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  1. Asajki

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    I don't mind, instructions often rip and I can't count how many folded instructions I've had brand new! Not to mention, I find them easier to lose
  2. Asajki

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    So do I, so do I...
  3. Asajki

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    1. Kinda irrelevant, but alright 2. If story themes don't sell, why do Lego keep making them?
  4. Asajki

    Updating Your Minifigs

    @JoeChu1980I call this a good phase two 327th trooper This guys head hat, arms, hands and legs (It's yellow) With this guys body
  5. Asajki

    Decal Wish List

    Hello, please can I have some decals for Admiral Statura's body (This guy)
  6. Asajki

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Hey @CunliffeCorp If you're intrested in building rebel pilots, I have got a good idea for Garven Dreis, Head Dual Sided Orange Visor, Black Eyebrows, Determined / Angry Pattern (SW Clone Pilot) - Stud Recessed&category=[Minifig, Head]#T=S&C=90&O={"color":90,"iconly":0} Firestar toys have a good helmet for him but it's out of stock, I think this might work though{"color":155,"iconly":0} I hope I helped!