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  1. Oh well. Thanks for the info 🤠
  2. Interested to see what print is on Pinjata boys torso. As a Western theme collector he will fit in nicely with a few part changes.
  3. From the images I've seen for TLM2 love for the Wild West
  4. With Red Dead being so popular I'd be hoping for some flow into CMF
  5. Steampunk Sheriff

    REVIEW: 71021 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 18

    Thanks for the pics! I always enjoy seeing the themes grouped together
  6. 70594 The Lighthouse Siege.
  7. Doppelganger would be awesome! I think Man Spider is closer to black than brown. At least from what i remember from way back in the 90s. Chima had a decent spider head in brown tho
  8. Steampunk Sheriff

    REVIEW: 71021 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 18

    Howdy! Fantastic review as always. Could I trouble you for a group shot of all the western minifigures released so far?
  9. Yeah I recon if you plan on reviewing a minifigure series you might want to do the basics like remove hats, helmets and accessories
  10. I really want to see a look at the torso print without the horse
  11. I thought so as well until the actual product photos
  12. I don't mind the cat but a lion would have been cooler. Have the face open so it can double as an unofficial cowardly lion.
  13. Yeah this. That's what I meant. Thank you