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    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Being 32x48, I think it would be a fantastic solution if the Ninjago Dockyards could be split up in two sections (16x32 + 32x32) - one attached to each side of the Ninjago City. Otherwise, they will have to release a third part of the city, so my minifigs can actually access the ground floor Ninjago City elevator without swimming. Judging from the leaked image, it doesn't exactly look like it will split in two, but the set does have this conspicuous straight line running through it, between the lower, grey staircase with the white minifig and the fruit vendor building - incidentally around the 15-16 stud line from the left. Also, there seems to be a small grey arch in the water, just behind/beneath the brown/sand pillar to the left, at a point which seems to fit with connecting it to the "elevator side" of Ninjago City. At least it would be a cool idea, I think :) Looking forward to some official pictures from other angles!