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  1. I am looking for a small onboard wireless camera with a real time stream for inclusion in various remote operated and self operated builds. Also not looking to break the bank. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience/reviews?
  2. Juxtapoisson

    Linear Actuators VS Pneumatics

    I am looking to build a stationary baler. Think cardboard, not hay. Clearly, the pneumatic option would look more realistic and claim realism. But I suspect the LA might actually make the device "function" more true to life. Does anyone have any suggestions in the realm of actually smooshing things to bale? I considered using parallel pneumatics, but that would actually look sillier than the LA.
  3. I am planning to build a model of a real world processing machine. It doesn't have DO all the work, but the parts should move the same. The alternate build of 42055 (Aggregate Processing Plant) seems to be a reasonable place to start. Does anyone have any suggestions on other lego builds or MOCs I should review for inspiration?
  4. Juxtapoisson

    Lego GBC Minecart Module

    Could you use a second string and wheel to connect the carts at the bottom as well, so that one cart going up pulls the other cart down? Anyway, I think I just had my mind blown as regards my current thought-project. Seeing what you have going on and realizing just how much I am taking on.
  5. Juxtapoisson

    modifying hands?

    Simple hand functions. Fists, Hi 5s, maybe a ImI for rock n' roll.
  6. Juxtapoisson

    modifying hands?

    Does anyone have any hints (or links to reliable info) about molding the lego hands? They cut easily enough with a razor blade, but don't like to bend. I assume there's a number of options, heat, chemical, etc. But I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.
  7. Can anyone make a reasonable prediction on how the Jurassic World sets will go at retail outlets. A local store currently has an "ok" sale. These are sets that I would ordinarily wait for price drops later in their life. But it sounds like the last JW run didn't have much of a "later life". Can anyone chat about how the first JW sets did at retail (duration, frequency of sales, etc).
  8. I just recieved a cut price 31313. Box damaged, some bags open, etc. All major parts present. I don't have time to jump into playing around with it. Is there an easy way to test the EV3 and other electronic components? Something akin to a printer's test print page?
  9. Juxtapoisson


    I am sorry if this forum isn't where Boost lives, but it seemed like the best choice. With the Boost Toolboxes starting to go clearance, what are people's general feelings about the value of the set? Yes, it's limited. Yes, there's a lot of non-Technic pieces. But, as the value of the parts. And the capability of the programmer/controller. Is it worthwhile? Is it cute/fun to play around with? Is it too "cute". Note: I mean this for me, an adult.
  10. Thank you, that's why I chose it. I was hoping to get the box from lego.com and the minifig factory. Looks like lego.com doesn't do that. Maybe I'll talk to some store managers in person (ugh).
  11. Thank you very much. What is a WHS? Is that an anagram for a chain? Or for Warehouse-store? Any advice for specific national chain stores?
  12. I know this sounds stupid, but how do I buy a box? Let's focus on lego.com. If I order a count equal to a box, do I automatically get a box shipped? Is there going to be a check box to order a whole box? Do I need to include a note? Any advice/help/tips will be appreciated. edit: I know they aren't available until 01April
  13. Juxtapoisson

    Old/New Train compatability

    Hello, My wife has some of the old train sets. Metal track that conducts electricity, like an HO set. Obviously the new plastic track doesn't conduct electricity, and would prevent an old train from engaging. Other than that, are the tracks compatible? Can plastic track be connected to metal track? Can new engines run wirelessly on the metal track? Can old train cars roll on plastic track? For clarity, are all of the plastic track train stuffs compatible with each other? Thank you.
  14. Juxtapoisson

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Please cite your sources, as your statement contradicts my own readings, which are: Lego WANTS inventory back, which is a huge difference from having TAKEN everything back. And that TRU's response has been that Lego can have back anything that is still in non-mixed shipments (i.e. in transit between Lego and TRU) with shipping costs going to Lego. Also, the only stores that have been cleaned out of Lego are the one's previously slated to close. The rest (the bulk of TRU US) have not yet started clearance in store AND are still getting shipments from their TRU warehouses. And that TRU's arrangements with manufactures late 2017 and 2018 was for continued merchandise shipments. These readings did not list Lego specifically, but there is no information to suggest Lego was not part of this agreement. My opinion is that Lego doesn't actually want product returned, but rather is positioning itself for a better percentage of the liquidation assets. Other 2018 reports have been that Lego has too much stock on hand already. It is also Lego clearance seasons as the lines turn over. These points lead me to the conclusion that having stock returned isn't great for Lego, probably better than getting shafted on the liquidation, but worse than getting a better chunk of the liquidation. The actual date of the full US TRU clearance seems to be up in the air. From between beginning tomorrow (22Mar2018) to beginning sometime mid April. I hope that gets solidified soon.
  15. Juxtapoisson

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    I like how good the Mega Constructs look when the picture quality is a bit challenged.