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    Newbie request for advice

    You're probably right about having to be careful with these 'vintage' sets. Thanks for the feedback, Diablo667 ! Regards, Frederick
  2. FredDef

    Newbie request for advice

    Hello everybody, I'm new here. At nearly 36 years of age I've become an AFOL, I guess, when I rediscovered the delightful Lego-sets my parents gave me in my younger days. Please excuse me if this (kind of) thread already exists or if I needed to post this elsewhere on the forum. In an attempt to prep a nice little Lego-assortment for my sons (the eldest is only 3 and a half and too young still) I bought three little M-Tron-sets to go with the 6812 (Blacktron) Grid Trekkor and the 6831 Message Decoder I already had (I should have SP II Rebel Hunter too, but I can't find it at the moment). The initial idea was to form a large enough 'space' vehicle pool of both sides + some Space Police for them to be able to make up some play scenes. But I've now begun to wonder wheter the Blacktron-M-Tron-Space Police would actually (still) appeal to youngsters nowadays. I still think the colour scheme of respectively black-white and red(black)white) and the neon green parts are just perfect and make for great looking sets. In comparison to the modern Ninjago-sets or Nexo Knights-sets, for example, the 'classic' space sets might not be 'interesting' enough anymore in this day and age. I guess I'm asking the parent-members if they have any recent experience with their children still appreciating the 'old' Space-sets (Blacktron, M-Tron, Space Police). A second part of my question is about the playability of (these older) Space-sets: by that I mean that I can't provide convincingly built 'bases' for the kids; building Blacktron, M-Tron bases would require loads of speciality pieces. In comparison to the City-theme, it's not as easy to build scenery for them to play in. I have a limited amount of bricks (in comparison to many avid AFOLs) and certainly in terms of speciality space pieces (neon green stuff, special baseplates etc.). I'd very much appreciate any of your views on this. Thanks