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  1. That's why I hope that Chiron will be amazing, because lego was never so secretive about any model before. 1st of May is so close, we will find out soon if it all of that hype was worthless or not. Lego must be very confident about their model this time :)
  2. 42039 C-Model

    Looks much better than models A and B in my opinion!
  3. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    I believe it will be around June...
  4. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    For sure Amazon ships to other European countries, as I have ordered from Amazon UK to Poland. I think there should be no problem, but no promises :). You can always try to order something and then cancel, you will se if you can choose India :)
  5. Am I seeing right? Azure front and blue rear with tan interior?
  6. OMG!!!! That is 2 kg more than the Porsche Box. For sure the instruction booklet will be bigger in number of pages, but for sure not 1 kg heavier than Porsche instruction. Maybe model will be way heavier than 911?
  7. Do you mean release for sale?
  8. Sorry for my vocabulary mistakes, couldn't remember if it was marriage or wedding :D. And I totally agree with you. I prefer to see better looking finished model than having nice time during build, however that would be a nice surprise :)
  9. Hi guys. Not sure if anybody mention that before. When was Lego was designing Porsche model, they have tried to make the assembly process similar to assembly of a real car. That most significant similarity was "wedding" process, connecting drive line (chassis) with the frame (body). In case of Chiron, which is assembled manually, not by robotized line, there is one significant moment during assembly process. The engine with the rear compartment is basically sliding in to the front of the Chiron and being bolted together by 12-16 bolts. Do you think that Lego Chiron assembly will be exactly the same way as real one? Underneath you can find the link to the video exactly at the minute of assembly.
  10. Yeah I know, just was trying to make a joke as well about the chiron :p
  11. Don't worry, I was thinking the same as you when Lego released Porsche. But I managed to buy it way cheaper than the nominal price. I think it was £164 at UK Tesco website. So maybe you will find some good opportunity to buy it cheaper. :)
  12. What you talking about? Thought that Chiron was released 2017... At least I saw it then on the shelf in Polish shop.
  13. Ohhh, I can feel the tension in the air. Chiron is somewhere close behind the corner.