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  1. antsiranean

    Assembling Bricksburg

    Your work is amazing! I keep checking on it and am always baffled. Keep it up! Now I'll check out the café you've done, in order to make something similar for my train station .
  2. I received my PF tracks a while ago and think the guys at ME Models ought to be given some credit for what they've done. Sure, it is taking a long time and communication leaves some to be desired for, but in the end they're doing something great for the train community. Will I order more? Certainly. Would I back them again? Certainly!
  3. antsiranean

    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    Thank you! I was looking at windscreens and wedges, didn't occur to me that it's actually a slope. Thanks!
  4. antsiranean

    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    I really like your club wagon and would like to build one myself, but I can't find the windscreen bits you used for the roof. Not the curved ones, but the straight 3*6*1 (?) pieces. Anyone who knows the part number on BrickLink? Help would be very appreciated.
  5. They didn't answer my mail, but dropped a message here on Eurobricks, promising to deliver whatever I ordered. So, now I'm waiting with renewed hope.
  6. I backed the kickstarter project for a full loop of R56 and a number of straights. It seems as if everything was sent to me, but got lost in the post. I filed a reclamation (formal complaint?) with the Swedish post, and contacted ME Models more than three weeks ago but haven't heard anything from anyone. Word seems to be that ME models answers all their mails, but that it can take a long time. They seem to be hard working guys, but I want my track! Advice, someone? Should I order the same amount from their homepage, it would cost me around 120$. And I'd rather spend those money on even more track than...
  7. antsiranean

    Horizon Express - extended with "passenger ending"

    Thank you, but remember that this ain't no TGV, it's the Horizon Express!
  8. antsiranean

    Horizon Express - extended with "passenger ending"

    Thanks! I should add that I run it with two PF motors connected to one battery box. Works great, but derails in curves at top speed. Boy, am I looking forward to my 56r curves from ME models!
  9. It's time to add some actual content of my own to this forum, even if it is very modest. Gotta start somewhere. I've modded my HE into a variant I haven't seen before. Inspired by the Swedish "X2000" (I have no idea what the train's actual name is), which has a motor wagon in one end, and a passenger wagon with cockpit in the other. Having two engines and just two regular carriages, seemed to be one engine to many. As you notice, I am not at all familiar with train terminology, but hope that you'll excuse that. Or, even better, clarify and correct me. But, credit where credit's due. Namely to ust60, who's extended HE was the starting point. I copied his bogies brick by brick, since I just couldn't get it right myself. Thanks! He's the man behind this, I just did some rearrangement of bricks on one end of the train, to make it better suit my tast. But I guess that's what Lego is all about: arranging and rearranging bricks... So here comes a few pics. I hope at least, I don't really know how to post pictures into forums. Well... And the interior:
  10. antsiranean

    [MOC] Baldwin RF-16

    Wonderful engine! And I really like the windshield, clever and good looking. Not to mention the snot nose. Very eye catching train indeed.
  11. Since the debate over this topic isn't what you would call "heated", I would go with the option that's easiest for you: ship the plastic only orders as soon as you can, and then ship the mixed orders once you've got the metal rails too. There's no reason to keep everyone waiting just for the sake of fairness (we might be childish, but still we are adults), and splitting orders seems like a lot of work for you. Save those hours and use them for designing plastic switches instead. With an "X"-switch to start. Says me, who ordered plastics only.
  12. antsiranean

    High Speed Train

    Nice, I wish it was my idea. I think you should try for 8-wide bases though. It'll give you far more room for interior detail. Else I'll steal your design and try it myself. Within the next ten years or so...
  13. antsiranean

    Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    You really have lots and lots of lego! How can you afford it all? I thought I was rather well paid, but this is just way beyond. And what a wonderful layout it is! Amazing! The equation is deceivingly simple, but brutal in its outcome: Income - mortgage - food - three kids -wife - other interests = not much left for Lego.
  14. antsiranean

    MOC: Lego Train Station 60050 XXL!

    There is some interest in the LDD design.