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  1. [WIP] Offroad SUV (Chassis)

    Cool ! .. keep us posted.
  2. Cool video ! Best of luck with the competition.
  3. That would be cool ! Soon we will know.
  4. Weren't those new rims fitted with pins instead of holes ? This could mean there will be new hubs, wich could be great,.... if sold separately at some point.
  5. Ah, seeing them side by side I agree the middle one looks best
  6. I'll be Statler and Waldorf...
  7. Cool, love how it all fits... Though I had to look twice to "see" the steering wheel. The handles look kinda bulky, if you would use the connectors with 1.5L axles on it instead of the connectors with bushings on the end the handles will be half a stud longer and thinner to more resemble a steering wheel is my suggestion. I'm not good with partnumbers, but they come with the Porsche set.
  8. Dominator TRS

    WHOOAAA !!! This is the best, I love it ! Monsterscale builds are my fave. Reminds me somewhat of my "Roadkill Truck"
  9. I rather avoid buying more sets, there will be so many different unwanted parts that I will never use, I'd like to keep my collection to a bare minimum. Also to save space, I also have a recording studio and electronics workshop.
  10. Thanks, I allready noticed this build is quite complex and I have seen quite some small bits in the topic that I don't have in my collection, though small bits usually come cheap. I don't like the Lego wheelhubs in general, also the way the CV joints are incorporated in them. And it's nice to see people have come up with a solution to that. So I probably will get some of those rims anyway, to be able to do less wobly builds with the big Claas tires, problem is, the cheap ones only come in yellow and red, sofar I could not find a local seller who has 4 pieces in black at a decent price, and ordering one piece from different sellers (wich are plenty) will increase shipping costs way beyond the price of those rims... So I'm not decided yet. I think it's very cool that you will provide building instructions ! I would love to see a parts list for the framework at some point to see how many parts I am missing. Oh, and I like the color scheme you picked, it will look nice with a bit of dirt on it !
  11. I was going trough this topic to see if I could build this ride, as I allready have the most important parts, 8 yellow big hard springs, 4 l motors + servo and a powerfull batterypack. So recently I got me a set of Claas tires and 4 small turntables for wheelhubs... Just to discover that my crawler rims (wich fit the Claas tires) only have three holes instead of 6, now I've got 8 of those allready and I don't like the idea of buying 4 more rims in the same size... Is there a solution to this, or is buying 4 more rims the only way to go ? I did manage to hook up the turntable to the crawler rims by introducing a beltwheel inbetween them, though this increases the width of the construction and also introduces more wobble... not the way to go.
  12. It was inspired by this Dutch Donkervoort car; I'm thinking about doing a better physical representation, but my guess is it's going to be impossible to do the close hugging fenders, and I really need those front bumpers on it
  13. I decided on the black / orange combo and did some work on the overall look of the car and installed a voltmeter wich came in the mail last week to keep an eye on the lipo battery status at all times. And I created a simple camera mount to attach to the roof to film from "driver position" I think it's finnished now