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  1. I'm with it now, thank you! As for mast placement I'll have something later today to look at and critique. Wish I could tinker at work but that's not a good look. Even if it's Sunday and I'm practically done working for the day already.
  2. Thank you for the input! I have to work on mast placements next. How do you reconcile round masts going through the deck? overlap with the round 4x4 plates with 2x2 cutout? Add a 2x2 square brick in the stack? That's a very nice Galleon! I'm not seeing how you inverted the gun stripe again for the top rail, what am I missing? With the walls sitting on cheese slopes... how are they held in place? And while you're here... Thank You for the sideways plate technique on the hull!
  3. I've gotten in some more bricks and found a few through sorting my backlog. Just finished building out the port side. Current state of the build has both hull sides done (short three 1*10 slopes in white), both sides gun deck stripe done, stern and bow done and everything connected. Rigging anchor points are built into both side walls as well. I stripped the aft most gun port. It looked odd with only 3 studs to the stern wall. But I did add in two chaser gun ports on the bow putting me at 14 guns, 6 gun broadside. Reasonable enough. I'll take some pictures after work tomorrow. Could use some advice regarding mast placement and how to anchor it in the hull/deck.
  4. I'm intrigued by this. Would you expect to get better value from two of the short cups as opposed to one of the large ones? All else being equal. I usually just go straight for the tall ones and pack them until the lid barely squeaks on. Also I've never thought to ask about K-boxes. Could you ballpark a price for a K-box of 1x4 bricks for me? I'll try to remember to ask next time I'm at a store. I'm with you on the bricklink method. I usually enter a store for a select part(s), then comb the entire bricklink store for stuff I like or will need in future, then clean the shop out until the postage becomes a small enough percentage of the cost. That has cut down a lot on my ordering frequency and cash waste to postage. I've not looked at the thrifting from your point of view. Feeling a good bit less proud of my hauls at the moment. I'm not as fiscally flush as you seem to be but I also no longer need to source my bricks as cheaply as possible so it seems I need to re-evaluate my acquisition ethics. Thank you for the (uncomfortable) thought provoker.
  5. Hot dog! I got me some ideas.
  6. Masked Mini

    [MOC] These Romans are crazy..!!

    Three years too late for the party but.. Man, I love me some Asterix! My youth in ABS right here. This MOC is simply superb. C'est magnifique!! "Alea iacta est." Since TLC is so license fixated... Please go get this one!!! Do a wave for all the classic films atleast. A couple cmf series of Gauls, Romans, britons, goths, Phoenicians, pirates, Egyptians. A trireme, a Phoenician trader and a pirate ship too!! Strange that a Danish company, whose employees must have grown up on Franco-Belgian comics, haven't gone after this one. Or Lucky Luke for a renewed Western theme. spirou and fantasio in brick anyone? *Sigh* Wonderful MOC, Takes me right back to the endless summer of childhood!
  7. Masked Mini

