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  1. I'm a devotee of Bricks and Minifigs, a used lego resale shop franchise. I can fill a gallon Ziploc bag with bulk brick of my choice for 30-35$ depending on the store (they offer other volumes but I find the large bag to be best value). Same rules as PAB wall, pack it tight.. it just needs to close long enough to check out. My favorite stores have a 6% and 5% respective cash back loyalty program, carbon copy of Lego's old VIP system. They also have a version of the Build a Minifig tower, 3 for 10$. One of the owners will discount that some more if I strike it lucky and buy a bunch at once. It's gotta be said: You need luck and patience. These are used lego resale shops so the part availability is random as can be. But I've score tons of Black Falcons, Forestmen, etc. 3 for 10$. The bulk bins can have nothing of value (to me) one visit and the next I stumble on 2/3rds of a Black Pearl or a patch of 80s classic space parts. I've walked out with a 90% complete Queen Anne's Revenge (missing a couple minifigs and easily detached trim) for 75$ because it was gathering dust!! Same with the Black Pearl, hull for 25$ one trip, complete set of sails plus a couple extra QAR sails for 35$ next. Some trips I find no bulk of interest but stumble on three or four dozen classic pirates and castle figs or newer stuff I use to diversify my factions and armies. Or it's the other way around. Best part is the personal relationship I've cultivated with the Owners. They know what I'm after and will message me or hold things back until my next visit, making for wonderful surprises! One set of Owners will do after hours BYOB AFOL events throughout the year, which are super fun (and often an amazing way to get bulk brick for cheap or even "free" in exchange for labor like helping sort out non-lego from fresh bulk). Your mileage will vary! These kinds of stores are a reflection of their Owners and their selection a reflection of your area and the skill of the Owner in finding bulk lego. Aside from that, I utilize all the same sources as everyone else. Ebay (rarely, crazy prices and counterfeits galore), Bricklink, BnP, PaB, BaM, clearance sets (agree with MAB, gotta balance ppb with usefulness of said bricks), Amazon occasionally, thrift stores have contributed more than a couple gallons but I find they have pretty much all caught on now. I've also had great luck scoring vintage minis for little money at vintage malls, resale shops or cattlebarn style fleemarkets. The older the intended clientele and the less focus on toys the better the deals I find. Other than that my eyeballs are super calibrated for the Lego System logo colors and I will lock onto those colors from 50ft away. A hungry shark ain't got nothing on me when I spot a shoal of lego in the wild.
  2. Masked Mini


    I agree with the sentiment. i'd also like to see new base plates that work into the old designs. example the lunar crater baseplate, why not have one with a straight ridge or an S shape? Maybe a base plate with a raised area on one half matching the old castle bases with ramp, so you could use one each and have a ramp in the middle of your castle/space base? Sadly Lego doesn't make base plates, they used to contract them out. It'd take a bit more than an internal effort to find molds, unlike bringing back bricks *cough GOAT cough*.
  3. Masked Mini

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    You know... I'm totally fine with that. Bricks we can get, if that's the way we get to source heraldry, accessories and printed pirate/castle figs then I'm on board. It beats getting nothing by a nautical mile.
  4. Masked Mini

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?{"ss":"US","iconly":0} Thespian / Actor CMF series 8 I keep calling them shakespeare but he had a similar torso in dark red, CMF Lego Movie 1. Don't think I've ever seen the legs, only torso, head, ruff.
  5. Masked Mini

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    The match simply could not be any better. This REALLY raises my hopes of a Lion Crusader CMF or DTC set (a castle wave may still be a pipe dream). I also snagged a few Knights, an opportunity not to be missed! Now if only they'd stock the Wolfpack Dark Archers... I'd devote a substantial amount to BAM.
  6. Masked Mini

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Perfect match on the Lion. Please let there be a Lion Crusader CMF or set!
  7. Masked Mini

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I was pleasantly surprised yesterday by the Evil Knight torso/legs being available. Originally went to score a box of shields but "only" found 6. My Spaniards (Shakespeare) are growing leaps and bounds as well, add another platoon to the roll call! Last I took a shoot at the dark blue legs with black boots... and it worked out rather spectacularly! I'll be looking for more of these for the rest of my blue coat officers.
  8. Masked Mini

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    More water! I left atleast another large cup or two yesterday if anyone in Dallas needs it. Top left corner. Nabbed a fistful of red 1x1 plates I need and a fistful of 1x4 sand green plates for the hell of it.
  9. Masked Mini

    [MOC] Two mast Schooner?

    Thought I had decided on 3 stud gaps between gun ports. Didn't look quite right though. 4 stud gaps look a bit better, no? Gun stripe is too thick above the ports. Dropped it a plate, looks like I need to drop it another plate. Possibly strip out another plate of black below the stripe as well. Stern wall ended up 2 studs shorter than the first iteration. Same with the bow wall. I screwed up somewhere. Second iteration isn't shaped as nice. I'll attempt to seperate the first and second to last 5 stud wall sections and adjust them in half a stud. Then move the last 5 stud section in a half stud as well No masts roughed in this time. Concentrating on getting the sidewalls and gun deck right. MK 2 gundeck openings are 1 plate higher than MK 1. MK1 deck is 5 plates below the opening, MK2 deck is 3 plates below the opening. So MK2 gundeck should be 1 brick higher.
  10. Masked Mini

    [MOC] Two mast Schooner?

    Painfully obvious in hindsight. I might try this. It sounds interesting. Ramcat's deck layout is what I pictured after your last input, well described.
  11. Masked Mini

    [MOC] Two mast Schooner?

    I had considered laying a plate on the centers instead of a brick. Not sure how that'll work as the gun deck wouldn't be able to continue past the centers I don't think. Are you building on the wide or narrow hulls? I don't see 4 guns fitting on a narrow center. Please do link your thread or album. I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't seen it before.
  12. Masked Mini

    Bricklink crowd project castle

    Jesus! That is one heck of a mark up for a box, paper instructions and a single brick..! We'll see how many actually move and at what price point. I mean the set was already priced at 10c/pcs. One should be able to bricklink the set itself for the original price, cheaper per brick but add shipping from a few stores to even it out.
  13. Masked Mini

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Sorry about being unclear. The Teslapunk Warhammer Knight. It gives me just the right amount of grimdark tingles and the aesthetic isn't far off "real" castle. Nor Gunpowder era either come to look at the coat and legs a little closer, with breastplate and open face helm or a shako it would be a nice transition piece from Knights to Napoleonic (?).
  14. Masked Mini

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Stag mounts for sure! My second thought last night was mounting my barbarians on stags for some truly wild cavalry.
  15. Masked Mini

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    You make some very good points here. While I don't agree with all of the listed bricks and your takes most of what you listed I actually seek out and want to use. I'm still waiting to lay my hands on mass quantities of the Pentagon tiles in grey for instance. Maybe I'm judging nexo knights more from the emotion rather than logic. And you're totally right regarding the, shall we say, highly polarized views regarding kingdoms 2. Legoland and even System era castle had set a very high bar, raised higher by nostalgia. Nexo even without scifi and neon colours would probably have gotten roasted pretty hard.