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  1. Good thought. Stick to it. Also if you have any other details like or similar to spider's eyes (sculptures or stand alone figures), light those too.
  2. I do not own 42078. Why not. I got the idea and went with it. At the time 42078 was very popular and everybody were doing some kinds of mods and mocs for it, so I figured I give it a go. I wanted to build a small scale truck and this came just at the right time.
  3. pagicence

    NOHAB MY 1111

    How are those three-axle bogies handling the curves? How tight curves they can handle? I want to build a 4-axle bogie, so I'm wondering will it work? Will a rigid 4-axle bogie, with double spacing between the axles than yours, be able to go through turns at all?
  4. pagicence

    [MOC] Schnabel car WECX 801

    I'm glad you like it. I've designed a loco to go with it, but it needs some mayor improvements.
  5. Dear Lego Technic fans, A little while ago I've built this MOC (for which I got inspiration from ETS2, where is my favorite truck) in LDD only and it has sat on Rebricable ever since. A month ago, thanks to our fellow builder @Nequmodiva it came to life. These are my LDD pictures: And these are pictures and comments posted by @Nequmodiva on rebrickable: - bottom view of the chassis "I know a lot of people are crazy about double wheels. But if this can only be achieved by reduced stability I would always prefer stability instead. The axles of the back wheels are only hold in place by the small gears inside the differential which is not very secure." - top view of the chassis "The pistons of the fake engine are only hold by gravity. If you turn the model around they will fall out." "The cabin does tilt which is nice. But not very far and does not stay open." "Doors open and cabin has interior." "Side wind deflectors could be better attached. They will always move around." "The steering knob will sometimes come off when pulling the truck backwards. Now I know why they included an additional half bush here on the main model." - BTW, I fixed the steering knob and it won't pull off anymore. "Probably should have used the panels with window stickers at the side. Like this I had to use them on the trailer." "Also had to use the part with "8" sticker on the grill, because there are not enough without sticker of these." "Would have been nice if the designer had uploaded a photo where you can see where the stickered parts go. Is it correct to use the Mack sign on this Iveco truck? ;)" - There are a few more pictures of a truck and trailer, but for some reason they can't be embedded.
  6. pagicence

    [MOC] Schnabel car WECX 801

    Dear Lego train fans, I designed this Schnabel car WECX 801 last year for the Ultimate Trains competition on I only built a LDD model of it and since then it has sat on LDD gallery website and Rebrickable. And now, thanks to rebrickable user mawe it has been built for real. This is my original design in LDD: And this are the pictures, comment and a video posted by mawe: "R40 does not work. R104 and R120 work well" - This "baby" definitely isn't meant for tight turns. And a video:
  7. pagicence

    RoscoPC's Lego Technic Racecar Stable

    @RoscoPC would you consider building a Formula E car? It hasn't been done before.
  8. pagicence

    [TC14] 3D Dizzy

    Your ride is featured in an article on Link:
  9. pagicence

    MOC RC Baja Buggy

    I like how you did the front suspension, without hubs. Really good improvisation with parts in hand.
  10. 1: 10 5: 6 12: 4 8: 3 6: 2 10: 1 I like 3D Dizzy the most because of the overall execution, the presentation video is the best, the ride has a good speed, pretty random movement and it lights up and looks amazing at night. With Excalibur I liked the iradical movement, and Trabant has the most ridiculous speed.
  11. That's a really cool way to spin people. It lives up to the name. Congrats.
  12. Come on Bublehead, a few more pieces, platform... and you're done. There is only 3 more days left. I know you said that you probably won't make it, but com on. Finish it and post an entry, you will rebuild it after the completion ends.
  13. Ok, I'm a bit confused right know. What does patent US713897a, which is "Ice-cream disher and mold" (picture: has anything to do with ore unloader? To which mechanism on ore unloader are you referring? Is there another bucket on ore unloader that uses the similar mechanism like the one on the patented ice-cream scoop? As far as I saw from the videos the main bucket for unloading (the one that goes inside the ship), does not operate in the same way.
  14. pagicence

    [TC14] Excalibur (Top Spin)

    That is some random rotation movement. I like it. And it does seem like the riders are in the blender.