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  1. OxnardMontalvo

    10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Discussion

    I honostly feel Columbia wouldn’t be controversial. I mean, we already had many Space Shuttle models in the past, after two Shuttles had fatal accidents, they just didn’t put a name on it. I believe this set should be an hommage to the positive things the Shuttles have brought us. I hope LEGO has made printed pieces or stickers so you can decide yourself what Shuttle you are putting on display. Model wise the Shuttles were almost identical. We also had many sets with the Empire State Building, a building that has seen many suicides and even a plane crash into it. But that doesn’t mean the building is known for that. It’s an architectual landmark, just as all five Shuttles are historic technical achievements. Or what about the Vestas wind turbine. A similar Vestas model catched fire in the Netherlands in 2013 and two young mechanics who were stuck on top of the turbine died. Ofcourse it isn’t entirely the same, but if you want to find controversy, you can always find it. I feel Columbia and Challenger shouldn’t just be remembered for their fatal accidents, and I don’t see why a hommage would be hurtful to anyone. There is no need to erase history here, you want to educate children/people, not pretending the world is all rainbows and sunshine.
  2. The main issue with that is that it doesn’t ensure the same quality of bricks. Most parts on bricklink are used parts. A part might look like new to the seller, but it can be discolored when you complete your set. Parts can be scratched, chewed on or have a smoke odor. Another issue is pricing. Some parts are very expensive, just because they are rare. I’ve bought quite a lot of missing bricks for my old sets, and I can safely say it is a bad idea if you want a ‘pristine’ set on your shelve.
  3. @Mylenium A bit unfair to only quote a part of the suggested measures. Plus you’re adding stuff to the cost that isn’t suggested at all, it’s a ‘part-out’ version of the set, no newly numbered set. Yes, a handful of bricks will need to be reproduced from scratch, but the ‘no-nonsense’ approach, a higher retail price and the ‘only-once-a-year-delivery’ for the sets should outweigh the additional cost of a few molds. Especially the ‘once-a-year-delivery’ will let LEGO mass produce parts that makes financial sense. Plus I’d say Modulars and Winter Village are hardly hit at all by out of production parts. Perhaps some colors aren’t in production, but that really shouldn’t be an issue, as they introduce new colors all the time. They can start with sets that have all their parts still in production to see if this kind of program could work. The suggested higher price is well below what people are asking on Bricklink, we’re talking 250%-600% the original price I absolutely get your concerns about the cost and logistics it would bring, but I guess we have to agree to disagree on that.
  4. OxnardMontalvo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I feel its a shame Winnie the Pooh made the cut. The set almost looks like a miniature version of the treehouse and it is one of those sets that could/would have been a set within the Disney line at some point in time. I get that the ‘pick-a-popular-franchise’ method works great in IDEAS, but I’d rather see franchises that normally would never be a set, like F•R•I•E•N•D•S, Dr. Who, Voltron, Adventure Time, The Flintstones and The Big Bang Theory managed. That said, I get the choice, Winnie the Pooh will most likely sell a lot better than Thunderbirds. The Office would probably outsell every single IDEAS set ever, but NBC has their own take on selling their franchise: https://www.diply.com/100117/theres-a-new-office-themed-lego-set-on-the-market
  5. Well, no. As stated in the opening post, the idea is a ‘budget’ version of the set. So no box, no instructions, no numbered bags, higher price than the original price, only available trough LEGO.com, sets will only be shipped a few times a year and only selected sets are available (long lasting series). So that’s a lot of measures to cut the cost. These measures should be enough to give it a financial sense. They wouldn’t be selling sets, they would ‘part out’ the set as you would buy the bricks from bricklink. As suggested in my post above, the idea (for example) is to be able to order Winter Village sets from december-october and delivery takes place in november. Modulars would be delivered in august/september and Star Wars (UCS) in april/may. These three are the longest running collectible series and would very likely be on high demand. TLG should be very much capable of reintroducing these sets to the many new AFOLs out there. I believe they haven’t really found out the full potential of rereleasing their massive stack of gems. We see it with movies, series, music, books, games, why not with LEGO?
  6. OxnardMontalvo

    Is LEGO making way too many vehicles?

