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  1. Ghost Onyx

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Ghost Onyx

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hi! I need help identifying these head pieces please: The only one I know is Good Cop/Bad Cop in the middle. Also, if anyone knows any more minifig heads with panicked/screaming face prints that you can suggest, please do tell me. Thanks!
  3. Ghost Onyx

    Lego hair pieces

    I don't know if this is the right thread to ask this but I need help identifying these head pieces. If this isn't the right thread, please feel free to point me in the right thread. Thanks! The only one I know is Good Cop/Bad Cop in the middle.
  4. Ghost Onyx

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Ah thanks! But alas, I don't have a Blu Ray player or an iTunes account. So unless it's available by other means, it's not really worth getting. I still would like to see it though.
  5. Ghost Onyx

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Just asking, was the "Good Morning Ninjago" music video ever released publicly? I heard something about it being available in iTunes but I don't have an iTunes/Apple account. Is there any other way to view it? Or better yet, is it any good? Is it worth spending money on to view?
  6. Ghost Onyx

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    OMG! These stickers are amazing! So chock full of references. I've never been into Bionicle but I especially love the Mata Nui insert. (I actually really love both map stickers.) The Lego Vitruvian man cracks me up. Thanks so much for the translation. It's incredibly useful.
  7. Ghost Onyx

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Does Future Flashforward Jay still have his pre-movie/season 8 hair?
  8. Ghost Onyx

    Self-made/printed stickers? best practices?

    I was just discussing with a friend of mine about custom print stickers and I stumbled across this thread and I find it super useful. Thanks so much for the suggestions!
  9. Ghost Onyx

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Jay has the most dads out of anyone. Maybe that's why Lightning/Libber and Cliff Gordon split up.
  10. Ghost Onyx

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Just a thought, what if she's the common ancestor of (or relative of) both Nya and Dilara?
  11. Ghost Onyx

    Legos become brittle after storage

    I don't know about storage but from what I've observed, brown, gold and clear transparent pieces tend to be very brittle, or at least more brittle than other colors.
  12. Ghost Onyx

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I appreciate the shoutout @Agent Kallus but I can't I can't take credit for this. The character was actually called Chen the Cheerleader in the Lego Ninjago movie. You can see the name on Imdb. He is voiced by Randall Park.
  13. Ghost Onyx

    Lego Cinematic Universe Discussion and Future

    I have a quick question and I hope it's okay to ask it here. In the Lego Movie, among all the Master Builders, was the Green Ninja ever shown to be building anything? Did he build anything at all? I've been playing back the movie but in the cameos he has, I can't seem to find any footage of him building anything.
  14. Ghost Onyx

