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  1. pagicence

    [BSBA] Cat B - Benny's Locomotive/Spaceship

    PDF instructions are done! (finally)! LINK. It actually took me 2 full days to complete them, I was just dragging myself around to find 2 full free days. I really hate making instructions.
  2. pagicence

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    @Bob De Quatre some of the images are missing from BSBA voting topic including mine. Please fix those. Thank you in advance.
  3. Igor it might not be a bad idea to add a front loader attacher to your JCB (I don't remember whether were you planning to or not), it will make it stand out even more in the sea of other tractors.
  4. Maaaaan, that is scaaaaryyy... plummeting face straight down... I certainly won't be riding that one.
  5. I would actually go for the right because they have alternating lengths. In that case rakes don't fallow each other and as you said they have more amplitude, more coverage and therefore are more efficient. At least IRL.
  6. What are you talking about? I really like those design details that you put in. The grill means business with 2x5 panels, it looks like it ready to slice and dice. Again, use of same details on the side of the crane, it's much better than what we usually see. And those old "3D" panels are much more interesting than new flat(smooth) ones.
  7. pagicence Noob Questions

    I think that this would be the best topic to ask this question: How to get Parts list from studio instruction maker to appear on multiple pages? I haven't seen any options for that and I can't even resize or divide the parts list (you know, the big one with blue background, one with ALL the parts necessary for the model). It always appear on one page, with only some parts that are visible and the rest are somewhere outside the page boundaries. How can I split that on more pages?
  8. pagicence

    [BSBA] Cat B - The Necromaw Reaper

    I'm in. My blue BSBA agent will hurry to the rescue of the yellow BSBA agent and they will kick some Necromaw's butbrick. I recon if they can't outgun the Phasemaster, they can certainly outrun him, and get away to safety.
  9. Take a look at NKubate's Jeep Hurricane. It has everything you need and more. It might give you some ideas. Official website LINK, YouTube
  10. That's one ugly truck. Don't get your panties in a bunch, I mean the real thing. I prefer your lego version. I like how you recreated the front wedged shape and I like the choice of colors. It has something going for it, it's more interesting than it would be if it was all one big red blur.
  11. pagicence

    [BSBA] Cat B - Benny's Locomotive/Spaceship

    PDF instructions are in the making. I will finish them in a few days, but I doubt that it will be before the deadline.
  12. Nice one. I've played that game myself. It's cool and I have a bunch of vehicles in my idea roaster just waiting to be build. Also it’s a really good source for inspiration when you want to build something different. I’m looking forward to see some of your models.
  13. This one is the best out of all three. Keep this one, and disassemble the other two. Those fat tracks are bonkers.
  14. I like the way it looks. But this is too long truck for my taste. Have you consider throwing some color into the mix? Maybe on the cabin a few stripes here and there, just a little to give it some charm. Because every time I see some Scania online it's vivid, with loads of colors, and in a lot of cases they over do it.