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  1. Managed to pick up the 75138 Hoth Attack on eBay for a fair price.
  2. Just picked up Yoda's Hut, a Mos Eisley Cantina and BB-8 polybag with the added bonus of double VIP points from the LEGO store online.
  3. Appreciate the feedback. It was more the fact that the Tatooine battle pack depicted a Sandcrawler in the upper right corner, and then along comes a Sandcrawler in the summer wave of this year that got me thinking. If you look at the box art of 75206, Jabba's Palace is partially cut-off much like the Sandcrawler is. There is of course a window open to re-release Jabba's Palace in this year's winter wave or at least the Easter wave of 2019, given LEGO won't be in the merchandise race for the release date of an upcoming film until late 2019. Just seems that there could potentially be a recurring theme with the box art of the battle packs, so it at least shouldn't be ruled out until there is anything that suggests otherwise. If we look at some of the more recent battle packs, the overwhelming majority of them just have a terrain surface of some description as there background, so there must be some logic to the selection of Jabba's Palace in the background of one. What that logic is will naturally be a mystery until someone can shed anymore light on it. But then again, it could just be nothing. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Does anybody find it interesting that Jabba's Palace is visible in the background of 75206's packaging? Feels a bit out of place given it is a battle pack of Jedi and Clones. Considering LEGO seem to have returned to the Tatooine theme recently (a new Mos Eisley Cantina, a battle pack and a system-scale Sandcrawler on the way), is it plausible that a remake of Jabba's Palace could be coming soon, perhaps in this winter's wave? It's been 6 years since it was last released. Just a thought to consider.
  5. Thank you for sharing that. Let's hope it's indeed of some substance as the TIE Interceptor remake is long overdue in my opinion.
  6. Renown

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Would like to see an updated Imperial Scout Trooper in the near future. Perhaps with a new helmet design with the black voice transmitter (I think) in the centre below the visor, and a visor as part of the helmet rather than relying on a black head to show a visor. Would be nice to see this in some future Endor sets such as a bunker remake and maybe a speeder bike chase or something.
  7. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Seeing as UCS Cloud City is becoming more and more a realistic possibility, I have the following smaller sets to suggest to compliment it. Cloud Car - £25.99-region set Includes: Cloud Car Pilot (x2) and Bespin Guard. Bespin Battle Pack Includes: Imperial Stormtrooper (x2), Bespin Guard and Ugnaut.
  8. Often seems to be on discount at around £94.99 at some places in the UK, online particularly such as Amazon.
  9. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Can anybody confirm if 75222 will be a direct replacement for and see the retirement of 75159?
  10. If Cloud City is essentially confirmed, what are the odds of a supplementary set at some point (perhaps towards the end of 2018) to accompany it? Does an individual Cloud Car with some relevant figures sound realistic to enhance the set, or a battle pack with some Bespin personnel?
  11. Just received a package from LEGO today - Han's Landspeeder, an Imperial Patrol Battle Pack and Vader Pod polybag. I also ordered a Jedi & Clone Battle Pack in order to total just over £50 to get the Vader polybag for free but that is currently on backorder and waiting for it to ship out. I have to say the Vader Pod really does nothing for me so given that it will accrue some value over time I think I'll hold onto it and sell it eventually.
  12. I believe the lip movements suggested he said "Bespin City" while it was censored over. Probably an attempt to be a bit obscure and to confuse those who don't know Cloud City is on the planet Bespin.
