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  1. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    I like how good the Mega Constructs look when the picture quality is a bit challenged.
  2. Cannon Foundry

    This is great. I miss the lantern. I like what you did with the roof, but prefer the cylinder method. I'm kind of thrown off by the cannon that's been hoisted 15 feet into the air. Is there a historical reason for that? Seems like it should be lower. The hanging chains inside are wonderful. Should there be a large supply of raw metal? Ingots, or ore and a smelter (I don't know how they operated). Also furnace fuel? I like the cobble stone, though I agree with some others that it looks better when larger. The area by the man-door looks great, the area by the mini-fig looks a little thin. I don't know if one more row would solve that? Or some kind of edging? What plate is that? Am I confused? It looks too thick for a base-plate. It looks like it accepts studs on the bottom. But it's huge? (I've missed a lot of years). I am really enjoying the lattice windows. They work great visually. Are they period accurate/ish? You explained that for it's time it's the right size. Still, I would love to see a huge multi forge build for navy level production. A bunch of mini figs at work, hammer and tongs. Dirtier, but with a broom. More plants. Horses. A real working furnace. The grey pillars look perfect. Is the left rear corner of the roof higher than the right rear corner? Is it an illusion from the photography? Is it an illusion from the roof tiles? Am I crazy?
  3. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    It's allergy season here. I certainly don't need any more wings.
  4. Any bicyclists here on Eurobricks?

    https://deltacycle.com/airzound-horn The bottle is pressurized with a bike pump (Schrader valve). It's a bit clunky to find a home for (fits in a water bottle cage). It's fine for getting driver attention, it's GREAT for pedestrians.
  5. Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Is it worth having a ToysRUs specific thread IF the company goes into liquidation? Current discounts/timings/finds sort of thing. Is there a better place to read about that and participate?
  6. I'm assuming the reason for all the costumes and party themes is the celebration of the 40th anniversary. If that's the case I can live with what I feel is a weak set. I love the cactus and the flower pot, and enjoy the spider. I like the surprise cake for the wrong reason. The brick people are a great idea. Certainly many of the other characters have impressed me with their design and detail. But I don't expect to get any of the others....maybe the dragon. I wish the clown were more popular, I certainly don't want it. And thank you for the review.
  7. Any bicyclists here on Eurobricks?

    Assuming this isn't just a set up for the picture. I got one of the pressurized air horns (the bike horns, not the canisters for emergency signaling) and it has worked wonders.
  8. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    We recently got the Ninjago city and it is wonderful. If Lego made a space set with the creativity and detail of this set I would probably experience euphoria. We don't know anything about Ninjago, the set was just amazing on it's own. If Ninjago in space is the only way we get non-starwars, I will take it. I find the full Lego line has plenty of pieces for updating Space options. I don't buy star wars because I a: don't care and b: don't need another billion wing pieces. I would love them to make a space station, especially an orbital. I would love to see how they work SNOT in zero G.
  9. Need advice for bamboo blinds.

    Yes. Though most vertical options are probably adaptable, other than being too long. Bars are great. But I don't know of any way to connect them where the connectors wouldn't be huge and bulky. This is pretty good. The 5 stud issue is easily solved. I am worried that it might be too lumpy once rolled, but it seems to be the best option. Thank you all.
  10. Need advice for bamboo blinds.

    I need to make something more or less to scale of minifigures that will look like a bamboo style window blind. Just the generic ones that you can find in a department store, this isn't an Asian inspired build. I would love some amount of functionality. The ability to roll up, I don't really need it to be so complicated as to involve draw strings. But function follows form here, something that looks right but doesn't roll can be considered. Especially if it can be built into a partially rolled mostly closed blind arrangement. The roll up garage door pieces used on the new Destiny's Bounty (Ninjago 70618) are great, but probably way too big for a minifigure window. I would like suggestions for something smaller. Is there some kind of clip or linkage I should check out? Something with flag poles or wands? Any ideas are good ideas.
  11. Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    I just got 4 (four) BrickHeadz 2 pack Rey/Kylo Ren 41489/6215564 at my local target. Clearance for $5.98 (regular $20). The target webpage has them for only 10cents off of original price, so, that's not a lot of help. https://www.target.com/p/lego-174-brickheadz-limited-edition-star-wars-153-rey-153-and-kylo-ren-153-collector-s-pack/-/A-52946294 I don't care about starwars, but the price per brick was too good to pass up. There was a bunch of so/so sales in store too.
  12. Help with megabloks?

    Does anyone have a resource for learning about older megabloks? I need to hope to track down some parts. There's a similar active thread, but my problem is a bit different. Here's the specific problem, if anyone is able to offer a hint. I have recently pulled out my Lego collection. From child hood (1982 ish) to present. In it were some off brand blocks from a bulk used lego purchase and from working at toyrus 1997-2007. I have some gold pieces. A few small plates, and some clips/antennas/stuff. And I need more. They are megabloks brand (labeled on the stud). They aren't real gold of course. But they are shiny and reflective. I assume it's not electroplating, but metallic paint?. They could be metallic all the way through, I don't know, but I doubt it. I need enough bricks/plates to make a mini-figure scale table or desk. Or at-least, the outside of one. Or at worst, just the desk top. The fact that these are NOT Lego brand is actually important to the scene I am creating. Any advice you can offer on where to find them, or where to ask about them would be appreciated. When I am home I may include pictures if that is helpful.
  13. Any bicyclists here on Eurobricks?

    I too am finding my bike workshop compressing to make room for legos. Both directly, and indirectly (non-bike non-lego things are moved into bike space to free up space elsewhere for legos). Some bikes have even been dissembled and boxed to make room.
  14. Space Monkey

    You know, I haven't looked into that. Any suggestions for lego safe solvents?
  15. Bricklink questions

    user deraven suggested I put this question here, as I can't post in the main buy/sell/trade forum yet. I bought the $300 Ninjago City set 70620. It's great, my wife has it 70% built. We don't really know the Ninjago line, or care about it. What's the easiest way to sell off the minfigures? Besides ebay (which I don't enjoy) is there an easy way to sell them as a lot on one of the second market sites? How do I calculate a price that is good for me, but enticing for buyers? Please offer advice. If my question makes you think I don't know something, I probably don't know it.