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    Epsilon Hive Fighter

    Photo links to Flickr page Weaponry: -Two heavy field warp plasma orb projectors -Four standard plasma orb projectors -Sixteen Mag-Shield penetrating Thaylon missiles Propulsion: -Two Trepin hyper-X anti-matter engines -Four A-CAP M-AM plasma thrust vectoring engines -Hover and planetary lift provided by M-AM dispersion cones Shields: Mag-warp plasma shields which also provide quantum space time flux for up to 100 AU space jump capability Scanning: Long range field scanners using quantum flux dilation sensors with a range of up to 0.25 LY After the creation of the popular Epsilon Star Fighter, which provides space and planetary defense for the Epsilon Mining Group, the specific role of long range space defense was realized. The Epsilon Falcon was created and worked to fill the rapid deployment and mutli-role fighter but lacked the range and firepower. The Hive Fighter was commissioned to fill the role. The vertical design was to allow for a decreased footprint in docking bays and orbital drop ships. With a crew of two, the Hive Fighter has proven to be valuable asset against attacking forces. Disclaimer.. this is my first post.