    Rotting Leviathan

    This would fit wonderfully in pirate mocs. Great idea with amazing execution!
  8. I checked Goodwill online once but with shipping I didn't see anything worthwhile. I might check back again. When I say you can't get deals anymore I was comparing it in my mind to the $2.99 I paid for a MISB anniversary Vader tie fighter with the possibly chrome minifigs. Found it in the boardgames... I snatched that so fast of the shelf there where tiny thunderclaps coming off my hand. Ipman and Bruce Lee nodded in approval at my speed of hand. No luck on the limited chrome fig but still. Or the dozen two gallon bags of random Lego for $10 ea my wife found while thrifting before we moved in together. She messaged me after leaving and sent me pics, had her drive back and buy them all. Over a hundred 80-90's minifigs, three dozen horses, an old green dragon and other absolute treasure for a song. Those times appear to be over.
  9. I'm not big on Western theme myself but depending on how they design them they could see applications across a number of themes. I'm all about kitbashing and Army building. The more people find a particular CMF of use the more popular it and by extension the series becomes. Drives more $$$, which gives us more Series' and more opportunities to release something to please everyone. Also I too want a purist plague doctor... with leeches. And some old timey Zombies.
  10. Not to mention basically the whole Spaniard faction. We got like 4 Spaniards in the Armada flag ship set and that's been that. Let's flesh them out as a faction a bit. They got the conquistador but there is room for improvement of the line. Arguably the Aztec warrior could use some company too. Fleshing out the revolutionary war with more companions for the single figure we have. We have two Roman legionaries and they got a Julius Ceasar. Where are King George III and/or General Washington? Paul Revere and his horse? Historically accurate Redcoats, Hessians, French troops. More Indian auxillaries would probably be welcomed by those who enjoy the western theme as well. They could to a whole group dedicated to historical civilians a la City. Those could be fit into both castle, pirates and a Renaissance fair City sub theme. We have lots of blacksmiths already but no cobblers, glassblowers, Carpenters, Miller's or brewers. Baker's, tailors, traders, farriers or wheelwrights and shipwrights. Show the trades and proletariat some love.
  11. Masked Mini

    Orange Plantation

    I really like the Ivy crawling up the column and onto the Veranda roof. But those ladders.. such a simple and effective use of bricks! I'm putting that one up my sleeve for future use.
  12. Masked Mini

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I've never been told by Lego Store employees i HAVE to build 3 complete figs. It's strongly implied by the signage explaining how it works but I've yet to see it enforced. So I'm that guy that buys only what I'm after in sets of 15pcs. Luckily the rabbits are safe from me. However Castle, Pirate stuff... sea gulls! Might not be anything left when I leave. Atleast until the first time I try to checkout and I get rejected.
  13. Masked Mini

    What happened to Bricks & Pieces?

    Being among the lucky ones (USA) I haven't posted here or in the haul thread. Feels wrong. Like bragging about getting armloads of candy when alot of You can only look through the shop window. That said I had put an order in within a day or two of this thread going up. I got worried because i definetly got charged the money but received no receipt or shipping email from TLC. A tracking email went out ~2 days before the parts showed up. Shipping time was sub 1 week which is super fast for BnP. I hope that is a result of the new process TLC put in place and not just because they limited access to 3 lucky chosen countries. The shopping cart for that order was still the same old buggy mess. I placed a second order 2 days ago. Three times I accidentally killed the window or kicked myself out to the front page of and it saved my bag and selections each time! Over the course of ~2 hours I had no issues with losing my bag. Finding parts is still a bit painful as there is still no modern browse by category only search for set/element/design ID. But atleast the Bag now doesn't empty itself randomly. I will keep a close eye on shipping times. I did see alot of stuff as out of stock but I don't shop BnP very often so I can't make a judgement call regarding reduced available inventory. I did see a few licensed things still available so what was there before does not appear to have been purged. (Note I buy from Bricks and Pieces and not Pick a Brick side.) I really hope TLC gets this rolled out to everyone quickly, it's already been longer than I would have expected.
  14. Hey Jon, glad I was of help to you! These trays are what I use. Seems they are a bit pricier than I remembered but not too bad. You could always use muffin pans for sorting 12 or 24 types of small things into. But those are a bit trickier to empty one cup at a time. There is a good bit of conversation in the lego-sphere about sorting and dividing bricks. I try to divide and sub-divide by how I build and look for bricks. If I associate one type of brick with another then I'm okay with mixing them or keeping them close together as I'll find them quickly when building. And that is what it's all about right? Finding your bricks when you need them. So I guess what I'm saying is for categories and sub-divisions go with what fits your personal style.
  15. Masked Mini

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    As far as I know, yes. I had two sets worth of parts crammed in there, wasn't sneaking a few extras. He just didn't care at all. As evidenced seconds after he rang it up as one set of three when he blew up my pab cup sending hundreds of tiles flying everywhere. The Lego stores use the clamshell container.