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  1. pagicence

    [TC14] Wave Swing

    No, no, no, that video only has 1 turn table on the pivot point. He said use 2 turn tables, one beneath the other. The lover one will turn the pivot point of the upper one. Then you will get the full, real motion.
  2. THIS IS NOT MY MOC! Hello everybody, I found this on Lego Ideas a few days ago. It is a 4-Wheel Motorbike Lazareth LM 847 created by redera00. It is the most amazing motorcycle I have ever seen built out of Legos. And I think it's a shame not to be presented here for people to enjoy it, and to get some love. I asked the designer whether it will be presented here, but I didn't get a response. So I took it upon myself, and if the designer want's it gone, it will be. Here is the description by redera00: "4-Wheel Motorbike Lazareth LM 847 This extraordinary machine, presented in 2016, was created by the French specialist Ludovic Lazareth. It is conceptually a V8 Maserati engine suspended by 4 wheels. Like any other motorbike, it leans into the curves, and the complex suspension geometry has been recreated on this model, faithfully to the original, and is fully functional: each wheel has its own suspension, the rear and front swing arms are coupled and attached to a linkage to allow tilting, and the front wheels can, naturally, also be steered. The pistons are moving, but hidden by the cylinder heads. The overall length is 40cm long, and the motorbike can be presented on a stand with a specifications sheet." Now for the pictures (this are the pictures from Lego Ideas): Link to the creation one more time: By the way redera00 has some amazing projects on Lego Ideas, you should check them out. @Jim if you think that this need to be in a Technic forum, move it. I posted it here because it is so well done.
  3. pagicence

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    @elreagsomus Check out this axle collection thread, there is a lot of stuff there, go through it. I'm sure you will find a solution that works for you.
  4. Ok, then how about this; use a #2 3L axle connector (32034) to bridge the 2L gap. When it's connected you will have 0.5L in each end of the connector, then you just move it to one side and the other side is free, and you won't get any play, lag or free movement in the second axle steering.
  5. pagicence

    [TC14] Excalibur (Top Spin)

    Try with blue or white. More blue than white.
  6. pagicence

    [TC14] The Zapper

    It clearly spins around the gray and black axles, other than that... I have no idea. I'm guessing that minifigs in it will fill like they are in a blender.
  7. You can use a gear selector mechanism just like in the transmission, between the HOG and a u-joint.
  8. pagicence

    [TC14] Randomonium

    Does this exists in RL or is it an original idea?
  9. Go all crazy! I want to see figures flying off. EDIT: You got me thinking, if you want different speeds you can use a simple 2 speed gearbox, safe speed and fast speed modes, or you can use those lego batteries with speed control nob, that way you will have progressive acceleration and deceleration which is helpful for people getting on and off the ride.
  10. pagicence

    [TC14] Excalibur (Top Spin)

    I'm very interested to see how this will rotate. With all the gears, ball joints, turn tables... will it rotate normally (parallel) or it would be some kind of mixer rotation?
  11. pagicence

    [TC14] Typhoon

    Good, we have another one.
  12. pagicence

    [TC14] 3D DIZZY

    You can use yellow and black color combo with a smidge of LBG and DBG, like you did in all of your great machines. I think that is your signature style.
  13. pagicence

    [TC14] The Zapper

    I think this ride makes people on it sick the most.
  14. This is excellent. First spin them one way, then the other. Just to make them sick enough.