  13. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I agree with your sentiments. Given the rumours of the V-19 Torrent re-release have gathered some weight now, I fully anticipate a Republic Gunship and AT-TE to be coming in the near future. A Dropship and AT-TE would be even better as a UCS. Would also like to see a system-scale Venator and again, given the popularity of the ship, can see it coming in the future after the First Order Star Destroyer is retired, before we see another system-scale Imperial Star Destroyer be released again. A Star Wars minifigure series, however unlikely it may come to fruition, would also be nice. In an ideal world, I'd like to see a handful of series released. Each would consist of 16 minifigures and feature those characters that are not necessarily noteworthy enough to warrant appearing in a set, as a means of having them represented in minifigure form still. One could focus on the Original Trilogy, another on the Prequels, one on the Clone Wars, one on the Legends Expanded Universe, and another on the new Disney canon. The Original Trilogy series would give us access to some cantina patrons and Imperial officers from Episode 4, as well as some Rebel personnel and a couple of Palpatine's aides from Return of the Jedi. The only minifigure I feel we haven't seen that we need see is Zuckuss from Episode 5, but I have a feeling LEGO will one day stick him in a set somewhere given how popular the character is. As for the Prequel Trilogy, some Senators, Separatist Council members and some lesser-known Jedi Knights as well as Naboo characters. The Clone Wars series would just cover popular characters that we've not yet seen and perhaps update a number of Clone Wars-themed characters that haven't been re-released without those traumatising animated faces. The Legends series would involve a variety of significant characters from Legends who are unfortunately no longer canon but did not feature in any films either; speaking of being canon, the Disney canon series would feature characters from the Sequel Trilogy, Rogue One etc.. On another note, here is a slightly more realistic possibility I'd like to see. Hammerhead Corvette Would include the following figures: Captain Kado Oquoné, Mon Calamari Officer (white), Rebel Fleet Pilot (tan uniform like Oquoné/Captain Antilles), Rebel Fleet Trooper and finally the unnamed Red Twelve (the moustached pilot in the Battle of Scarif who speaks more than once and has a really fascinating helmet design).
  14. Apologies if this has already been mentioned or is otherwise ruled out, but it appears Slave I has been sighted in the latest Solo trailer: Given the leaked Boba Fett minifigure not so long ago, is it possible that an updated system-scale Slave I could be in amongst the Summer wave with the remaining Solo sets? Seems a pretty perfect opportunity to do so, seeing as there hasn't been a non-UCS Slave I since 8097 in 2010.
  15. Looking forward to this. Suppose it gives 75206 a bit of purpose in providing Clone Troopers, seeing as there would be no other relevant sets out this year aside from 75214. Just a thought - given the release cycle of previous Republic Gunships and AT-TEs (2002/2003, then 2008, then 2013 - roughly every 5 years or so), and given that LEGO seem to be returning to the Clone Wars theme a bit with 75214 too, is it plausible we could maybe see them in the not so distant future? Winter wave perhaps, seeing as LEGO won't be chasing a new film's release until late 2019?
  16. Managed to grab Krennic's Shuttle for just under £60 on Amazon, and a MISB Resistance Transport and Poe's X-Wing from a Facebook selling group for £36 and £55 respectively. Not done too badly in the last week.
