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  1. Dallas and Austin do this as well. I have zero interest in that show. My 10yr old daughter is all about it. She just bitches that they talk to much about the builders and don't do enough building. … You suck. (teasing) I have to drive 90 mins and 4 hours to my stores and I consider myself fortunate. You are so very blessed Brandon.
  2. Is exactly the answer you give when someone complains or Sues. "It was a safe product up to our standards... 20-30-40 years ago when we made it. This is a used, aged piece." That's why it stands. Coastie receiving permission first then having it pulled I've agreed is garbage. Luckily it doesn't seem to impact him alot.
  3. Yeah. Unprofessional is a good PG-rated description for that. Valid sentiment but emotionally clouded. In this instance "unsafe" does not mean actually dangerous, but rather "has not been continually quality tested by TLG to be of equal or greater quality as expected of Lego branded products." Totally agree with this. Hamfisted handling by TLG.
  4. Okay but there's an important factor you are overlooking here Toastie. The BL seller is most likely selling the hubs at a loss compared to actual build cost. A BL seller wouldn't even KNOW the true cost of a part, only what they paid for it themselves. Their price is dependent more on what the secondary market will bear. And their cost can be defrayed by selling of the rest of the set, as well as acquiring the sets on clearance or sale pricing. Those opportunities don't equate to TLG being greedy for charging a higher price on their own shop site. They own the marketsquare but not the individual stalls selling goods. That is a huge difference to S@H where it's more like a department store like maybe… Karstadt (if they still exist and i spelled it right). A lot of the new regulations make real business (law) sense. Some are insane, like the Train instructions being taken down for looking like real trains. Building real trains is kinda the friggin point here people TLG! The track being taken down after being approved is only explainable as someone shooting their mouth off okaying it without the authority to make that call stick.
  5. More like fear of legal stuff possibly maybe happening in the future that actual legal eagles will have to concern themselves with. So better to knee-jerk over-react now before something maybe happens in the future and I need to explain myself and beg for my job. I feel for you guys. This corner of the fandom is getting pretty decimated by TLG with official neglect and ironfist handling of third party support.
  6. Masked Mini

    Is LEGO making way too many vehicles?

    I was just teasing you, your english is great! Viel besser als mein Platt-Deutsch auf jeden fall! Und das nach dem Ich doch mit den Wernersens aufgewachsen bin... tsk tsk. I think you're right. Trying to turn the clock back 30 years in my head and all the sets I remember had a vehicle. Except maybe my Castle stuff but even there I got alot of the tiny packs that had a carriage or barrow of some sort. And I guess horses count as vehicles as you can clop-clop them around. Practically every single Classic Pirates set had a boat or ship in it. Browsing bricklink "Town" sorted by year and virtually every set for decades had a vehicle. @Brandon Pea Now that I think about it... One of my favorite sets back then was a City (Town) set. 6490-1 Amazon Crossing. I also remember getting 6669-1 Diesel Daredevil, 6530 Sport Coupe, 6506 Police Cruiser and 6643 Fire dept. Jeep 1991 was also the year the wheels changed from the small hard rubber ones to the bigger ones (5132-1) AND we got the red spring suspension axles (5046-1)! Those were my jam! Loved those things and never could get enough of building/playing with those.
  7. Masked Mini

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Good / Better / YES!! / OH.MY.BRICK.YES!!! I too hope for the Goat to make a comeback. BnP will be OoS in minutes!
  8. Masked Mini

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    THIS IS SPART... AWESOME!! Release day purchase for sure. Now do me a modular Pirate theme wharf/dockfront with traders and sailor taverns next!
  9. They did what??? .... I need to work more Overtime. That was a very good read. You make some great points.
  10. I know bud, I said I don't doubt it. You and I are just very different AFOLs was my point. Neither of us is more "true" than the other. I agree with this. That is largely my own demarcation. Though they may convert over time if TLG keeps feeding sets they enjoy.
  11. Masked Mini

    Is LEGO making way too many vehicles?

    TLG is big on swoosh factor. It is considered what sells Lego when compared to the toy competition. Hence more vehicles that can be vroomed or swooshed around. More vehicle sets as a ratio of line up means they sell a lot of vehicle sets, ergo vehicle sets must be popular, ergo gotta make more vehicle sets. Simplistic logic but I can see TLG falling into that hole.
  12. I did it to illustrate your point. There are many, many facets of being a "true" AFOL to the point that it is difficult to find a demarcation line.
  13. I personally fall into C, D and F and that was a really truncated list of possibilities. Brandon (pooda) and myself probably have very little overlap but I don't doubt he is an AFOL. I can't care less about City (unless it's to rob specialty bricks and animals) but he lives and breathes City. I can see where David is starting from but I think he is drawing the wrong conclusion. In a round-about way, Teddy may become more of an AFOL than me. If TLG keeps starving me of Pirates and Castle but continues to put out Technic Cars. It happened to me with Star Wars. I was a Super-Fan for decades, I'm a retired member of the 501st and Mandalorian Mercs Costume groups, I own every single novel written until the Disney Takeover and most of the graphic novels. At this point I have re-trained my entire family to NOT buy me SW stuff, as I no longer consider myself a Fan. I only like Rogue One, A new hope, Empire and half of Return of the Jedi. The entire rest I consider hot garbage. Star Wars turned away from what I loved about it. There is a chance that TLG will do the same. Constraction fans, especially Bionicle fans, might argue that it already happened to some of us.
  14. Masked Mini


    Now i wonder what Ideas set could be expected to sell well at $349.99. Sesame Street? Unlikely. That'd better be one heck of a (playable) concert piano at that price point.
  15. Masked Mini


    $199.99 was my initial guess for the price point and is about the limit I'll pay for the set. At $349.99 I won't buy one unless the piece count is seriously beefed up. I already bought the baseplate back when the set only had <1000 votes and I didn't believe it'd be selected. I'll just MOC (or is it SEC?) my own copy from what images we have and the instructions .pdf.