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  1. Tar Mirabelle

    [MOC] Gift Aesthetic

    Hello everyone! Now I want to present my composition There is a girl with the gifts. On one hand she keeps package with luxury items. On the other hand there is a box also with the gifts. Following the fashion trends silk scarf may be braided in hair. There is the option with the common known brand package Thanks for your attention! Do not forget to comment!
  2. Tar Mirabelle

    The Temple of the League of Shadows

    Thank you! I edited the post
  3. Hello! I would like to present you this creation. This is the temple of the goddess of the twilight The temple is located in the underground The main feature is the sculpture of the goddess in the white dress. The idea is borrowed from the castle of dark elves in the Heroes of Might and Magic V Thank you for your attention! I enjoyed reading your comments below!
  4. Tar Mirabelle

    Instagram style

    Hello everyone! I want show you my new work: style of Instagram