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    I just want to thank everyone who has contributed to this. I looked everywhere for the imperial trading post set. I was happy to find them here. Though I did notice they don't seem to be 1:1. I had to optomize them for printing anyways, so while I did that I also rescaled them to the correct size and then I also got rid of the tan color, because presumably you will be printing on fabric that is already the tan color. I also created a crisp vectorized version of the logo on the sail as well as the red stripes on the white sail. I figure I'd post my version of the sails here for everyone to use. Here is the link since the file was too large to upload. Print these on 8.5x11 at 100% scale: Oh and one item to note is that the holes are slightly smaller than the actual holes. I did this so that the lines would be trimmed out of the sail. The correct size you should cut the holes to is 5mm.