    I think it has always been like that. If I look at the sets that came out when I played with LEGO is a kid (1989-1995), there were a lot of cars, trucks, boats, helicopters, airplanes, space ships, medieval carts, cranes, etc. Vehicles with wheels are the easiest to play with ánd the easiest to make your own creation. I don’t think we’re seeing more vehicles than in the past. I think LEGO is currently more diverse than ever.
  7. OxnardMontalvo

    MOC: Lego Ideas - Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)

    If we would ever get a Saturn V scale shuttle set (or Creator Expert set), I do hope the belly is tiled and the wheels are hidden. That’s what I really don’t like about 10213 and 10231. For today’s standards, that set just feels a little too simple. I do have the feeling LEGO is embracing the realistic space theme these days once again (including City Space). I believe the Saturn V and Lunar Lander were a great success, and the ISS was also sold out very fast. If we’d get a new space set end 2020, or 2021, I’d put my money on a space shuttle.
  8. Plus I believe it will do good in the battle against Chinese knock-off’s. I have to be honost here, I’ve definitely looked at Lepin to see my options to get the modulars series complete. And even though buying Lepin sets goes against my philosophy, it crossed my mind several times as a way to get the series complete. The thing is, I want it to be LEGO. But not everyone will be a ‘overly perfectionist’ as I am (I will twist my 1x1’s until they’re perfect lined up :p), and buy the knock offs. I think recolors might work in some cases. A red and yellow Saturn V would be a no-go ofcourse, but I could see a recolored Green Grocer or Pet Shop for example. As for the parts that aren’t in production, that’s what the cutting back on production cost of other stuff and selling for a higher price could compensate. I’ve changed the shipping into once every 3-6 months, perhaps rotating sets each quarter, meaning LEGO can (sort of) mass produce certain bricks, it would lower the cost a lot. Since we’ve been able to wait 5-10 years, adding a few months shouldn’t be an issue. For example, you would only be able to buy Winter Village sets in the Q4 shipping slot, which ships, en masse, in a single week of the year. If you didn’t order a certain set, you’d have to wait a full year. For WV sets, orders would be open from January until October, and shipping would take place at the end of November. Something like that.
  9. This topic might have been up here before, if so, I apologize. Getting back to the topic title, I think most of us got lured back to LEGO after a long dark age period. You’ve found that one set to bring you back in, and a few years later, you bought a small fortune of LEGO sets. However, it turns out those 14+/16+ sets have been a series for over a decade, and getting your collection complete is nearly impossible, unless you are willing to pay 5-10x the original price. I feel it’s a bit of a shame LEGO can’t offer these sets anymore. But I do feel there is a certain solution. And again, this idea might have been opted before, but I’m gonna give it a go anyways; re-releasing in a ‘budget’ style. With ‘budget’ I mean: A brown box No instructions (online instructions) No numbered bags A 25-50% higher price than the original price (to cover the additional cost of those rare/specific pieces and non-mass production) Only available online 1-2 weeks delivery time Shipping once every 3-6 months Change printed pieces with stickers (NOT preferred) This would finally allow us AFOLs to complete the long lasting series like: Creator Expert Modular Buildings Creator Expert Vehicles Creator Expert Fairground Creator Expert Winter Village Creator Expert Buildings Architecture Skylines Architecture Buildings Star Wars UCS IDEAS sets The last two might be difficult for all sets due to legal rights, but you get the idea. Personally the lack of such a program is holding me back starting with certain series. I’d love to have Winter Village, but starting today seems like starting a collection I could never complete, while collecting of those sets is part of the fun. I think the modular building sets would be on very high demand. I can currently live with my 2014 and onwards modular sets, as I like a good interior, but if the others would be available, I’d buy them in a blink of an eye. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think LEGO could ever start such a program? And would you buy the ‘budget’ version, or do you need to have the original box and instructions?
  10. OxnardMontalvo

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    I have to agree, I think it’s a little overpriced. I really do like they made it interactive, although I wished they made the steam whistles interactive aswell, I think it could have been done. Another downer is the use of colored pieces for the mechanism. I get why they’ve done that, but since this is a set aimed at adults, it doesn’t seem necessary. Also, where is Pete?
  11. OxnardMontalvo

    10255 Assembly Square

    Promised an update on how it ended, so here it is. The piece was not in any of the other bags, and with 99.999% certainty I can say it was never in the right bag. So I ‘finished’ my build right before Christmas, used the link provided by @Wesley D (thank you for providing that link) on the 24th, and received a mail the would send the piece (without a receipt check) on the 28th, and the piece got delivered on the 5th of january. I’m very (!) pleased with LEGO support. It was only one small little tile, no questions asked. I guess it did help I bought 4 big sets, including 3 modulars in 2018, but still, thanks LEGO .
  12. OxnardMontalvo

