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  1. Permo

    Technic Power Box Mod to use 9v Power Supply

    I don't get it... Just cut a Lego extensioncord and hook it up to the powersupply or any other battery. Hook up to a pair of V2 receivers and you'll be surprised.
  2. Oh my !.... That is one ugly design (was it designed at all ?) I bet it will even look more horrible in Lego.
  3. Very cool ! Especially the name of the project, almost made me choke on my coffee
  4. A stronger build differential will be a very welcome part If you ask me. In a couple of weeks we'll probably know.
  5. Permo

    [MOC] Harley-Davidson Fly Boy V

    Really cool build !
  6. I wonder if this setup will trip the current limiters in the new motors / controller ?
  7. Permo

    General Part Discussion

    Yeah ! I've got 4 pieces of this new crawler portal hub..... but I forgot to order the new CV joint thingies with them...
  8. Oh wow ! This is exellent, stunning looks and great performance. Love this
  9. Permo

    [MOC] 42099 - B model - Rocky

    "Couchcrawler" I'd love to have those new geared down hubs...
  10. Permo

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    Paper does not radiate and has no refreshrate... It's not attacking your eyeballs like a monitor does... I prefer paper all the time.
  11. Permo

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I build mine last night, and I must say it was a fun build, I'm really impressed by the design. Love the suspension setup, love the new rims and love the olive green color. Bought it as a parts pack, there's some pretty good stuff in this set. I like it a lot !
  12. Permo

    [MOC] 42099 - B model - Rocky

    It works pretty well,... great engineering !
  13. Permo

    Technic Photography

    I spend a whole day with sheets of shiny gray paper and grabbed every lamp in my house that whas not mounted to anything... Last week I bought the compact Fujifilm XF10, and the result of a days work; It was great fun, pics are jpeg straight from the cam... I'm really happy with these results.