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    Harry Potter
  1. Hope you ve seen the Lego movie so you will understand :D
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a newcomer on youtube so I hope you will support my lego film with likes and comments :)
  3. BrickFrick

    "Desolate Jewel" adventure brickfilm

    I loved the train part! But the fight is rather choppy. Still good video, nice adventures.
  4. BrickFrick

    Who's Your Favorite Brickfilmer and/or Brickfilm?

    Glad to help you with this :) . Also check LCM brick show, he has maybe not so smooth animation but he's historical war movies are also awesome. Iraq modern war and Napoleon war and D-day they are masterpieces
  5. BrickFrick

    Who's Your Favorite Brickfilmer and/or Brickfilm?

    Why no one said anything about LCM brick show and Brickdictator? Those two guys make fantastic brick war films!
  6. BrickFrick

    The Punisher Bust

  7. BrickFrick

    Lego modern warfare stop motion

    Crap it's almost unreal! You made me feel like I was there in the Middle East! and btw great set up, a lot of work!
  8. BrickFrick

    [Moc] Medieval Castle

    very inspiring!
  9. BrickFrick

    2018 Toy of the Year Awards

    agree that bb-8 is a weird choice
  10. BrickFrick


    Wow that's so awesome dude! Keep up the good work!
  11. BrickFrick

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Thank you guys! Very useful!
  12. BrickFrick

    Scania 142H V8 PWT Thermo with trailer (1:17)

    great model! really cool one!
  13. BrickFrick

    [Moc] Gaugamela 331 BC

    Great! I love it!