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    Apologies if this is not the correct forum/thread, but I was curious on the community's expert opinions on a recent purchase. I recently acquired UCS X-Wing (10240) and UCS Y-Wing (10134), both pre-owned without box and instructions. I've been wanting to add these two to my SW UCS collection and was pretty excited on the score. I wasn't sure if these were at a bargain, right price or if I had over-paid but nonetheless, I was happy with the purchase. The X-Wing came in at total of $190, $180 + $10 shipping cost and is complete. The Y-Wing came in at total of $360, $350 + $10 shipping and is in-complete but the parts missing can easily be obtained, which I've also ordered. It should come out to ~$382 once the missing pieces arrive. I believe these were a good buy, but curious what others thought of this purchase?