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  1. Picked up a second-hand Battle on Scarif from a friend to add to my existing one, and I've now combined them to create a little diorama. The same guy has also offered me a second-hand Imperial Hovertank with minifigures and an additional pair of Shoretroopers for a very fair price. Was too good to turn down.
  2. Supposedly. I agree that the alteration of his character design will likely have influenced the lack of a minifigure. For the foreseeable future at least.
  3. Renown

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Disappointed to learn that we will not be getting one of the proper Mudtroopers in the summer wave of Solo sets, given what a great trooper design they are. Sincerely hope at least one is featured in a winter wave set, preferably a budget set like the rumoured trench playset with Chewie in handcuffs while the Solo merchandise is still widely available and also such an affordable set would not make amassing a significant number of Mudtroopers such a difficulty.
  4. The Conveyex sounds promising. Just hope that the Rangetrooper minifigures live up to the good quality of other figures in recent years.
  5. Is it plausible that, given the new rebel pilot helmet moulds, the likes of Dutch Vander from 75181 will eventually adopt this helmet mould given the set is still in production? It just seems a bit strange to be producing two different helmet moulds simultaneously, and it is a significantly different context to the different Imperial Stormtrooper helmets for Rebels and the Original Trilogy.
  6. I am intrigued as to how 75215, 75217 and 75219 will incorporate the known Solo characters that are yet to be released in minifigure form. The leaked images suggest that Enfys Nest and Warwick Davis' character will be in 75215, and the recently surfaced image of 75219 seems to show Rio Durant is in with the Imperial Hauler. There is also the leaked Beckett figure which could theoretically feature in any of the three. At the moment we are yet to receive confirmation as to which sets the following characters will appear in, or if they will be featured in any of the three at all: Val, L3-37, Dryden Vos, and some Rangetroopers and Mudtroopers. It would seem logical to assume that the Rangetroopers will be featured in the Conveyex Heist set, but I struggle to see where Val and L3-37 will come into this wave. From what the trailers suggest, Dryden Vos in particular would not seem to fit into any of the known Solo sets coming. I'm also interested by that rumour of a small Mimban playset in which Chewbacca featured with handcuffs with an Imperial Officer and a Mudtrooper. One of the recent images to surface of 75220 depicts the RA-7 protocol droid with a muddy torso that was arguably misplaced on that figure - if 75215, 75217 and 75219 are assumed to focus on the scene(s) that take place on Vandor-1 - a snowy planet, while Mimban is swampy - during the Conveyex Heist, does this add weight to the possibility that this playset is on its way as well?
  7. Regarding the new helmet designs for rebel pilots. I do like the idea, no matter how much of an inconvenience it is to dedicated pilot collectors like myself, and hope that Lego pursue it, more for the sake of continuity and development than anything else. I will miss the old helmet mould given they were in production for as long as Star Wars has been a licensed line by Lego, but progress had to come eventually. A lot of the negative comments I have seen regarding this new thing relate to the fact that people feel the need to start again from scratch. I feel that a lot of folk are forgetting that Lego have two waves ahead of this one (Winter 2018/2019 and Spring 2019) whereby they are more or less free to create sets without the merchandise race for a new Star Wars film, something we haven't seen in a few years now. I fully anticipate a number of helmet designs will be released on this new mould in these two waves so as to further bring them to the surface and make them more common. We may not be fortunate enough to get some of the more unique designs we have had in the past on the long-standing helmet mould, but give it a while and the majority of people will have moved forward. Overall, I think the new rebel pilot helmets are a good move.
  8. Renown

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Given the fact that it would appear Lego are now pursuing a new helmet mould for rebel pilots, I am hopeful that they will swiftly begin to update pilots. Individual faces now seem more plausible as well. Dak Ralter would be a good place to start given his helmet is worn by numerous pilots on both Yavin 4 and Hoth, and a new Wedges with some individualisation would be great.
  9. Both on their way in due course. Snoke's Throne Room is due in this summer's wave whereas the Resistance Transport's expected release is as yet unconfirmed, although the sets for this year's winter wave haven't received much attention in the rumour mill yet so it is entirely possible it may appear then while The Last Jedi is still 'relevant' if you understand what I mean.
  10. Renown

    Do you buy toys other than LEGO?

