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    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I get to save a bunch of money this go around. Of course if it's true that we get a new Pirate line, I may need to get a second mortgage on the house...
  2. Masked Mini

    Future Castle Sets?

    Man oh man. I'm starting to regain some measure of faith in TLG. Last year I got two new ships, this year new black falcons and something else? This is shaping up to be a good lego year again for me.
  3. I did some pirate building last weekend. Reconstituted the Caribbean Clipper from a very partial set I picked up for 45$ last year. Thankfully it had the sails in great condition and most of the unique/special pieces. Maybe half the bricks I pulled out of my bulk bins. It stands with 9 color substitutions and two missing bricks. I'll fix those over time.
  4. Masked Mini

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    This thread is a thing? I had no idea... I need to take some pictures of my Pirates and Soldiers to share. I spend more time Army building than ship building!
  5. Yeah I thought the same. Then I found out that the Athlete spear tip will give too. And the Viking flex tip can be mistaken for the Power ranger sword if you are not careful about the shape and focus too much on flexibility. But to each their own. If you find it easier to distinguish by spear, by all means do what works for you.
  6. My Wife, bless her heart, has always carried hand sanitizer in the bag of holding she is pleased to call a purse. It's always been a little icky to feel up a case or three worth of CMF but we deal with it the same way as always. Get dirty, get clean.
  7. It's fiddly to tell the spears apart but can be done.
  8. The shield and the 2x2 round tile are what easily differentiate the two. Inner bag and spear is not enough.
  9. I lucked out yesterday at Walmart. Beelined for the Lego while my Wife got her prescriptions filled. Found most of a series 20 box crammed in with the polybags. We did a quick price check and they rang up at $3.44/ea not the dreaded $4.99. Commenced to feel up most of a box with the help of my Wife. Haul: 3x Vikings, 3x Knights, 4x Pirate Chicks, 4x Divers (2 Turtles for me, one for my Wife and one for my Daughter). Need more Vikings/Knights!
  10. Masked Mini

    [MOC] Sixth rate 20-guns Frigate (modular build)

    Bummer. I'm looking forward to when you have time to take new pictures!
  11. The arbitrary prohibition on selling non-essential goods is pants on head retarded, pardon my French. Some US states have done this already, banning amongst other things the sale of clothing, art supplies, books and other entertainment. Alot of us suddenly have to entertain and homeschool our kids all day, every day. People need new clothing when they need new clothing. You can't tell me that underwear is non-essential. So now when people already go to a store to buy essentials they can not purchase the other stuff they need because some bureaucrat decided that item needed to be roped off. It is one thing to try and discourage an increase in physical shoppers in stores with a moritorium on sales or doorbusters. It is another to entirely choke out what remains of the economy that is not deemed essential by some paper pusher. I worry about my local mom and pop (Lego resale) stores. They are trying hard to safely stay in business, shifting to online sales, curbside pickup even trying mail-order. It antagonizes my internal values to see them being suffocated because someone deemed their livelyhood non-essential. If we choke them out, only the giant retailers will be left standing when the dust settles. /Rant
  12. Masked Mini


    Ordered April 2nd, still in warehouse. *sigh* I guess it's okay since being "essential" I don't have much spare time at the moment anyway. I just want to hold the box and drop 30years of my age for a few minutes.
  13. Masked Mini


    Got my first set on order. Should be delivered Monday. Figured I'd not be greedy and buy the limit right off the hop. Not like I have time right now to build anyway. I see the same on FB and reddit. Everyone has too much time on their hands and too many emotions roiling their minds. Things everywhere are getting heated. Even my workplace is simmering one notch below open rebellion. The company forum comments are UGLY.
  14. Masked Mini

    [MOC] M-Tron Spaceship Transporter

    That's great! That design would work really well with propellers where the containers are too. M-tron related sidenote: Does anyone have a suggestion how to replace the magnets? I have holders but I can't seem to find the actual magnets anywhere.
  15. I wish I had time to work on my Blue Coat Flagship, she's ~90% done - started rigging the masts. But I'm deemed essential by my government. And as people have been calling in sick, going into quarantine or simply dropping their retirement papers so they don't have to deal with this.. We are getting shorter and shorter staffed. I'm now working 7 days a week again to try and keep up. Until I get sick too. 2 confirmed cases and over a dozen suspected at my work. C'est la vie. The annoying thing is that I find myself getting jealous of those stuck at home with extra free time. Rationally I know they are probably missing paydays and I'm still getting paid. They don't want to be stuck inside and are trying to occupy themselves as much as possible as a distraction. But still... *sigh* Be safe and I wish you the very best of luck friends.
  16. Masked Mini

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I think the chances are climbing starting next year. My reasoning is thusly: supposedly Lego is targeting boys 5-12 with Pirate themes. It has been 5 years since the last wave. I think we'll see a new wave in a year or two, maybe three on the outside.
  17. Masked Mini

    [MOC] Pirate Inn

    Passed out drunk next to the door, turtle side. Drop an empty goblet next to him. Or bent over, returning the grog to the bushes. It's a pirate's boozer, won't find great manners here. Overall it's a wonderful build! It'd work beautifully in Castle as well or Europa! Doesn't scream Pirate Inn though. Could you fly a Jolly Roger off the second story or roof? And it really needs a bottle or goblet or two, so people can see it's a drinking establishment.
  18. Masked Mini


    Does anyone know if Ideas sets end up having their parts (torsos and accessories in particular) added to BnP? I need more of those torsos and Tricorne/hair combos. Sail sets would be golden as well.
  19. Masked Mini


    I'm so down for this. I bought the baseplate last year in case it didn't make the cut. If he can't or won't release it, it'll take me an iceage reverse engineering the original submission.
  20. Masked Mini


    @ $200 a piece I love it enough to buy 2. One to build and one to stash away just to keep the box pristine. I also was under the misapprehension that I had a Barracuda in my childhood lego so I may need a spare sail set to build my own.
  21. Are you saying that they can't approximate those grey shades with a different, non-toxic dye? That's a bit hard to believe.
  22. I need a few more shades of black, vanta and black 3.0 for instance. Trans yellow, trans dark green, trans lime?, trans dark red and blue, old brown and grey need to come back. I need more dark red, dark green brick availability as well - they are very useful accent colors.
  23. Masked Mini


    You had me hunting for that brickshelf gallery to see the rest of the pics but it appears to all be lost to the void. Then I saw the dates, which is good because I was about to start arguing in a 10 year old debate. But it's for a worthy cause! I really dig that Ideas set. I wish it was a lot closer to the Futuron scheme for nostalgia reasons but I'd buy it as is!
  24. Masked Mini

    [MOC] Medieval Guard House

    I like that heraldry a lot! Only suggestion would be to extend the chain maille to the upper legs as well. Maille shirts were rarely actual shirts and usually actually covered at least to groin level (haubergeon) if not mid thigh or knee (hauberk). The Green CMF Knight had a bit a maille on his legs too. For the build I mainly have the question of how do they get up onto the little corner towers? Maybe include a ladder made from two 1x4 railing pieces, a 1x8 plate and 1x8 tile? They'd be able to carry it around. Maybe a Thief sneaking in over the wall could use it?