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  1. GENERAL MAP F3 A team of New Brickika's veteran Skallax Warriors are supporting soldiers of Prinulia who entered into Walara's territory so to sabotage a Fuel Control Outpost right in the underground fuel line crossroad. This act will cut the fuel supplying of the Walara's forces in the borders, and forced them to step back for a while Raid In Fuel Control Outpost Raid In Fuel Control Outpost Raid In Fuel Control Outpost Raid In Fuel Control Outpost Raid In Fuel Control Outpost Raid In Fuel Control Outpost
  2. GENERAL MAP G6 In the capitol city of New Brickika, in front of the Unknown Soldier monument, the Prime Minister of the country Rampant Baiter, with the vice president of the government and Ambassador in Brick Of Nations Aeldor Paleseeker and the General Of The Armed Forces, Perten Silentlove, will decoratre Colonerl Hansolo Mak of the Skallax Batallion for his successful operations during the war War Medal Award Colonel Mak is walking in front of his loyal soldiers War Medal Award Prime Minister Rampant Baiter pin the War Medal in the Colonel's chest War Medal Award War Medal Award War Medal Award
  3. Nak-Hu Map, J1 There in old mission building that some missonaries of Illuvatarism turned it to a temple. But for few months now, guerillas from SWAMP (Sinister Wrongdoers Against Mankind's Preservation) turned it in weapons and equipment depot from where they send them overseas to their friends, Servants of Freedom A platoon of Skallax battalion, approaching the temple from behind Colonel Hansolo Mak aim to the on eof the guards and take the shoot As the second guard turn to shoot back, the Skallax scout shoot him with his pump gun The guard on the roof runs to see what happened below, but the Skallax sniper shoot him down Right after, major Junihiro Mak start to search the temple. He finds alot of weapons, explosives and money
  4. Will continue in New Brickica as second player(s)
  5. F9 Studica Map. Weapons Test site "Lima" A small group of Swintoc soldiers, during their search deep inside the Weapons Test Site "lima", they found an couple of Xenor soldiers trying to hide a Nuclear Head Land Attack Missile Class "Homados" and after they killed them, started to move by pulling and pushing the wagon to a more safe area so to be picked up by helicopter. Suddelny, near an abadoned checkpoint some Skallax soldiers apeared led by Major Junihiro Mak... Swintoc soldeirs left the wagon and seek for cover But coloner Hansolo Mak flanked them So they surrentered "This is Gold Cornix [his code name]. We found a Cookie . Come and pick us. Over and out"
  6. STUDICA MAP C7 It's late afternoon in a small abandoned beach somewhere in West Xenor. Usually no one goes there as the rocks cut off the access there. There are Xenor Army soldiers who guard the facilities. As there are no threats around, some of them used in auxiliary works or just passing time Inside the building there are 5 scientist who are workingin several highly classified projects. [url= In the top of the rocky hill, a squad from New Brickica "Skallax Battalion" led by both colonel Hansolo Mak and Major Junihiro Mak, are ready to attack to the facilities. When they got their positions , sniper shot the guard under the building when the soldiers on top shot the guard in the door and the sleeping beauty right under them. The guard who was carried the garbage start running back to grab his rifle...but in was too late. Right after that, Skallax soldiers secured the perimeter and entered the building. All the scientist were surrendered without resistance Major Junihiro hacked the password in the facilities mainframe, same time Hansolo accompanied by a soldier with a wifi camera examine the area, sending the video to the headquarters
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    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Nice idea. Also in!
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    After Action Reports (AAR)

    + Total points Phase #2 : 5 + 6.....11 PHASE 2 GBW - Supporting the war effort - NEW BRICKIKA - War Medal Award ………2 pt [GBW] - Sabotage - New Brickika - Raid in Fuel Control Outpost ………………4 pt ============================================================================================== Total points : 23 (old) Level : Soldier CAMPAIGN 6 GBW - Troop Build Up - NEW BRICKIKA - Training Island ......................3 pt - side build in 6 [GBW- CP6] New Brickika - Bravo R&D Center..........................................7 pt - 6th campaign build CAMPAIGN 7 [GBW-CP7] New Brickika - Intercepting the Missile......................................6 pt - side build in 7 CAMPAIGN 9 [GBW] - CP9 - New Brickika - Temple of Illuvatar ....................................….7 pt - campaign build ==============================================================================================
  9. Adamsons

    (GBW) ADAMSONS - Custom Minifig Contest

    ENTRY #2 "NEW BRICKIKA, STALLAX INFANTRY IN ACTION EQUIPMENT LEGO Armor and Helmet Minifig.Cat belt Brickwarriors Steyer AUG bullpup assault rifle
  10. ENTRY #1 "NEW BRICKIKA, STALLAX BTL. SNIPER" IN ACTION EQUIPMENT M-14A1 rifle with bipod Silencer MP9 sub machine gun Lego Star Wars Binoculars Pegasus models camo net
  11. Adamsons

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    In the old glory days of Brickika Empire, during the Walara War between the Kingdom of Mu and the Brickika Empire, the soldiers of Mu made an impression on the Brickikans, who called them Skallax. Prince of Brickika Caldirvus Kydeswere was the first to recognize the potential of Skallax soldiers in Brickika service. During the many years of war 5,000 men entered Brickika army. After the wars, most of Skallax with their families followed the imperial army back in Brickika, and they were given a large area in the southern country where they settled. Until now Skallax Warriors are among the most respectfull units in New Brickika army, with princes Hansolo Mak and his brother Junihiro Mak to lead them through the history...