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  1. I follow now. Interesting.
  2. Endor-themed? It feels like so long...
  3. Sounds like the same figure I tried to describe yesterday, hopefully now everyone can see what I meant.
  4. This was an image of one of the individual figures, rather than the blurred, preliminary images that leaked a few days ago.
  5. Somebody I know has shown me one of the Inferno Squad agents. Looking at a promotional image of Iden, Meeko and Hask, it looks most like Hask with the 'belt' across his chest piece. It's a pretty nice figure. Eyepieces on the helmet are quite a vibrant red, at least from the image, and don't look all that translucent for want of a better word. No idea what the headpiece is beneath the helmet, could be angry clone, could be an individual face. Doesn't have any life support pack or hoses on the torso piece/helmet, like the Hasbro Black Series 6" figure for example does. I imagine an image of it will be out there in the open quite soon. Not wishing to come across as somebody with exclusive access or anything, just reporting on what I have seen. Hopefully everyone else will have seen it before long.
  6. 4+ X-Wing looks decent, was hoping for a more generic rebel pilot (perhaps blue starbird helmet), but looks like it is Luke given the lightsaber on the box, unless that is just a placeholder. The side-build for the stormtrooper is also intriguing, looks like some sort of anti-starfighter turret.
  7. Looks like it is intended to be a microfighter of sorts with a Bespin Guard.
  8. Looks like the bomber pilot included in 75188 to me.
  9. Renown

    [BrickFilm] The Journey of a Soldier

    Thoroughly enjoyable.
  10. Seem to recall 75241 was previously said to have been $60 and 504 pieces (not sure if that is still the case). With the minifigure selection in mind and the price point and piece count, how plausible is it that it could be a rebel transport?
  11. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Seeing as Lego now appear to be pushing the dual-pack micro-fighters with the Dewback and Escape Pod coming soon, I would quite like to see some similar sets. One that immediately springs to mind would be Endor-themed with an AT-ST and Ewok Catapult, including an AT-ST Pilot and either Keoulkeech or Stemzee.
  12. Quite like the look of the AAT driver droids, can remember wishing for them when I saw Season 1 of The Clone Wars 10 years ago (that has flown over when I think about it). Slightly disappointed that it is a Kashyyyk themed AT-AP, had also expected for a Clone Wars or Felucia themed one to be in the works. Interesting that the AAT drivers are in amongst the leaked figures, though, unless that indicates another set we aren't aware of yet. It has been nearly 10 years since a Clone Wars-themed AAT was released...
  14. Picked up 2x 75218 X-Wings and the 75221 Imperial Landing Craft in the Amazon reductions.
  15. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Part of me sincerely hopes and part of me sincerely expects one of the rumoured anniversary special sets, given the price points and considerable length of absence, to be a speeder bike chase with updated Endor Luke and some updated Scout Troopers with accurate helmets.
  16. Finch Dallow looks nice enough to persuade me to keep a hold of my Resistance Bomber, was considering selling it. Wouldn't be too surprised if it is a dual microfighter set with the dreadnought as its opponent for example, would be nice to see Captain Canady in minifigure form.
  17. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Yavin 4 is a definite possibility, I agree. Especially seeing as it has already previously been in the works and now with the new rebel pilot helmet moulds, what better way to distribute some more individual helmet prints? Although I would still be happy if we got a red leader polybag.
  18. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Would personally like to see either a snowspeeder with updated canopy piece to accommodate the new helmet mould or finally a GR-75 medium transport, which could include Wedge, Hobbie and an assortment of Hoth Rebel troopers and Snowtroopers.
  19. Interesting that the list suggests Porkins will feature in an X-Wing microfighter in the next wave. Hopefully this marks the start of releasing new rebel pilot helmets on the new mould. Suppose Porkins isn't too bad a place to start given his, erm, 'cultural significance' and the fact that his helmet design was worn by at least one other pilot in Rogue One, Vangos Grek, and I'm fairly certain it can be seen at Hoth as well.
  20. It goes without saying that some of these 'vintage' themed sets will go flying off the shelves. I imagine they will look stunning in stores and am very happy to see LEGO doing something like this to mark the occasion. Can't believe I am saying this, but I may even buy a duplicate of one of these sets purely for the display value of the sealed box.
  21. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Potential speeder bike chase?
  22. Managed to build one of the new X-Wings that I picked up recently. Very satisfied with the overall quality of the build and its aesthetic value on display. Definitely one to buy multiples of (once it is reduced of course).
  23. Took advantage of the Argos 3 for 2 and picked up the AT-Hauler and two 75218 X-Wings. Looking forward to picking them up in a few days.
  24. Managed to get 9516 Jabba's Palace, 75005 Rancor Pit, 75020 Jabba's Sail Barge and 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina from a friend for a cracking deal.