    I have recently developed a bit of a thing for Black Series 6" Star Wars figure. Especially given their new face-printing technology.
  11. If someone desires more than one copy of a UCS set, and they have the disposable income with which to make a duplicate purchase, why should they be discouraged from doing so?
  12. I am not a huge fan of Beckett's face print. Just doesn't capture him that well.
  13. Regardless of its 'obscurity', it remains an iconic ship from Return of The Jedi and long overdue a revamp. I'd expect it to sell rather well given the demand for an official update of it and its association with the Original Trilogy.
  14. Seems a little steep if it is indeed a TIE Interceptor. I'd assume from the price that it will contain some relatively valuable figures.
  15. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    No matter the unlikelihood of us ever getting a genuinely convincing Mon Calamari Cruiser from LEGO, a UCS Home One would be a nice set given its iconic role as Ackbar's command ship and the location of the Endor briefing scene in Return of The Jedi. It wouldn't necessarily need much of an interior given how structurally insecure such a set would be, so long as the bridge and briefing theatre are represented in some way. UCS Home One Includes: Admiral Ackbar (updated design), Mon Mothma (updated design), Mon Calamari Bridge Officer, B-Wing Pilot and a Gray Squadron Pilot (different helmet design to 75050).
  16. Is it possible that some of these sets will be due in the winter wave rather than the summer wave? I seem to recall Sir Von Lego confirmed the Resistance Transport and V-19 Torrent would be going ahead, but did not specify when exactly they would be released. The TIE Interceptor rumour for 75221 has been claimed by some news sources to be reputed by more than one source, and slated for a June 1st release, whereas the debate of whether or not 75203 will be the Solo or Hoth playset (although both rumours seem to have nailed 75203 down to be a playset of some description) appears to be clouded in a bit more mystery. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see what we get and when.
  17. Managed to pick up the 75138 Hoth Attack on eBay for a fair price.
  18. Just picked up Yoda's Hut, a Mos Eisley Cantina and BB-8 polybag with the added bonus of double VIP points from the LEGO store online.
  19. Appreciate the feedback. It was more the fact that the Tatooine battle pack depicted a Sandcrawler in the upper right corner, and then along comes a Sandcrawler in the summer wave of this year that got me thinking. If you look at the box art of 75206, Jabba's Palace is partially cut-off much like the Sandcrawler is. There is of course a window open to re-release Jabba's Palace in this year's winter wave or at least the Easter wave of 2019, given LEGO won't be in the merchandise race for the release date of an upcoming film until late 2019. Just seems that there could potentially be a recurring theme with the box art of the battle packs, so it at least shouldn't be ruled out until there is anything that suggests otherwise. If we look at some of the more recent battle packs, the overwhelming majority of them just have a terrain surface of some description as there background, so there must be some logic to the selection of Jabba's Palace in the background of one. What that logic is will naturally be a mystery until someone can shed anymore light on it. But then again, it could just be nothing. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  20. Does anybody find it interesting that Jabba's Palace is visible in the background of 75206's packaging? Feels a bit out of place given it is a battle pack of Jedi and Clones. Considering LEGO seem to have returned to the Tatooine theme recently (a new Mos Eisley Cantina, a battle pack and a system-scale Sandcrawler on the way), is it plausible that a remake of Jabba's Palace could be coming soon, perhaps in this winter's wave? It's been 6 years since it was last released. Just a thought to consider.
  21. Thank you for sharing that. Let's hope it's indeed of some substance as the TIE Interceptor remake is long overdue in my opinion.
  22. Renown

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Would like to see an updated Imperial Scout Trooper in the near future. Perhaps with a new helmet design with the black voice transmitter (I think) in the centre below the visor, and a visor as part of the helmet rather than relying on a black head to show a visor. Would be nice to see this in some future Endor sets such as a bunker remake and maybe a speeder bike chase or something.
  23. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Seeing as UCS Cloud City is becoming more and more a realistic possibility, I have the following smaller sets to suggest to compliment it. Cloud Car - £25.99-region set Includes: Cloud Car Pilot (x2) and Bespin Guard. Bespin Battle Pack Includes: Imperial Stormtrooper (x2), Bespin Guard and Ugnaut.
  24. Often seems to be on discount at around £94.99 at some places in the UK, online particularly such as Amazon.
  25. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Can anybody confirm if 75222 will be a direct replacement for and see the retirement of 75159?