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  1. Just to clarify, do we know yet for sure if we are expecting a 75260 at Easter, and if we are, is it in with the rest of the 20th Anniversary sets? Just seems a bit odd for it to be missed out.
  2. On a separate note, if we know Force Friday is taking place the first week of October this year, and on the basis that it is therefore logical to assume that this will be when the first phase of Episode IX sets are released, do we have any knowledge yet if we are expecting a 'summer wave' at some point between the upcoming April wave, May 4th and Force Friday in October?
  3. I see the same attitude with Hasbro collectors, particularly with the Black Series and Vintage Collection lines.
  4. I was personally expecting a modern iteration of each. Particularly given the piece counts of the five 20th Anniversary sets, and the long overdue Endor Luke and Biker Scout helmet mould update, without wishing to appear purely speculative, I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of those sets was something of a re-release of 7128 from 1999.
  5. What a way to reclaim that market.
  6. Picked up 75251 Vader's Castle, 75204 Sandspeeder and an additional Imperial Patrol battle pack before it is retired on S@H.
  7. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Given the, on the whole, positive response to 75229, I wonder if Lego could pursue further renditions of iconic scenes from the Death Star. Three that immediately spring to mind would be the conference scene, the overbridge and the detention centre shootout. The conference could include Vader, Tarkin, Admiral Motti and a Death Star Trooper, all of which would be relevant to the set and make them more widely available as minifigures, although in terms of potential play features for a conference scene set I am not too sure. The overbridge could include Leia, Vader, Tarkin and Chief Bast, and the detention centre shootout could include Han in stormtrooper disguise, Leia, Lieutenant Childsen and/or a Stormtrooper. Just a few ideas I thought were worth putting out there, I think creating small playsets of iconic scenes such as those would be quite good and allow children who are perhaps priced out of 75159 to replicate some Death Star scenes in the form of much smaller and more affordable playsets.
  8. Renown

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Have also been quite surprised at the lack of a Last Jedi Leia. In spite of some other areas of the film that weren't too good, I really loved Leia's story in the film and thought it was a good way for her to go out. In terms of the sets that could include her, I am thinking either the Raddus in the form of a large ship or small playset in some way such as the dorsal bridge or the ventral bridge's briefing chamber, or the lifeboat. The Raddus-themed set would hopefully be her costume from the first act. I think in either form of set, it would be a good opportunity to also include Commander D'Acy. Was also very fond of her in the film. The lifeboat would only really make sense to include her Crait outfit.
  9. I'm looking at the UK site. Interesting that so many appear to be retiring soon here.
  10. Have just checked the official site's online store and I am quite surprised at the sheer volume of sets that are listed as retiring soon. Excluding the Snowspeeder, I have counted 26 sets that have 'retiring soon' on their listing. Without wishing to seem speculative, can anyone shed any light as to whether or not this is indicative of an excess of new sets for the 20th anniversary, or just a case of LEGO removing sets from availability so as to try and decrease the number of sets available and discontinue some of the poorer sellers? It's the fact that some of them are as new as the April 2018 wave that is so surprising.
  11. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Many thanks for your input. I am desperate for some Endor-themed sets, purely for the possibility of getting a new scout trooper helmet. I do agree with regards to Bail Organa and Mas Amedda, but just not too sure about their feasibility for this sort of price range; it would be pretty monumental getting them in the same set. Stranger things have happened, though. Part of me, to some extent at least, would like updated P2 shocktroopers more than them, purely for the army building potential. I wonder which of the two options are more likely to drive up sales of the set, and also, where else would we be able to acquire the shocktroopers? I can only really think of a remake of Palpatine's shuttle from the end of Revenge of The Sith. Were it to be a higher price point, though, I absolutely concur that Bail Organa and Mas Amedda would be better fitted to a set like this so that it could be more like Palpatine's office duel with respect to more desired minifigures finally being released. When I think about it, if the set is likely to be released at all, I think they'd probably actually make it a bigger set and include more sought after minifigures. Funny you should say that about Padme. When I was trying to picture it in my head, it was the loyalist committee outfit I had in my head, I've got no idea why I wrote 'bedroom outfit' because, on second thought, I'm fairly certain she just wears a night garment. I really ought to rewatch AOTC, although not too sure I will be able to last that far into the film.
  12. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Have sat down and devised what my optimal choices would be for the 1HY wave, given it is the 20th anniversary, I am anticipating some fan service, but I've tried to keep it realistic. These would be my ideal, given what we know so far with regards to set numbers, price points and piece counts, as well as a few personal preferences. 75227 Resistance Bomber vs Dreadnought (Microfighter Dual Pack) Includes: Finch Dallow and Captain Canady. 75231 501st Legion Troopers (Battle Pack) Includes: ARC Trooper Echo, ARC Trooper Fives, 501st Airborne Trooper [Phase II] and 501st Legion Clone Trooper [Phase II]. 75232 Mos Eisley Patrons (Battle Pack) Includes: Ponda Baba, Dr Evazan, Hammerhead and Snaggletooth. 75238 Escape from The Beast's Pit (Small Playset) Includes: Chewbacca [Mimban], Imperial Swamptrooper (breathing mask and goggles) and Mimban Stormtrooper (ammo pouch/bandolier across torso). 75239 Jabba's Droid Dungeon (Small Playset) Includes: C-3PO (green goo on face), R2-D2, Gamorrean Guard, EV-9D9 and 8D8. 75240 Imperial TIE Interceptor (Villain Medium Ship Set - May 4th) Includes: Moff Jerjerrod, Imperial TIE Pilot and Death Star Trooper. 75241 Defence of Hoth (Large Playset) Includes: Hoth Rebel Trooper (x3 - various facial expressions) and Imperial Snowtrooper. 75242 Resistance A-Wing Fighter (Hero Small Ship Set) Includes: C'ai Threnalli, A-Wing Pilot (Ronith Blario) and Resistance Officer (Captain Geno Namit). 75243 Boba Fett's Slave I (Large Ship Set) Includes: Boba Fett [Empire Strikes Back], Zuckuss, Bespin Wing Guard (Sergeant Edian) and Ugnaught (new variant). 75258 Senate Chamber Duel (Small Playset - 20th Anniversary) Includes: Master Yoda, Emperor Palpatine and Clone Shocktrooper [Phase II] (x2). 75259 Coruscant Airspeeder Chase (Small Ship Set - 20th Anniversary) Includes: Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala (Coruscant bedroom outfit) and Zam Wessell. 75260 Snowspeeder (Small Ship Set - 20th Anniversary) Includes: Snowspeeder Pilot (plain red helmet insignia), Snowspeeder Pilot (plain blue helmet insignia) and Hoth Ground Technician. 75261 Ewok Tree Attack (Small Playset - 20th Anniversary) Includes: Leektar, Stemzee, Imperial Officer (plain black uniform) and Imperial Stormtrooper (new helmet mould). 75262 Speeder Bike Chase (Small Playset - 20th Anniversary) Includes: Luke Skywalker (Endor), Princess Leia (Endor) and Imperial Biker Scout (new helmet mould) (x2). Thoughts?
  13. Suppose they didn't really have much of a way around the Rogue One crew, given they were the focal point of the first proper anthology film. I do get your point, though. I expect we'll get the full Solo crew in time.
  14. Are 75231 and 75232 just going to be unused numbers, or do we not know at this moment in time?
  15. Renown

