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  1. Looks like an existing/new version of an existing Star Wars head, but can't think of what that character is
  2. That Cap head is cool, but considering it'll be used with the Endgame helmet mould I think it's going to look bad. I tried a few purist customs using flesh heads and the Endgame helmet and it just didn't look right Also, annoyingly it's really ambiguous. It kind of looks like the Endgame Cap expressions, but could also fit either an MCU version or a comic book version I thought the bearded head from that leak might be Fat Thor and got excited until I saw Anakin next to it and realised the beard is Obi-Wan
  3. Clearer look at Thanos' head on instagram... It's a shame because I'd say it looks exactly like the angry face from the Infinity War poster/promo (i can't rememeber what it was) especially with that lighter purple skin tone. But I don't see any way "Thanos Mech" could be an Endgame set
  4. Maybe we saw different ones because I saw plenty of versions Either way I'd like an Iron Patriot
  5. Google it and it shows a mix of both blue variants and red variants
  6. Could be Patriot - either a movie or comic version (comic version has been blue before). Could be a suit from Iron Man 3's House Party Protocol, and just like the scuba and space suits be put into a comic set
  7. I'm not sure about the shows, but I agree with the movies. I'll definitely be more of a casual viewer now I am excited to see the future of the LEGO Marvel theme though
  8. I have to admit that I'm one of those people. For me FFH was an epilogue to the Infinity Saga, and while I'm sure I'll still enjoy the MCU, it's no longer going to be must-see viewing for me, I'll only see a few in cinemas. That's why it's sad that LEGO seem to have dropped the ball with Endgame sets. I'm still looking forward to seeing what they do with comic sets though
  9. Not looking likely That head is looking like it might be BP Well said. I love both MCU and comic sets, but right now is the time for MCU sets while the demand is still fresh and the movie hype is still up there. I personally feel that the MCU fandom is going to slow down until around 2021 or perhaps later. The first few Phase 4 movies I think won't gain a lot of hype, Black Widow is dead so our emotional investment isn't as strong, and the majority of people have never heard of Shang Chi or the Eternals so Marvel will have to pull something special to keep us gripped until Dr Strange 2 comes out. And you have the Disney+ shows but a lot of people won't bother with/wouldn't be able to afford a Disney+ subscription, so they'll lose out on those shows. And if the shows tie in with the movies as much as Marvel say they will then the people without Disney+ won't be too gripped by the Phase 4 movies. Or some people might be plain insulted by the fact that Dinsey seem to be blackmailing us to subscribe, essentially saying if we don't pay for their streaming then we won't be able to properly enjoy their movies. Until Fantastic 4 and X-Men join the MCU I really think there's going to be a bit of a slump (but Thor 4 will probably pull in a big audience). LEGO should cash in on the hype now while Endgame is the biggest movie of all time. I'm very surprised that they didn't have a wave of spoiler sets to drop in the summer, and even more shocked that it's not looking like we'll get some in the autumn/winter. Often I wish that both the MCU and the comics got the Star Wars treatment where they release plenty of sets from the movies and shows every single season. The market is definitely there.
  10. Someone on Instagram suggested it could be part of the Thanos mech as an antagonist to Thanos. Could easily work as an ally to Iron Man in the Iron Man mech. Who knows It'll probably more likely have just plain light flesh arms unfortunately
  11. The Thanos head is for the Thanos Mech, we already assume the Thanos and Iron Man mechs are comic based/just random non-MCU. That still leaves 2 (I think?) sets that could be either MCU or comic. The "Black Panther" head is almost definitely not Black Panther, more likely Ninjago or something I'm more than happy to eat my words if I'm wrong though, because I love Marvel sets whether they're MCU or not, and a comic book BP would be a great fig
  12. I agree that the head is almost definitely Hawkeye, but it doesn't really suggest anything about the sets. Hawkeye could come in one of the Spider-Man sets for all we know
  13. legoSDR

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Personally I'd make the hair the same as Scarlet Witch, either the AoU or Civil War version would work. But then I've not seen the film, I'm just going off what I know about the character
  14. legoSDR

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Actually thinking about it.. Soldier 76 from Overwatch is a decent torso... Still looking for legs and shield though (and any better options on the torso if anyone has any)
  15. I totally agree that Asgard would be brilliant but I think the sun has set on any chance for it. I don't agree with the compound though, there's a lot of potential for little iconic scenes and details. Just look at what LEGO did with the Jurassic Park gate; they put mini scenes in there which in no way belong but add to the appeal and fun of the set. You could do the same with the compound. You could have a gun range, the time machine, (another) stark lab, you could even throw Captain America's transformation in there because why not? Iron Spider display, the board room where the Sokovia accords were written up, Black Widow's hologram meeting from Endgame. Not to mention what can be done with the outside; a patch of burned grass from where Thor leaves at the end of AoU, a helicopter pad for that fantastic Hulkcopter (absolute sarcasm), a partial lake. As @Mandalorianknight said, the architecture itself has a lot of potential to be a great build. You could even include playability where parts can be blown up. Or a mini Santuary II, or Sorcerer Portals And then you have the minifigure potential; Ronin, Fat Thor, Transformation Cap, Peggy, General Ross, War Machine from the Endgame battle, Captain Marvel updated, Bald Thanos, Nebula, Howard Stark young or old or both. BTW my hopes are definitely not hanging on this... I'm just fighting its corner