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  1. Imic

    Decal Wish List

    May I ask, where could one come across LotR torso decals? The various Hobbits, Lake-towners, athe Dwarves from the hobbit... Civilian lotr torso decals, basically? Where could I come across them? That, or Irish rural 1900s male clothing.
  2. Imic

    GoH Book III

    I will make a sigfig who will cross the mountains with a group of Human refugees and leave Nocturnus for the green, verdant forests of Avalonia, to found a new city, far from the swamps and chaos of their old home. Buuut I haven't been able to get all of the pieces, so it may take a wee while.
  3. I saw that, looked through it for some time, and came out, for the most part, empty handed, save for some low quality Russian uniforms that leave much to be desired. (No offence to whomever designed those four.)
  4. I would love me to know where I could come across free and easily available WW1 torso stickers for soldiers in the French army. If, however, such a thing is unavailable, I would like to request pointers in the direction of WW2 Soviet uniform decals. I hope this is in the right spot.
  5. Imic

    Decal Wish List

    I'v been looking at NausicaƤ of the valley of the wind, and it's honestly a favorite movie of mine (Even if it was just a simplified version of the manga), and I've always loved the sci fi fantasy feel that the whole movie has, and it's something I can't find outside Studio Ghibli's work. With that said, while I cannot pay, I would be eternally, unendingly grateful to anyone who could make torso stickers loosly based off the Tolmekian soldiers from Nausicaa of the valley of the wind, while still using colours found in lego torsos.
  6. You're not wrong, otherwise we'd not be here at all.
  7. Well, it's all well and good to call it grand and beutiful, but to someone who lives there, it's wet, windy, cold, and boggy. Tolkien didn't like Ireland, all because he felt an evil presence in it's bogs, and I can't blame him. Also, Nocturnus is a very promising area that really doesn't have enough builders.
  8. Bloody leprachauns... I don't even know where they come from. [Rant warning] Couldn't you go for any of the other things in Irifolklore? Like that fellah who jumped into a river and turned into a fish? Or the nam who jumped into the sea and turned into a fish? Or the man who jumped inro a pond and turned into a fish? They were some bloody tasty fish!
  9. Hello to all of the creatures, intelligent creatures, trolls, spambots, and everyone watching. I have been using lego for a long time now, but some time ago I went into my dark ages, mostly due to a lack of funds to buy copious amounts of lego. However, I have a job now, and I have been buying copious amounts of lego, as I have been dreaming of for about 4 years at this point. I want to join Nocturnus to build dark, eerie towns where it's raining a lot, and the town gate is sinking into a march, or the townsfolk have to deal with werewolves on a regular basis. Unfortunately, however, I have been unable as of yet to retrive specific lego pieces to construct a sigfig, but I will have one made as soon as possible. I live in the republic of Ireland, so all lego shipments have to take a fortnight or so to get here, which is... Unfortunate. So, dia dhuit! I hope that I won't die within five minutes of getting here, and that's it. Goes into the corner to eat bread