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  1. Hi, I did a small modification with the panels: This was the first view: Then i did only a small change: I only took the plate from the bottom to the top and that's the result: I think it looks very seemless and the colours are exactly similar. Schidi
  2. Hi, Here‘s the link: Schidi
  3. Hey, I took some pics from the printed bricks for the Falcon. Sorry for the bad quality, but it's very difficult with the light-reflexions. The quality is excellent and i will definitely order some bricks for the empty rooms. Actually the panels are printed on the wrong site, but imho i think this way is more seemless, because of the missing doorsill on the ground when the panel is turned. Schidi
  4. Hi, These days i can take some pictures of the „Millennium Falcon“- and the „London-Bus“-Set. Schidi
  5. Hi Matt, The set you are searching for is this: Schidi