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  1. @Didumos69 the link to file is the LDraw password protected zip file.
  2. pagicence

    Motorized 5L bogie

    @Hod Carrier is this something like what you had in mind? We can always put more plates on top and make it stronger if needed, but my question is about bottom red plates. How much are they really needed to keep the LBG technic brick from falling out, or can we do without them? I have no way of really testing this. @Daedalus304 that is actually an awesome solution. I really like it. And, like you said, "with some tinkering" I think it can be use without the motor on it. BTW I didn't even know that piece 2711 existed. @TrainDragon how are you liking solutions so far?
  3. pagicence

    Motorized 5L bogie

    The only thing I came up with is this. But I don't know how that DBG technic piece will hold because it's not fixed, and it will move causing all kinds of gear grinding. But it's something to think about. Or are you set only on technic pieces?
  4. I've already threw my vote in the mix. Good choice on colors and stickers.
  5. No. Not when building, but just before the rendering. Under the "photo realistic" tab on the "render image" window, under the section "light", when you chose your light type, just under is a drop menu for the direction of the light. And under it there are two fields "x" and "y" for rotation; this is to adjust the light position only in 2 dimensions on the photo that you will get (that you see in render "preview"). This will give you miner adjustment on the before chosen direction. Also here are my examples on some renders with nothing changed but the light type. building mechanic Note the glowing of round pieces and the flair they cast on the swords, also the reflection of the LBG face in the red brick. It's just awesome and I did nothing special to do achieve that effects. Only thing I set up are the colors of the bricks. The round glowing ones are some neon transparent colors and the swords are metallic colors.
  6. pagicence

    pneumatic tubing in LDD

    Yes. You don't. It's not possible in LDD. You can use this trick to get them as close as possible.
  7. pagicence

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Little late for the party, but you can always try this for a 4 studs steering wheel.
  8. pagicence

    [MOC] Fully Romote Controlled Robot Submarine

    Yeah... no one can top your ideas/creations. You amaze me every time. The one thing I would change is to make front propellers one pair and rear propellers the other pair. That way is more real like.
  9. pagicence

    BuWizz Small car competition - Voting

    5: 10 7: 6 16: 4 12: 3 2. 2 4:1
  10. pagicence

    [MOC] My OcTRAINber 2018 digital entries

    Thanks for this. It hasn't been tested, also there are 6 pivot points in total. The buffers are attached to end bogies (but on real loco they are attached to the "connecting rod"), bogies are connected with "connecting rod", so those are 2 turning points, and the locomotive is attached with 1 turning point on the center of the "connecting rod". It's the same principal as on the Schnabel car.
  11. pagicence

    Raffle: Making a Monster!

    He was a happy minifig once, until some other monsters from this contest sent him to hell. He put himself back together with various parts and escaped. He fought his way thru the gates of hell, cutting the wings off from the devil itself, it gave him the power to walk across hot melted lava fields. Now angry, and furious, filled with rage, he will unleash the vengeance upon all other monsters who put him there... “I shall slay all other mini monsters!”
  12. pagicence

    [MOC] 1:12 White Supercar

    I like the hidden turn signal in the front. I can't see clearly; what pieces did you use for the air intakes in front of the rear wheels?
  13. pagicence

    [MOC] Combine Harvester- 42055 C model

    Way to go man! With limited parts, it awesome. You certainly got the most out of the 42055. I love the functions! Proper combine.
  14. pagicence

    AT&SF #2926 - 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive

    This is exceptional. From the string for the bell, to the smoke from the chimney. It truly is a steam locomotive.
  15. pagicence

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    Yup, it totally slipped my mind. I apologies for that. No worries, I deleted the other two entries (replies) and left only one.