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  1. Any reason the Stark Jet isn't on bricklink? I just want a couple of the minifigs.
  2. Anyone heard anything about the Target Darth Vader?
  3. Probably not. There's nothing about the new series that really connects with me that I'd want to 1) spend that money, or 2) have on a shelf somewhere. Now if it's the original Jurassic Park, I'll probably spend the money.
  4. This trailer makes me really happy that I picked up the Marvel Bricktober set. If you're handing out Iron Patriots to your HOA, they'll let you build whatever type of fence you want. They'd probably let you build a shed too.
  5. Chill

    Batman 80th Anniversary set

    Well, that might make me interested in it. I have a soft spot for Keaton's Batman and related mobiles.
  6. At this point, I don't expect to pick any of these up except the Hall of Armor. I usually go after good ships, or interesting minifigs, and nothing really grabs me here.
  7. I bought the set this morning to get the Marvel minifig promo. I feel like this set captured the core of the movie well though.
  8. Appreciate the help. Was able to get this ordered.
  9. I don't know what the usual place is.
  10. It also doesn't help that I'm immediately disinterested in sets that utilize the translucent flames/blaster type things, and a lot of these sets are covered in them.
  11. Is a US release of the Marvel Bricktober set a complete lost hope at this point? As for this wave, I'll probably pick up the Armor Hall, but I'm not in love with it at this point.
  12. That should be a good calendar. I'm all in for Santa Porg.