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  1. The urge to cash in? Yes. Desperation? No. Listening to the market and showing you're going to react? Yes. They could have announced an released these sets the normal way. But that would have provoked months and months of nagging. It's a win-win.
  2. I'm wondering a) you are a master of sarcasm b) you don't know when those sets are going to be released
  3. m4st3rt3ch

    MOD - Tantive IV 75244 - Interior!!!

    That micro interior is genius, love it :)
  4. m4st3rt3ch

    Green Darth Vader

    You need an account with flickr or something similar, upload there and link here.
  5. m4st3rt3ch

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Razor Crest including Mando, Baby Yoda in hovercrib, Kuiil, Blurrg, new carbonite mold(s)...close
  6. D-O is nothing for me, but cute. Some interesting wrench like parts used for the arm. Never seen these. EDIT: Ah, it's 44225. You see, i don't own walkers ^^
  7. The Razor Crest would be outright spectacular, if the used dull silver bricks. But there are no dull silver bricks, so it's a grey box. That's life, but at least it's an iconic grey box with a new windscreen and that's fine for me.
  8. Yes, that's it. Thanks!
  9. I don't recognize the DBG parts of the engine mantle. Any ideas? The cockpit window is magnificent. It looks like it has many bigger parts, lots of slopes, round plates and wedges/wedge bricks. 12,7 cent/pc sounds reasonable.
  10. Insta-buy. For this low piece count it's looking very good. Chapeau TLG, chapeau! Some areas need refinement, like the guns and turbines, but that's complaining on a high niveau. It will look fabulous besides the MFs.
  11. m4st3rt3ch

    Green Darth Vader

    Looking at other misprints i'd say $10-$25 for sure, but if you'd give him millions... Maybe it was a ugly sweater prototype for the advent calendar
  12. m4st3rt3ch

    Green Darth Vader

    Even on the sides like this one? And why should black turn into green? And even if it does, why did it happen to only one torso in millions? EDIT: typos
  13. m4st3rt3ch

    Green Darth Vader

    The print is definitely from the Vader minifig included in the set: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?M=sw0004a#T=S&amp;O={"iconly":0} If the box was sealed...i bet a green torso somehow ended up between the black one and wasn't noticed. Then it's definitely worth something.
  14. m4st3rt3ch

    Green Darth Vader

    Absolutely no. The green is too even.