis but it's range is large enough to not have to worry about it. The laser fires from the same controller as the actual airgun, so take aim first, pressurize the system, and launch... and hit. The gun really improved when I got 16 of these barrel parts from a brickstore, these allow for a nice strong and straight airtight barrel. Also the airswitch has to sit directly on the servo, adding a mechanism to it to correct for 90° rotation of the servo compared to the 45° of the switch will render it too slow and you'll get a pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff instead of a puff! ... having it sit directly on the servo is no problem though as the servo autocorrects it's position when it gets stalled. Some inside structure; It can deliver a 60 psi punch ! This is Roy... He's dead now.... I wish I had a cat....
  4. There's no size limmit, so I guess .... yes. This will be a lot of fun I guess. I have one minifigure, let's make it poop it's little Lego pants !
  5. On the one hand, yes the surprise thing... But on the other hand I notice when a competition gets started from there it's silence only untill the great reveal, and it is actually kinda boring time. I can imagine the fun seeing all these things being build, and there will be a lot more fun stuff going on on the forum during the competition, more interaction and can also be inspiring and motivating to see what others are doing... I kinda like that idea.
  6. Don't worry, the playing field will never be equal as it comes to parts and pieces, some people have millions of parts and are doing this for 20+ years and some people are fairly new to this and only have a limmited collection of pieces.... And some people have the older stuff that cannot be bought today like the micro motor and stuff like that.... Does it have to be an existing ride or can one invent something completely new ?
  7. Allow, it's only a power source and not structural,... btw power sources are never Lego, it's either Duracell or Varta or....
  8. Permo

    Technic Pub

    12 killshots in a row ! Shooting at a minifigure from aprox 2m distance... This thing works !
  9. Permo

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Very well implemented, amazing engineering, love your other vids as well, I'm now using your design for switching a valve using a servo, this is the first design I see that let's the servo do a full 90° turn
  10. 1. Mocbuild101 2. Marxpek 3. Offroadcreations 4. Sirslayer 5. MangaNoid 6. Romashkahan
  11. Permo

    Technic Pub

    Well, that worked out pretty well.... I modified an arrow shooter part to house the actual laser, the Lego container is perfect for housing external electronics, in this case a 3,3V voltage regulator some diodes on the input to prevent reversed voltage from the IR receiver, no need to drill or glue anything, it allready has holes for the wiring. It's a 5mW green laser and the output quite surprised me, this is a serious lasergun and will be very cool to play with now it fires from a Lego IR remote.
  12. You really nailed the moves and looks, exellent work !