    How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    Four-five steps. I always loved LEGO when I was a kid. Born in ‘85, as a 1 year old I got my first Duplo set. Me and my older sister got some Fabuland sets and than it really kicked off with a brick bucket. I did the whole LEGO shabang, DUPLO, Fabuland, Buckets, a lot of small sets, train sets, pirate ship and a lot of Technic. And then it just ended when I was 12-13. Although I did play with my younger brother his sets, until I was 14. We both went into our ‘dark ages’ before the year 2000 (my brother was born in ‘89). The Nintendo 64 basicly took most of our time. Goodbye LEGO, have fun at my parents attic. Fast-forward to about 2011. My younger brother graduated as an architectural engineer and as a present from his girlfriend, he got the Fallingwater set. Then he got some more and more architect sets, and then it started itching again. In 2013 I went to a LEGO store and bought myself back into the game; I bought a TMNT Raphael keychain (still using it). Everything was so expensive, I just couldn’t justify the cost, yet. Fast-forward to early 2017. My nephew (3 at this point, sisters son), my biggest buddy, who I thankfully see very often, loves DUPLO, but also superheroes, especially LEGO Marvel Superheroes. He is way to young to game, but he loves watching this game (even on Youtube). So before easter, I go to Aliexpress, I buy plastic eggs, and a few lots of fake LEGO superhero minifigures. Hulk, Spidey, Iron Man, etc. I think I got at least 50, He treats them as his treasures, especially the Hulk size figures. Jackpot. So after easter I went to my parents attic to pick up all that old LEGO and try to make the sets complete again for my nephew to build when he is old enough. Still haven’t completed that proces, but 50ish sets out of 150ish are ready to be build again. I’m on the brink of going back in. I see the NASA Saturn V rocket being released. I’m going for it! But it was sold out before I could even order one. Meh. Postponed. Late 2017, LEGO World was in town. My nephew was amazed by all these LEGO sets. He just got a large brick bucket for his birthday from my brother, and immediatly was a fan of building. We bought him his first Juniors sets, which evolved in City sets before Christmas. We build a few sets together (I let him do the most ofcourse), which we both enjoyed. He now has about 20ish sets and is getting Whomping Willow Hogwarts set under the Christmas tree. Early 2018, I had money to burn and wanted to buy a new TV I don’t really need. Then I saw it, LEGO Saturn V 21309 in stock! 130 Euro, a lot for some ‘toy’, but I bit the bullet, bought it, build it, need more of it. Bought Parisian Restaurant, and Detective’s Office in the next 2 months. Could also use a Brick Bank in april aaaand bought Assembly Square in june. Turns out my dad bought used Creator Expert Mini Cooper and VW Camper sets a few years ago at a flee market, never build them, and let me build them. Thanks dad, could have mentioned that earlier though. Then I got another used set for free from a friend of my father: Tower Bridge. My father knew he had LEGO sets, but he only builds Technic these days, so his unused Tower Bridge set was only in the way, and gave it to my dad to give it to me. Very grateful for that. So, within one year of getting out of the dark ages, I’ve build (well, currently building Assembly Square) one large Ideas set (21309) and 7 Creator Expert sets (10214, 10220, 10242, 10243, 10246, 10251, 10255). A grand total of almost 20.000 pieces. And more is coming. Money needs to roll! I also got my brother into other LEGO than Architecture, he bought the Old Fishing Store and Ship in a Bottle Ideas sets.
  13. OxnardMontalvo

    10255 Assembly Square

    I just completed the 2nd part out of 6, so perhaps it may pop up. It wasn’t in the bag where the other 4 pieces are (part 6), just 4 of them. I’ll just continue building and hope I find another one. I think it’s wise to finish the build first before I order the piece, as it may have other missing pieces, or like you said, eventually pop up. Also want to point out that the 2nd set of bags had a lot of ‘double’ duplicates 1x1’s, and some were missing. Normally you get one extra 1x1 double, but quiet a few were double extra. I had to look back to see if I missed something, but no, just a lot of extra extra’s. I’ll let yall know how it ends. Thanks for the reply’s.
  14. OxnardMontalvo

    10255 Assembly Square

    I noticed many of you had missing parts with this set. Just starting building, and missing this piece: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=3069b&idColor=63#T=C&C=63, only 8 of 9 in the bags and positive I did not drop it or are still in the bags. I’ve checked everything 10 times now. Now I know a bag 6 should hold 4 of these, so I can continue building. The thing is, I did not buy this at a LEGO store, and I did not buy it recently. I bought it about 7 months ago in a small shop while on a short vacation. Will LEGO still send me the missing part or do I need to buy one? Never had this problem before.
  15. OxnardMontalvo

    10264 Corner Garage

    But it is not just about the number of parts used. You also need to consider the ammount of different parts used ánd the design itself. Town Hall is not a complex building, Corner Garage has a more going on structural and interiorly. That said, I do agree it feels overpriced. For only 60 euro more you can buy the Assembly Square. This set should have been arround the 160 euro mark.