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  1. From the look of it, I would say these new ones would run slightly smoother, with less play... is this so ?
  2. I've been looking for a tech figure for a couple of years now and they don't seem to be out there... you can buy a foot, or a hand... that's about it. So if I find one, 15 min from my house for 19 euros, comes with a car... I'd say that's a bargain in 2022. It also has some nice 3L black pins and grey axle/pins I am always trying to keep the blue dots out of my builds. First thing he build...
  3. Found a second hand 8230 today for 19 euros. It has the "impossible" to find technic figure So I finally got my guy
  4. So cool you got that working.
  5. Cool ! Drifting 1.9kg of Lego on the big rubber Porsche tires.... it can be done; 4 L motors hard coupled to the rear axle.
  6. I was looking at those tracks thinking how is this Lego ? Then I looked closer and was like "oh my ! ... this thing is huge !" Wonderfull build, really well done !
  7. Very elegant and creative ! Well done !
  8. A couple of years ago I bought two second hand crawler sets (V2 receivers and 2L motors) at 70 / 80 euro's a set... great parts pack. Got the Porsche and the Landrover, also for the parts... and that's about all the Lego I need to build a (vehicle) MOC. I don't care for collecting / displaying, (I don't have the room nor money for that) for me it's all about the creative process of building something. I just stick to the old PF stuff, pared with my DIY 3S batterybox I got all the power I could wish for (two V2 receivers will provide 70 Watts with a powerfull battery, that's a lot !) I buy the occasional new bits from a brickstore, like the new differentials or the orange change over ring... just a couple of euros a year will keep me up to date. Whenever I get parts, I get them in black (most available color ?) kinda boring, but at least consistant... Oh, and just found this.... I don't have the motorcycle wheels,... but someone should build this
  9. Thanks ! Don't know if they still sell these straws as they are plastic... I got mine from "de Appie" years ago... it's just a perfect fit.
  10. Yes it does, very accurate at 2,5 to 3mtr distance... it can shoot over 10mtr distance. The barrel is a drinking straw that happens to fit the 4L tan axle with round bit very tight. I expected it to never come out again, could not blow it out myself... but with 50psi from the well pumped airtank it shot it all across my house into the curtains in the other room. I was blown away by the amount of punch this compact gun packs. Here's a test shot at aprox half power of the system; The laser and air release servo share the same control, so first I aim the laser, then pump the tank... and fire the shot. I get 9 out of 10 direct hits with this. Very compact;
  11. Thanks ! I see now it's the small linear actuator running trough the small turntable. I used a large one going trough a large turntable and only got one motor for pan and tilt so I had to incorporate a gear switching mechanism, so it got rather bulky. I like the elegance of yours. It features a laser guided pneumatic missile launcher.
  12. Cool model ! I'm looking at your turret, as I just recently made one myself and I am sort of flabbergasted by the compact size of your mechanism... From the picture it looks like you are running a linear actuator trough the center of a black gear.... and I'm like ... wut ? ... how ?
  13. With two airtanks you could stay 100% Lego, no mods if you do it like this... use a seringe to fill the watertank from outside the model (edit) tilt the watertank 90° so pressure is on top and output on the bottom.