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  1. nicman

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    ^Same, I currently keep most of mine in my wardrobe for the summer. Over 14 years, I have collected a huge amount of lego.
  2. nicman

    [MOC] Uncharted 4 diorama

    I was able to recreate this model and I even created step by step instructions for anyone who would like to build it.
  3. nicman

    Hello from Canada

    No, although I would like to join LUG.
  4. nicman

    Bricklink questions

    A tip for other Bricklink sellers, a good way to ship parts is by re-using and re-sealing old lego bags from sets. For me it works really well and overall makes the order feel more green and professional. I use something like this
  5. nicman

    The Streets of Daydelon

    Wow that looks nice, I just wish I had all the pieces to build it!
  6. Really the only pirates set I want is the Skull's Eye Schooner since its an amazing set. But I have never been able to find a good price for it. The cheapest I have seen was like 170$ CAD which was sold in like 5 min.
  7. nicman

    Invest in Lego

    I do this sometimes but does not at all take the fun out of Lego. In fact it keeps me even more interested in the hobby.
  8. nicman

    Minifig Sub Contest- 2/1 - 2/14

    Yeah, very cool!
  9. nicman

    Disney's Future with Lego

    I feel like with Disney licensed Lego sets we are paying more for the logo which is why I hardly buy licensed Disney sets now a days.
  10. nicman

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    My method of sorting is pretty good in terms that its easy to find the pieces that I need, but also that it does not take too much time to re-sort the pieces since I am constantly sorting pieces.
  11. nicman

    [MOC] Uncharted 4 diorama

    This is really cool. I really like the armored car. If you have any more pictures of the car I would like to see them since I have been trying to make it, but I have had difficulty.
  12. I much prefer bricks and pieces over pick a brick. It's amusingly cheaper for most parts and has a much better inventory. I feel like pick a brick is lacking lately. The only downside that I have had with it was terrible shipping times. I have placed orders that arrive 2 months later.
  13. nicman

    Hello from Canada

    Hello, I am Nicolas from Ottawa in Canada and I have been an avid lego fan for 10+ years. Although I had some breaks, I always came back to the hobby and currently do stop motion and build MOCs.
  14. Looks really good, although i am not a big fan of the rockwork. I feel like that pattern is used a lot in mocs and does not add other textures/colors.