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  1. They're all summer sets. 75284 is the Night Buzzard, 75286 is Soulless One, 75288 is the AT-AT.
  2. 75284 will be the Night Buzzard.
  3. I think there is a difference between drip-feeding new information and making unfounded assumptions, no matter how confident one might feel in their gut instinct. Those in the know or with access to certain materials shouldn't feel forced to cite their sources when asked, or as has often been the case, pretty much bullied into, because ultimately, people with such information aren't under any obligation to share it in the first place. Wait and see for yourself is the simple alternative. It's up to each member to choose to believe them. However, when an opinion is expressed, as yours has been, with quite a great deal of confidence, it shouldn't necessarily be afforded those same privileges for fairly understandable reasons. I think by this point in time there is a general acceptance on the forum that this practice does nothing to benefit forum members long term and just drives away individuals who would be able to offer the forum a lot.
  4. Don't believe me if you don't want to.
  5. Consider the AT-AT confirmed.
  6. Good wave for those of us who grew up alongside the prequels and The Clone Wars; pretty rough wave for some of the old hands.
  7. From sources. I've also seen an ever so slightly higher quality image in which you can make out a blue lightsaber with one (Obi Wan), a particularly bulky figure (Grievous) and orange markings on the clone.
  8. It's not 75274, put it that way. My money is on the clone being Cody but I don't have any further confirmation on that.
  9. It's legitimate. You can see Utapau in the background which means it's themed around Revenge of the Sith rather than The Clone Wars. Minifigures are General Grievous, Obi Wan and a clone.
  10. It could mean one of a number of things. I'm being intentionally cryptic about it but it could probably be narrowed down to one of two or three possibilities. What do you think?
  11. I am not aware of a Ghost remake coming in 2020. I would like to think that the Ghost would be rereleased at some point but personally can't see it happening for a good while yet.
  12. Of course. I would characterise a good wave through it having contemporary, relevant sets at the time of it hitting retail and potential opportunities for good sets not being filled up with the likes of 4+ and Action Battle sets.
  13. A handful of vague codenames have been uncovered. Last time I alluded to being privy to some knowledge, I was all but summarily executed by other forum members so I shall not divulge further with regards to price points, piece counts and the likely corresponding set content as a point of principle. What I will say is that the few sets I have been made aware of through a trusted source seem more positive than negative. Expect more information through the usual channels in due course.
  14. I'm surprised nobody here picked up on it, but it was confirmed here: