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    VW beetle Sport/Classic 1970

    Created a convertible version also...
  2. AlainLaurent

    VW beetle Sport/Classic 1970

    Just finished my first moc.. a vw beetle in two versions: Sport and classic. A while ago I bought a lego speed champion box for my son and I directly felt in love with lego and the small cars. So I bought 6 other speedchampion boxes... lego isnt cheap :-( ... but the fun was TOP ! As webdesigner/computer(linux)nerd :-) it isnt so difficult to understand (design/workshop page) and quickly I enjoyed it :-) So here is my first moc, hope you like it. I need to buy some bricks to create the same car... mine is blue black and missing some pieces (see last pictures).
  3. Same here, only interested in the mini, too expensive !
  4. Nice... the KITT replica with led is brilliant, like it !! And I will build the mustang for sure... very well done :-)
  5. AlainLaurent

    Speed Champion Ferrari 312T4 remodel

    Well done! I also like the rear very much, great !
  6. AlainLaurent

    VW beetle Sport/Classic 1970

    One year later... just did an update and I am happy with the result :-): - added doorhandle - bigger/better mudguard - added windshield wiper - better side step
  7. AlainLaurent

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    The ideas of Mitsusu Nikaido are just awesome, just check his flickr site, wow ! I like them all, the locusta was pretty cool, but expired:
  8. AlainLaurent

    VW beetle Sport/Classic 1970

    thank you Thank you ! Here you can view the car in 3d :