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  1. RussianGuy

    General Part Discussion

    I am positive it is real Lego. It comes from 42100 which I bought recently. And it has LEGO marking, unlike the old one, which doesn't have any.
  2. RussianGuy

    General Part Discussion

    Since when is part 87408 glossy?
  3. RussianGuy

    Show us your Working Place

    @nerdsforprez what is that giant aircraft on the last photo?
  4. RussianGuy

    General Part Discussion

    Did anyone manage to order and then receive 42113-specific parts from B&P? Now they are not visible on the site. I also received a refund to my card which I used to order them on 16th of August (but no email about my order being cancelled, so maybe they are going to charge me again later)
  5. RussianGuy

    [Buying Help] 42055 or 42082?

    I would recommend 42055 much, much more. It's interesting to watch, the whole machine and it's functions are truly novel
  6. RussianGuy

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    Hey @dunes, just for you to know, there is still interest in your BWE files :)
  7. RussianGuy

    Technic General Discussion

    Exact ratio with denominator 11 is impossible with classical meshing gears (as no Technic gear teeth number is divisible by 11), so you can look into differential-based system
  8. RussianGuy

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    I was referring to the same place. Here you can see an end of a transverse axle which is, I think, not tan but yellow. Therefore it is not a single continuous transverse axle (so no new axle color and no new gear needed). I can be wrong though
  9. RussianGuy

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    The axle on the left side of the vehicle is clearly yellow so it is not a continuation of the tan axle you're speaking about
  10. RussianGuy

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    It is not, just open it in new session
  11. RussianGuy

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Some other recolors here
  12. RussianGuy

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    So in terms of parts it has, in addition to all-new panels and rotor blade, both new and old CV joint and 3 DBG 11x15 frames, a HUGE number of lime recolors, including pins and connectors Lime is life, lime is love And also an interesing use of 4L bar in bright green (?) to strengthen 6628 pin connection
  13. I have no issues running LDD just from copied files, without any "installation" so perhaps copying file would for for you, @Jim
  14. RussianGuy

    Bricklink and Chinese Parts

    Great guide, thank you! Parts from Bricklink sometimes look suspicious. And the problem is that old Lego molds can be a bit different from modern, so I can't immediately accuse the shop of selling counterfeit parts if the parts I got differ from my parts from new sets. Thin technic beams are particularly hard
  15. RussianGuy

    [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    @desert752 any chance for instructions? Maybe digital model file?
  16. RussianGuy

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I don't want to be exceedingly nitpicky, but 125/7 is closer to 17.857 :)
  17. RussianGuy

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Not really, 42055 had 112 :)
  18. RussianGuy

    42098 - Car Transporter

    The official catalog was already available
  19. RussianGuy

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Great photo! After this, the only strange thing for me is lack of the new biscuit connector
  20. RussianGuy

    instructions being deleted?

    The links from rebrickable point to google photos, not google plus. I don't think google photos will shutdown anytime soon
  21. RussianGuy

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I am no expert, but I think it has come up with such a battery. It's called 18560.
  22. RussianGuy

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    What about this 11x7 frame, can it be seen on the video?
  23. RussianGuy

    Reverse engineering of MOC's

    You are doing the good thing, please continue (if you feel like :) You are reviving creations which would be lost otherwise
  24. RussianGuy

    42094 Tracked Loader

    You're right, that's more probable