  17. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Some more ideas I have dreamt up for years to come. Some of them I have already shared in this thread but have made some modifications to the minifigure selection and simplified them down; others are simply re-releases of sets in previous years with some alterations. SEQUEL TRILOGY SET IDEAS UCS D'Qar Resistance Base Minifigures: General Leia Organa, Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Poe Dameron [flight suit], C-3PO [red arm], R2-D2, BB-8, Admiral Ackbar, Admiral Statura, Major Kalonia, Lieutenant Connix, Bastian [flight suit], Vober Dand, Resistance Junior Officer, Resistance Trooper (x2; one male; one female), Resistance Ground Crewman, R2-KT. First Order Dreadnought Minifigures: Captain Canady, First Order Officer, First Order Warrant Officer, First Order Gunner, First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant, First Order Stormtrooper. The Raddus Minifigures: Admiral Ackbar, Finn [medical suit], Commander D'Acy, Resistance Junior Officer, Resistance Trooper, PZ-4C0. Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle (re-release; modified wings that are movie-accurate) Minifigures: Kylo Ren, General Hux, Lieutenant Mitaka, First Order Shuttle Pilot, First Order Stormtrooper Officer, First Order Stormtrooper. The Ninka Minifigures: Vice Admiral Holdo, Major Cicer, Captain Namit, Resistance Junior Officer, Resistance Bomber Crewman. First Order Transport (re-release; longer troop compartment so that it looks less blocky) Minifigures: First Order Special Forces TIE Pilot, First Order Heavy Artillery Stormtrooper, First Order Stormtrooper (x2), Jakku Villager (x2; one male; one female). Resistance X-Wing (re-release; considering the vast numbers of them in the canon) Minifigures: Nien Nunb, Jessika Pava, RP-G0, R0-4L0. Canto Bight Escape Minifigures: Finn, Rose Tico, Temiri Blagg, Canto Bight Police Officer (x2). Resistance Lifeboat Minifigures: General Leia Organa, C-3PO, Lieutenant Connix, Pamich Goode, Resistance Trooper. Resistance A-Wing (blue livery to match standard X-Wings and the Bomber) Minifigures: Ronith Blario, C'ai Threnrali, Bollie Prindel. A NEW HOPE SET IDEAS UCS Yavin 4 Rebel Base Minifigures: Luke Skywalker [ceremony], Princess Leia [ceremony], Han Solo [ceremony], Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2 [battle damaged], General Dodonna, Garven Dreis, Yavin 4 Rebel Pilot (x2), Rebel Communications Officer (x2), Rebel Honor Guard (x2), Rebel Fleet Trooper (x2), Rebel Ground Crewman (x2), R5-K6, R4-M9. Imperial Star Destroyer Minifigures: Darth Vader, Commander Praji, Imperial Crewman, Imperial Stormtrooper (x2), R2-Q2, Mouse Droid. Tantive IV Minifigures: Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, C-3PO, R2-D2, Rebel Fleet Trooper (x2). Darth Vader's TIE Advanced Minifigures: Darth Vader, Admiral Motti, Death Star Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK SET IDEAS UCS Super Star Destroyer Minifigures: Darth Vader, Admiral Ozzel, Captain Piett, Boba Fett, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Imperial Navy Trooper, Imperial Crewman, Imperial Stormtrooper (x2). Imperial AT-AT Minifigures: General Veers [armoured], Imperial AT-AT Driver, Imperial Snowtrooper (x2), Hoth Rebel Officer, Hoth Rebel Trooper. Imperial TIE Bomber Minifigures: Captain Needa, Zuckuss, Imperial TIE Pilot, Imperial Stormtrooper. Defence of Hoth Minifigures: Luke Skywalker [rebel pilot], Dak Ralter, Hoth Rebel Trooper (x2), Imperial Snowtrooper. RETURN OF THE JEDI SET IDEAS Jabba's Palace Minifigures: Jabba The Hutt, Han Solo [carbonite], Princess Leia [bounty hunter disguise], Bib Fortuna, EV-9D9, Gamorrean Guard. Jabba's Sail Barge Minifigures: Jabba The Hutt, Princess Leia [slave], R2-D2 [with drinks bar], Tessek, Klaatu, Vizam. Battle of Endor Minifigures: Han Solo [Endor], Princess Leia [Endor], R2-D2, Rebel Commando, Chief Chirpa, Wicket, Colonel Dyer, Imperial Navy Trooper, Imperial Scout Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper. B-Wing Starfighter Minifigures: General Madine, Mon Calamari Officer [brown], Ten Numb, Palso Thern. Rancor Pit Minifigures: Luke Skywalker [Jabba's Palace], Oola, Malakili, Gamorrean Guard. Imperial TIE Interceptor Minifigures: Moff Jerjerrod, Death Star Trooper, Imperial TIE Pilot. Imperial AT-ST Walker Minifigures: Chewbacca, Widdle, Wunka, Imperial AT-ST Pilot. Ewok Attack (re-release; updated and bigger version of 7956) Minifigures: Logray, Teebo, Imperial Scout Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper. Speeder Bike Chase Minifigures: Luke Skywalker [Endor], Princess Leia [Endor], Paploo, Imperial Scout Trooper. ROGUE ONE SET IDEAS Imperial AT-ACT Walker Minifigures: Baze Malbus, Sergeant Melshi, Rebel Commando, Imperial AT-ACT Driver, Imperial Shoretrooper, Imperial Stormtrooper. Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 Minifigures: Bodhi Rook, Chirrut Imwe, Rebel Commando, Imperial Shoretrooper Captain, Imperial Stormtrooper. Scarif Citadel Tower Minifigures: Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, K2-SO, Director Krennic, General Ramda, Imperial Deathtrooper Specialist. Blue Squadron X-Wing Minifigures: Mon Mothma, General Draven, Mon Calamari Officer [white], Jaldine Gerams, R2-M80. REVENGE OF THE SITH SET IDEAS Republic UT-AT Minifigures: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Commander Bacara [Phase II], Galactic Marine [Phase II] (x2), Super Battle Droid (x2). Republic AT-OT Minifigures: Aayla Secura, Commander Bly [Phase II], 327th Star Corps Clone Trooper [Phase II] (x2), Battle Droid (x2). ARC-170 Starfighter Minifigures: Plo Koon, Captain Jag [Phase II], Clone Pilot [Phase II] (x2), Astromech Droid. Utapau Chase Minifigures: Obi Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Commander Cody [Phase II], 212th Battalion Airborne Clone Trooper, Magna Guard. Bail Organa's Airspeeder Minifigures: Bail Organa, Zett Jukassa, 501st Clone Trooper [Phase II] (x2). Senate Duel Minifigures: Emperor Palpatine, Yoda, Shocktrooper [Phase II] (x2). ATTACK OF THE CLONE SET IDEAS Republic Dropship and AT-TE Minifigures: Kit Fisto, Clone Captain [Phase I], Clone Pilot [Phase I] (x2), Clone Trooper [Phase I], Super Battle Droid (x2). Republic Gunship (re-release; updated version of 75021 given its popularity) Minifigures: Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Clone Pilot [Phase I], Clone Trooper [Phase I], Geonosis Battle Droid (x2). Republic SPHA-T Minifigures: Yoda, Clone Commander [Phase I], Clone Trooper [Phase I] (x2), Geonosis Battle Droid (x2). Jango Fett's Slave I Minifigures: Obi Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett, Boba Fett [young], Lama Su. Coruscant Speeder Chase Minifigures: Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Zam Wesell. THE PHANTOM MENACE SET IDEAS Trade Federation Control Ship Minifigures: Obi Wan Kenobi, Daultay Dofine, Tey How, Battle Droid Commander, Security Droid (x2). Trade Federation Landing Craft Minifigures: Qui Gon Jinn, Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Battle Droid Commander, Pilot Droid, Battle Droid (x2). Naboo Starfighter Minifigures: Anakin Skywalker [young], R2-D2, Naboo Starfighter Pilot, Naboo Royal Guard, Security Droid (x2). Gungan Army Assault Minifigures: Jar Jar Binks, Captain Tarpals, Gungan Warrior, Battle Droid (x2). Also includes two Kaadu and one Fambaa. Trade Federation AAT Minifigures: Gungan Warrior, Battle Droid Commander, Pilot Droid, Battle Droid. Naboo Gian Speeder Minifigures: Naboo Security Guard, Naboo Royal Guard, Battle Droid (x2). THE CLONE WARS SET IDEAS Venator-class Star Destroyer Minifigures: Anakin Skywalker, Admiral Yularen, Captain Rex [Phase I], Clone Navy Officer, Clone Gunner [Phase I], Clone Trooper [Phase I]. Y-Wing Bomber (red livery as opposed to the golden yellow released in 2009) Minifigures: Clone Pilot [Phase I], Clone Gunner [Phase I], Astromech Droid. V-19 Torrent Minifigures: Ahsoka Tano, Clone Pilot [Phase I], Clone Trooper [Phase I]. BATTLE PACK IDEAS Mos Eisley Battle Pack Minifigures: Ponda Baba, Dr Evazan, Imperial Sandtrooper [orange pauldron], Imperial Sandtrooper [black pauldron]. Yavin 4 Rebels Battle Pack Minifigures: Rebel Communications Officer, Rebel Fleet Trooper (x2), Rebel Ground Crewman. Imperial Trooper Battle Pack Minifigures: Lieutenant Venka, Lieutenant Renz, Imperial Stormtrooper (x2). Rebel Pilots Battle Pack Minifigures: Davish Krail, Keyan Farlander, Norra Wexley, Sila Kott. Jabba's Henchmen Battle Pack Minifigures: Pagetti Rook, Nysad, Gamorrean Guard (x2). Endor Rebels Battle Pack Minifigures: Rebel Commando (x2), Romba, Nanta. Clone Specialists Battle Pack Minifigures: 501st Legion Clone Trooper [Phase II], Shocktrooper [Phase II], Galactic Marine [Phase II], 327th Star Corps Clone Trooper [Phase II]. Naboo Battle Pack Minifigures: Naboo Security Officer, Naboo Royal Guard (x2), Gungan Warrior. POLYBAG IDEAS General Tagge, Garindan, Lyn Me, Imperial Stormtrooper Officer [Expanded Universe], Boss Nass, ARC Trooper Echo, Clone Commander Deviss [Phase II], Clone Commander Doom [Phase II], Clone Commander Fox [Phase II], Clone Commando Gregor [Phase I], Clone Commando Boss [Phase I].
  18. Stab in the dark, but possibly 75221? Would make sense for it to be a sizeable set if 75220 is a Sandcrawler in the 100+ price range, as we got both the First Order Star Destroyer and AT-M6 in last year's wave around August/September time. Just a thought.
  19. Sincerely hope one of the codenamed Solo sets for the summer wave is that new variation of TIE fighter we saw in the trailer. Looked like it had a sidecar or something attached, but it was probably more of bomb bay - perhaps a canonical predecessor to the TIE Bomber? Only thing I can see being in the way of such an idea would be having two similar TIEs available at the same time given 75211 will be released in April. As a side note, shame it seems no more Last Jedi sets due in the summer wave (other than Snoke's Throne Room) as I was really holding out hope for a Resistance A-Wing and the escape transport, but they may come in the wave at the end of the year.
  20. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I agree with the ideas of a number of previous posters and have some of my own I would like to contribute. Some of them are centred around The Last Jedi, so out of respect to those who have yet to see the film, there aren't any spoilers. Yavin 4 Rebel Base An iconic setting in A New Hope that I imagine would sell incredibly well, and I am genuinely surprised that LEGO hasn't cashed in on the idea yet, seeing as it appears to be such a recurring suggestion throughout this discussion thread. We know from a magazine many years ago that there was a prototype of sorts constructed, but sadly it didn't hit shelves. Features: a control room where Leia can theoretically observe the ongoing Battle of Yavin, a briefing room with a seating area that would allow Dodonna to brief pilots prior to their mission, the ceremonial hall whereby Luke and Han can be presented with their medals, with enough stud space for a handful of minifigures to stand in front of the raised platform, and a hangar bay at ground level. I would love it if there was enough room to fit the 75172 Y-Wing or upcoming 75218 X-Wing, just for the display factor, but it is not an essential, so long as the play feature is there to pose figures and whatnot. Minifigures would include: Luke Skywalker (ceremonial jacket with his medal), Princess Leia (ceremonial gown), Han Solo (standard smuggling outfit with his medal), General Dodonna, Garven Dreis (rebel pilot uniform with his unique helmet), a Rebel Honor Guard (with a staff thingy to compliment him), a Rebel Trooper, and R5-K6 (Red Leader's astromech droid). This would allow for a number of exclusive minifigures, namely Dodonna, Red Leader and the Honor Guard, and of course this set can be complimented by a battle pack suggestion that I will get to. The Raddus Features: a command bridge towards the front of the interior, with a command chair for Ackbar at the front, and a hologram table and a couple of hologram screens either side of the bridge for other minifigures to stand at, with a briefing room towards the rear of the vessel, whereby the Resistance personnel can be briefed of the ongoing situation. In between these two major play areas, the medical room where Finn receives treatment from the injuries he sustained in The Force Awakens would split them, with a corridor on either the left or right of this area providing access to both the command bridge and the briefing room, and an entrance to the medical room. I feel an inside hangar would be a wasted feature, seeing as the only thing I can imagine be able to fit, even at a push, would be an A-Wing, and that would take up a significant amount of room. Minifigures would include: Finn (in his medical suit