    Ninjago: Project Rebuild

    CHAPTER 4: INT. LLOYD’S APARTMENT KITCHEN - DAY Lloyd enters the kitchen and sighs. He takes a bowl and a box of cereal from the counter. VOICE (OFF SCREEN): Lloyyyddd! Good morning! Lloyd turns around and smiles. From his POV, we see a lady with orange hair kept in a loose bun with red chopsticks. She enters the kitchen carrying a loaf of bread, a purse and some groceries. This is KOKO, the mother of Lloyd. Mid shot of Koko and Lloyd as she lovingly kisses Lloyd on the cheek and grabs a carton of milk from the refrigerator. They talk as Koko makes bowls of milk and cereal for the both of them. LLOYD: Mom, hey can we talk about something? KOKO: Sure, pumpkin pie. About what? LLOYD: Garmadon. Koko hesitates then passes a bowl of cereal to Lloyd. KOKO: Okay? LLOYD: So when you two got together, was Dad, like, a regular guy? Or was he always an evil warlord? KOKO: I've never told anyone this but now that you’re finally sixteen, I think you're old enough to know the truth. Believe it or not, your father wasn’t always the evil warlord he is now and he didn’t always have four arms. He used to be a pretty normal guy... Koko pauses for a beat as we... DISSOLVE TO: FLASHBACK – EXT. NINJAGO CITY SKYLINE - DAY KOKO (CONTINUED VOICE OVER): ...with quasi-godlike powers, just like his brother and every other citizen of the CLOUD KINGDOM. Beginning the flashback, we dissolve to a shot of the clouds above the skyline. The clouds are entirely made of white Lego bricks. Then slowly, we pan down to Ninjago City and stop at the exterior of a sushi restaurant. The sign “OMAKASE SUSHI” can be seen outside the building. A man steps out the restaurant entrance, holding a package in his two arms. This is YOUNG GARMADON. He has black hair tied in a man bun, which is very similar, if not identical, to Cole’s Lego hair piece. He also has thick black eyebrows, similar to Cole but he has red eyes. His skin is normal yellow Lego skin. A thief runs past Garmadon and grabs the package. GARMADON: Hey! My sushi! The thief runs into an alleyway and Garmadon chases after him. We follow the thief as he turns several corners and laughs, thinking he has lost Garmadon. But the thief stops and reacts to a shadow that looms over him and jumps down on him. As Garmadon runs to the corner, we hear several noises of someone getting hit off screen. Garmadon begins instinctively invoking prophecies to get his way. GARMADON: You will stop running and give me back my sushi! I invo… Garmadon turns the corner and sees an armor-clad warrior with Kabuki face paint standing triumphantly over the body of the thief. This is LADY IRON DRAGON, the alter ego of Lloyd’s mother, Koko. Her orange locks flow out the back of her helmet. Koko, as Lady Iron Dragon, holds out the package of sushi towards Garmadon. Garmadon is absolutely smitten. CUT TO: PRESENT – INT. LLOYD’S APARTMENT KITCHEN - DAY LLOYD: Woah! Woah! Woah! Are you saying you were a vigilante? KOKO: Well… yes. But after that incident, I wasn’t the only one. CUT TO: FLASHBACK– EXT. TOP OF TALL BUILDING – NIGHT Koko and Garmadon jump into view as they survey Ninjago City below them. Koko is dressed as Lady Iron Dragon while Garmadon is suited up as a black clad ninja. Garmadon pulls down his black ninja hood and all that is visible from his face are his burning red eyes. CUT TO: PRESENT – INT. LLOYD’S APARTMENT KITCHEN - DAY LLOYD: Wait a minute, you and Dad were both actually crime-fighting vigilantes? Koko laughs. KOKO (SPOKEN): I suppose we were, honey. We were all young and silly once. Just a couple of crazy kids. LLOYD: And Dad was an actual do-gooder? KOKO: Well... sort of. CUT TO: FLASHBACK – EXT. NINJAGO BANK - NIGHT A thief tries to rob the bank. Koko and Garmadon swoop down on the unsuspecting bank robber. They beat up the robber. The police arrive and Koko gives the money back to the bank but we pan over to Garmadon as he continues to beat up the robber even when the police are there. Chief of Police, OFFICER TOQUE, stands next to Koko. He holds a pair of handcuffs and crosses his arms as though saying “Is he done yet?”. Koko smiles awkwardly and shrugs. FLASHBACK – EXT. BRIDGE OF PUPPIES – DAY We see a wide bridge over an elevated canal. A sign reading “BRIDGE OF PUPPIES” can be seen. At the center of the bridge is a Lego brick-built statue of a dog. Many puppies are playing around this statue. A thug comes up and starts kicking the puppies left and right. Koko and Garmadon come to the rescue of the puppies and beat up the thug. KOKO (CONT’D V. O.): We were an unstoppable power couple and we loved every moment of it. It was the happiest time of my life. CUT TO: FLASHBACK – EXT. PARK WEDDING GROUNDS – DAY KOKO (CONT’D V. O.): The next thing we knew, we were married. Close up shot of Garmadon kissing Koko at their wedding. Koko is wearing a wedding gown and Garmadon is wearing a tuxedo. Pull back to a wide shot, revealing