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  1. David_bricks

    Helicopter Transformer

    Meet Tornado - Helicopter Transformer
  2. David_bricks

    Identify the minifigure

    Maybe you mean how and where to get the parts of that minifig? If so, you can get them at bricklink.com or toypro.com. You can go thru the online minifig catalogue of Bricklink and Toypro, they might have the minifigue you want listed out there for you to buy. The handcuff is separate item, doesn't come with the minifig usually, but you should still able to find it in either one of the website.
  3. David_bricks

    Lego Transformer - Axcavator (Excavator) animation

    I haven't build it with the actual bricks, but I understand the reason of your question, and I think I can at least to make it stands :)
  4. David_bricks


    wow.... this is a fine art :)
  5. David_bricks

    Lego Transformer - Axcavator (Excavator) animation

    Thanks, glad that you like it :) Will make more videos like this :)
  6. Hi Guys, just signed up Eurobricks, I am not new to this website though. But glad to be able to discuss and share with lego builders around the world :) Here is my recent work, a transformer (actually it is more like an animation )check out and give me some feedback :) Axcavator - Lego Transformer by David vc, on Flickr
  7. David_bricks

    Liebherr LR 11000

    Wow... amazing works! Just wonder how do you make the lego structure able to holder the moment and weight of the arm...