condition), Admiral Ackbar (in the uniform we saw him in in The Last Jedi, which is different to that of The Force Awakens), Commander D'Acy (in her Resistance commander uniform), a Resistance Crewman (not as in a ground crewman, I mean one of the personnel we saw on the bridge of the ship - not a trooper, but sort of an enlisted rank), a Resistance Trooper (a generic Last Jedi Resistance Trooper, of which we have seen several), and PZ-4CO. I feel that it would be a good set choice to get a minifigure of Finn in his medical suit, seeing as, as far as I can remember, he only wears it onboard the Raddus. Admiral Ackbar would also be essential to this set in my view, seeing as he is seemingly the commanding officer. This set would also be a great opportunity to get Commander D'Acy (the female Resistance commander who featured across the film). PZ-4CO would also be a welcome minifigure exclusive to this set, but obviously the Resistance Trooper and to a degree, the Resistance Crewman, wouldn't be exclusive to this set. Tantive IV It is approaching ten years since the last Tantive IV was released, and even though the Tantive IV itself doesn't feature that much in Star Wars, the opening scene is not only iconic but the CR90 Corvette design features prominently throughout the Original Trilogy, with an appearance in Revenge of The Sith too. Features: a forward cockpit with space to fit two minifigures to sit down and a space in between the seating for another minifigure to stand. The main 'bulk' of the ship would be an updated control desk that was seen in the 2009 release of the Tantive IV, but with a bit more manoeuvrability for figures. An entrance hatch could also feature towards the rear of the ship in order to re-enact the scene where the Stormtroopers begin their attack on the Tantive IV. Minifigures would include: Princess Leia (in her white dress seen in the opening of A New Hope), C-3PO (with a silver left leg to try and maintain accuracy to the film), R2-D2 (same old, nothing new), Captain Antilles (same sort of outfit seen in the 2009 Tantive IV, but updated), and two Rebel Troopers (the variation seen in the opening scene of A New Hope as well as on Yavin 4 and in Rogue One). I felt like maybe an Imperial Officer (Commander Praji in particular, as he would offer a new rank insignia on his torso) would be a welcome addition along with another generic Imperial Stormtrooper, but I felt six minifigures would be sufficient for the Tantive IV and its sort of price range. The inclusion of Captain Antilles and the two Rebel Troopers are pretty essential in my view, considering neither have had a minifigure released since 2009, and their importance to the opening scene of A New Hope. First Order Dreadnought This new ship from The Last Jedi would compliment the 75190 First Order Star Destroyer perfectly and expand the First Order fleet in LEGO sets. Features: two orbital bombardment cannons on the underside of the ship, as per the ship's design, and inside the ship underneath the flat surfaced hull, a command bridge with room to pose minifigures at several command stations. On the flat surfaced hull of the ship, a number of small anti-aircraft cannons would feature in order to remain as true to the film as possible. In the centre of the flat surface would be the spherical dip in the hull (presumably it was a docking station for another Star Destroyer?). Minifigures would include: Captain Canady (in his First Order Captain tunic, minus a hat and with a hair piece instead), a Female First Order Officer (in a similar uniform to Canady but with the hat, as seen in the film), a First Order Warrant Officer (black tunic with black hair piece instead of a hat or helmet, as per most bridge crew on First Order capital ships), a First Order Gunner (black uniform with the Gunner's helmet, as seen in several previous sets), a First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant (new helmet design with a black pauldron), and a First Order Stormtrooper (new helmet design, but otherwise a plain old First Order Stormtrooper). This selection of the first three minifigures would allow for a fairly accurate