a sign that says “PARK OF HAPLESS ROMANCES”. FLASHBACK – INT. KOKO AND GARMADON’S APARTMENT – NIGHT KOKO (CONT’D V. O.): When you were born, I had to take care of you which meant I couldn't go out and fight crime as much. Koko is preparing baby formula for Lloyd. Holding the bottle, she is about to open a sliding door to enter the other room but spies through the opening. She smiles as she sees Garmadon taking care of a baby. This is BABY LLOYD. Baby Lloyd has green eyes. Garmadon entertains Baby Lloyd with a green dragon toy. But all of a sudden, Garmadon laughs evilly and his eyes shine brightly red. Matching his father, Baby Lloyd also laughs evilly and his green eyes momentarily turn red. Koko watches this and is secretly horrified. Koko inhales, then exhales and fakes a smile as she enters the room. Garmadon hands over Baby Lloyd to Koko and puts on his black ninja hood. KOKO (CONT’D V. O.): Your father had to go on solo missions for the both of us. Garmadon leaves and Koko feeds the milk formula to Baby Lloyd. KOKO (CONT’D V. O.): But I noticed he was spending more and more time fighting crime than staying at home with us. We see a wall clock showing that it is 7 pm. The scene cross dissolves to show the passage of time and the clock now shows that it is 12 midnight. Baby Lloyd has fallen asleep in Koko’s arms. KOKO (CONT’D V. O.): So one day, I followed him. Koko tucks Lloyd in his crib and puts on her Lady Iron Dragon helmet. FLASHBACK – EXT. PARK OF HAPLESS ROMANCES – NIGHT Koko follows Garmadon as he makes his way to the Park of Hapless Romances. She spies on him. A thug is about to attack a man desperately pulling a rickshaw. Riding inside the rickshaw are a small boy and a pregnant woman seemingly going into labor. The small boy has spiky hair. The thug jumps out of his hiding place and is about to attack the rickshaw driver and the passengers when Garmadon appears and delivers a swift counterattack. The rickshaw passes by unharmed and rushes off to the nearest hospital. Garmadon is in a defensive stance but he isn’t beating up the thug. Instead, he is talking to the thug. Koko overhears their conversation. GARMADON: Look! You're going about this all wrong. Petty crime won't get you anywhere. If you really want to hit it big, join me and my forces. THUG: What are you talking about? GARMADON: I'm building an army to take over this city and I need loyal soldiers. The pay isn't great but it does come with health insurance, paid time off and a comprehensive retirement package. THUG: Including dental? GARMADON: Including dental. Oh and just so you know. if you plan on declining my generous offer, I can still invoke you into joining me anyway and I will take over Ninjago if I have to invoke every single person into submission one at a time. We see a shot of Koko hiding behind some trees. She puts a hand to her mouth in shock. KOKO (CONT’D V. O.): I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Koko jumps out of her hiding place and draws a sword. She points her sword at Garmadon and the thug in defense. KOKO (SPOKEN): What is going on here? Garmadon has a “Deer in the headlights” look for a split second but recovers quickly and punches the thug, knocking all his teeth out. Garmadon starts beating up the thug. GARMADON: Take that you ruffian! Garmadon mercilessly beats up the thug. Koko tries to intervene because she knows Garmadon is just trying to avoid the real issue. A loud burst of dramatic thunder strikes and all sound is muted for the rest of the flashback. Slow motion shot of Koko and Garmadon being very emotional. They are shouting at each other but we don’t hear any of their words. This culminates in Koko breaking up with Garmadon. Garmadon has a look of hurt, then anger. Koko has the look of one betrayed. Koko walks away from Garmadon as sad piano music begins playing. Thunder strikes again and rain begins to pour down heavily. The flashback ends and we dissolve back to present day. CUT TO: PRESENT – INT. LLOYD’S APARTMENT KITCHEN - DAY KOKO (SPOKEN): And now I have you. LLOYD: Wow! That's... that's something. KOKO: It sure is. Now honey, is there anything important you'd like to tell me? Lloyd looks away and tries to avoid eye contact. LLOYD: Not... really? KOKO: Nothing at all? LLOYD: Ummm... Lloyd looks around the room. KOKO: You can be totally honest and open with me. LLOYD: What I'd like to say is... Lloyd pauses for a beat. LLOYD (CONT’D): ...I love you very much? Koko tries to hide her disappointment. She inhales, then exhales and fakes a smile. KOKO: Alright, I love you too, sweetie. Go have a Happy Birthday! LLOYD: Thanks Mom! I’ll try my best. KOKO: Of course you will! And remember, if your Dad attacks the city again today, just be sure to... BOTH (CONT’D): and cover until the Secret Ninja Force gives the all clear. LLOYD: Got it, Mom. Oh and Mom? KOKO: Yes honey? LLOYD: Thanks for believing in me, even when no one else did.