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  1. HeraldicBanner


    Wow! This is really cool. What are the pieces used next to the pod?
  2. HeraldicBanner

    Brain in a vat

    Clever idea! What’s the background?
  3. HeraldicBanner

    Epsilon Hive Fighter

    That looks pretty neat! What does the back look like? I would suggest adding more detail on the thruster, though.
  4. This is awesome! Is it fully functional?
  5. HeraldicBanner

    Humans on Mars Vignette

    It looks really cool! What pieces are used for the radar dishes?
  6. Hello! I'm thinking of building a Balao-class sumbarine to honor a submarine that I spent a night on a few days ago. I'm not sure, however, what pieces I should use or how to design the engines/torpedo rooms; do you have any advice? Thanks!
  7. HeraldicBanner

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm hoping for more and larger space sets -- hopefully non-Star Wars related, either. Maybe some more new themes based on fictional universes (WH40K, Asimov, etc.) or more real-life themes would be nice. A better Lego theme based on its own creation, but more adult-oriented, would be nice, too.
  8. HeraldicBanner

    [MOC] LL424 Aura - Battle Frigate

    The details on this spaceship are amazing. I especially like the top and front sections; they look really cool, and definitely much better than anything I could do.
  9. HeraldicBanner

    [BSBA Cat A] [NOT AN ENTRY!!!] Interceptor

    Those look really cool; especially the skiff! However, I would suggest making the tops of both a little more interesting; they're a tad bland at the moment.
  10. HeraldicBanner

    Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner!

    Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner (that's my screen name, I obviously don't go by that in real life.) One of my few real-life friends, @TechnicRCRacer, reccomended I take a look at this forum. I did, and I decided to create a new account. I've been told that the "Hello, my name is..." is to introduce ourselves briefly, so here goes; -I'm a huge Tolkien nerd, as you can probably tell from my profile. -I'm also a huge history nerd; I'm mostly interested in the Dark Ages - Late Middle Ages. -I also read a lot of science fiction -- I greatly enjoy Asimov's works, Dune, Warhammer 40k (though I can't afford to play; seriously, Games Workshop, $1,300 for a model? Are you kidding me?) -I've done quite a bit of Lego (though not nearly as much as most members on this forum), but mostly just from sets and instructions. I don't really have enough money to buy the largest sets, nor do I have enough to purchase shipping from Europe, which is where most of the pieces originate from. I like the new Saturn V set, and generally enjoy Lego's realisic space sets. I like Technic and I think that most of the larger Creator sets are really good.