recreation of the scene in The Last Jedi in which the dreadnought features, and for once, the First Order Gunner would be an appropriate minifigure to include given that one is actually seen aboard the Dreadnought, rather than just a throwaway minifigure seen in the battle packs and sets such as 75104. AT-ACT Personally, I am dying to see this get released and keep the Rogue One sets ticking over. I sincerely hope LEGO don't stop with the Rogue One subtheme, considering how many potential sets there are. I would expect this to be released upon the retirement of the First Order Heavy Walker, so to avoid two walkers being available at the same time. Features: pretty much the same design as the 75054 AT-AT, with the main hold of course being substituted for the orange cargo blocks, and maybe an enhanced exterior design to try and fulfill movie accuracy. The cockpit would have space for the sole driver to sit and pilot the vehicle, with no interior room to hold minifigures due to the orange cargo replacing the troop hold area. Minifigures would include: Baze Malbus (in the outfit he wears throughout Rogue One, with a rocket launcher), Sergeant Melshi (in his commando uniform but with the helmet/hat with his goggles over the front of them), a Rebel Commando (no big deal if it is a minifigure that has previously been released in one of the Rogue One sets, so long as they appear to be a reasonable representation of one of the commandos that featured in the Battle of Scarif), an AT-ACT Driver (same helmet design as the Shoretrooper, but in white as per the driver uniform), a Shoretrooper (generic Shoretrooper as was featured in the now-retired 75171 Battle of Scarif), and an Imperial Stormtrooper (same edition we have seen since 2014). Baze is fairly essential to this set seeing as he is the one that fires the rocket launcher at the cockpit of the walker in the film, this set would also be a good opportunity to get Sergeant Melshi (who, considering all of the various Rebel Commandos LEGO have released, I am surprised has not yet featured) as well as another Rebel Commando. The AT-ACT Driver would be exclusive to this set, and the Shoretrooper and Stormtrooper compliment the AT-ACT nicely as the Imperial ground forces walking alongside the walkers. THE CORVUS Despite the overly negative reception of Battlefront 2 (I don't mind it personally), I would like to see The Corvus captured in a LEGO set much like 2008 saw Rogue Shadow for the now non-canon Force Unleashed video game. Features: an interior section with a command bridge that would feature some crew pits on either side, a walkway to the front of the vessel, and a hologram table that Inferno Squad are frequently seen conferring around. Minifigures would include: Commander Versio (in her Imperial Inferno Squad uniform, similar to that of the TIE Pilot), and Agents Meeko and Hask (wearing the same Inferno Squad uniform as Iden), and Admiral Versio (same white torso with rank insignia and black legs as Director Krennic from 75156, but with a black Imperial Officers' hat like that worn by the Imperial Crewmen/Technicians), and an Imperial Crewman (no different to the one that features in the 75134 Galactic Empire Battle Pack). Rather than just release a battle pack featuring Inferno Squad, I feel like having a set of The Corvus would give them more of a suitable environment in which to be posed. Even if it was to be the only Battlefront 2-related LEGO set we got, I think it is the best bet. IMPERIAL TIE BOMBER I have lost track of how many years it has been since the release of the last TIE Bomber, but it is more than overdue. I have seen images of peoples' MOCs on the internet and some of them are stunning. Features: a cockpit for the TIE Pilot to sit in, and adjacent to it would be the bomb hold for the old Bionicle balls that we saw appear in the Resistance Bomber set. Some flick missiles perhaps could be well integrated into the main cockpit of the ship. Minifigures would include: Admiral Ozzel (an updated Imperial Admiral's torso in grey, much like that of Admiral Piett in the UCS Super Star Destroyer, with grey legs and a grey hat to match), an Imperial