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  1. m4st3rt3ch

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    They're custom made. 1:1 copies milled out of aluminium. On the one hand, LEGO never made these bricks from aluminium. On the other hand, since these bricks are copies, they don't allow illegal building techniques, they're a little heavier, but bend much less. Huge models often need steel frames, because bricks alone wouldn't bear the weight. The Nebulon-B isn't quite the largest model, but it's design makes it very fragile. Why not use aluminium (only 1:1 copies, no illegal parts like screws) beams/liftarms for the backbone of such a MOC? Forget about part prices, it's more of an ethical question.
  2. m4st3rt3ch

    [MOC]First Order TIE-SF Heavy Bomber

    I know, you did a perfect job. Maybe it's because it reminds me so much of Kylo Ren's Tie.
  3. m4st3rt3ch

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Question: Technic liftarms (and some other parts) made from aluminum are available on bricklink. Would these pieces be helpful (if available in correct size) and if yes, what do you think about using them, especially in a model like the Nebulon?
  4. m4st3rt3ch

    [MOC]First Order TIE-SF Heavy Bomber

    Cool ship, but the longer, pointy part of the wings going backwards gives me a super-awkward feeling. All Ties with asymetrical wing design i can remember have a forward-design. Looking at it my brain constantly cries "WRONG!".
  5. m4st3rt3ch

    [MOC] UCS chrome naboo royal starship

    HOLY SITH! But it's worth every single credit. We know chrome minifigs and there are some MOCs with some chrome pieces. The only other chrome models i could find, are a McDonnell Douglas DC-3 with chrome fuselage and chrome engines and a Morgan Threewheeler. This is a new level of MOC.
  6. m4st3rt3ch

    [MOC] UCS chrome naboo royal starship

    Wow, it's beautiful. Not only the chrome, the shaping, too. Chapeau!
  7. LEGO says ALL brand stores and online shops.
  8. m4st3rt3ch

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Anakin's Jedi Starfighter 75214 for €25.50 at my local dealer.
  9. m4st3rt3ch

    [MOC] Boba Fett's pod racer

    Yes, please place the modules upright on some bricks for some photos, so we have a better all around view. That'd be cool! Maybe you can modify the pod, so he can lie in there face forward like on a racing bike.
  10. m4st3rt3ch

    [MOC] Boba Fett's pod racer

    Neat! Could you please put all parts on stands just for some pics? How is the MF supposed to sit in the pod?
  11. I think i'll grab the escape pod/dewback. I like the dirty Sandtrooper. And the Death Star Escape easily is one of the best small playsets ever. And the white bat-belt is frickin' awesome! A german site removed the pics, because the went offline on bricklink, another one still shows 'em.
  12. The box design for the 4+ X-Wing shows a flying 2x2 round tile. Is this some new kind of shooter or just something i've never seen before?
  13. m4st3rt3ch

    LDD MOC, military spacecraft

    Looking at the "neck" you're a fan of Firefly. Cool MOC anyway.
  14. m4st3rt3ch

    Display for Star Wars UCS sets?

    I contacted IKEA regarding the cooperation. The answer was to ask at my local IKEA. As if the would know more... It's wait and see, i think.