    Future Star Wars Sets

    The ~$120 Slave I due to be released in 2019, I have devised the following for its minifigures. Boba's Slave I: Boba Fett, Zuckuss, Admiral Piett, Imperial Crewman [grey boilersuit]. Jango's Slave I: Jango Fett, Young Boba, Taun We, Clone Trooper [Phase I helmet with training fatigues rather than armour]
  16. Any indication yet of price points for the UK with the winter releases? Curious to see if any are higher than the gross retail price in US dollars like 75218 was.
  17. I follow now. Interesting.
  18. Endor-themed? It feels like so long...
  19. Sounds like the same figure I tried to describe yesterday, hopefully now everyone can see what I meant.
  20. This was an image of one of the individual figures, rather than the blurred, preliminary images that leaked a few days ago.
  21. Somebody I know has shown me one of the Inferno Squad agents. Looking at a promotional image of Iden, Meeko and Hask, it looks most like Hask with the 'belt' across his chest piece. It's a pretty nice figure. Eyepieces on the helmet are quite a vibrant red, at least from the image, and don't look all that translucent for want of a better word. No idea what the headpiece is beneath the helmet, could be angry clone, could be an individual face. Doesn't have any life support pack or hoses on the torso piece/helmet, like the Hasbro Black Series 6" figure for example does. I imagine an image of it will be out there in the open quite soon. Not wishing to come across as somebody with exclusive access or anything, just reporting on what I have seen. Hopefully everyone else will have seen it before long.
  22. 4+ X-Wing looks decent, was hoping for a more generic rebel pilot (perhaps blue starbird helmet), but looks like it is Luke given the lightsaber on the box, unless that is just a placeholder. The side-build for the stormtrooper is also intriguing, looks like some sort of anti-starfighter turret.
  23. Looks like it is intended to be a microfighter of sorts with a Bespin Guard.
  24. Looks like the bomber pilot included in 75188 to me.
  25. Renown

    [BrickFilm] The Journey of a Soldier

    Thoroughly enjoyable.