Technician (same as has featured in the 75134 Galactic Empire Battle Pack), a TIE Pilot (same design as the upcoming 75211 TIE Fighter I would expect), and an Imperial Stormtrooper (same design as we have seen since 2014). Being exclusive to The Empire Strikes Back in the films, the set would offer a fantastic chance to get a minifigure of the infamous Admiral Ozzel, and then the Technician could add to the crew of a Star Destroyer or the Death Star, while the TIE Pilot is necessary for the set. The Stormtrooper wouldn't be any harm, as it would add to an Imperial army. IMPERIAL TIE INTERCEPTOR Another iconic TIE is the TIE Interceptor that featured heavily in the Battle of Endor in Return of The Jedi. I remember having the 2006 TIE Interceptor but I think, much like the TIE Bomber, it is deserving of an upgrade. It would ideally be kept to scale with the new Imperial TIE Fighter that LEGO are due to release as part of the April wave. Features: a cockpit for the TIE Pilot to sit in, and flick missiles could be integrated into the main cockpit of the ship similar to TIEs in previous years. Minifigures would include: a Death Star Trooper (same as the 2016 re-release of the Death Star), a TIE Pilot (exactly the same as the 75211 TIE Fighter looks), and a Scout Trooper (same as two that featured in the Ewok Village). While the TIE Pilot is essential, the Death Star Trooper and the Scout Trooper compliment the set well given the context of the TIE Interceptors and the Battle of Endor. It would also allow for the two figures to feature in a relatively affordable set. RESISTANCE A-WING Seeing as we recently got a Resistance A-Wing microfighter, I think a system scale version would be well received and allow expansion of the Resistance fleet (seeing as we now have Black One, the Resistance Bomber, and the generic Resistance X-Wing). It would blue in its livery, to contrast the green and red A-Wings we have seen over the years. This could perhaps be a direct replacement for the current A-Wing that is available when it comes to retirement. Features: a cockpit for the pilot to sit in, and flick missiles could be integrated somewhere into the design. Minifigures would include: Tallie Lintra (same as in the microfighter), C'ai Threnalli (same generic resistance pilot uniform seen in 75102), and Bollie Prindel (new design completely, but in accordance with his appearance in the films). The set would offer a means of acquiring Tallie without having to purchase the microfighter double pack, as well as give C'ai Threnalli (Poe's friend, the supporting Abednedo), and Bollie Prindel would be a fine addition to the Resistance's ground crew, considering Goss Toowers appeared in 75102. MOS EISLEY BATTLE PACK This would offer access to some of the cantina patrons that featured in the iconic scene from A New Hope. I personally think it would fly off the shelves. Features: a small cantina booth similar to the one seen in the 75205 Mos Eisley Cantina re-release. Minifigures would include: Ponda Baba, Dr Evazan, Garindan and Momaw Nadon (same Hammerhead headpiece featured in another set). Three cantina patrons and the Imperial spy who tipped off the Sandtroopers. People would finally get a Ponda Baba and Dr Evazan minifigure, allowing them to recreate 'that' cantina scene. YAVIN IV BATTLE PACK As mentioned earlier, this would compliment the Yavin IV Rebel Base. Features: a Rebel Transport Speeder like the ones frequently seen in the base ferrying pilots to their fighters and other personnel around the base. This would have some substance as opposed to some irrelevant little build that we have gradually started to see in battle packs. Minifigures would include: Davish "Pops" Krail (rebel pilot uniform with his helmet design), a Rebel Communications Officer, a Rebel Honor Guard (in addition to the one suggested in the Yavin IV Rebel Base), and a Rebel Trooper. Although three of the figures can be bought in multiples, the inclusion of a named pilot is not too harmful, as it is similar to the inclusion of Zev Senesca in the Hoth battle pack in 2010ish. This offers a perfect means of expanding the Yavin IV base in my suggestion.