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  1. Barbabrique

    Barbabrique Customs

    A new one to add to the collection! Lockhart from HP2, wearing his duel outfit. Before getting owned by Snape, of course!
  2. Barbabrique

    Barbabrique Customs

    Thanks! :) I think there's a bigger potential with HP than Bond (a lot of great suits, but not outstanding in Lego form), so I'll go with this :D
  3. Well, I haven't seen this before, but that's a very cool idea!
  4. Hello there! I used to do some basic customs when I was younger, and I finally starting again, using my good ol'Toshop. I might be a little bit rusty, that's why I've challenged myself to create 20 custom minifigs - virtually first, I'll see later for the "real" version. I'm sticking with four themes to make it slightly easier to find ideas: Doctor Who, DC, Marvel and... I haven't decided of the last one yet (maybe Harry Potter or James Bond). I'm not a big fan of super-heroes, but I like to dig the Internet to find alternate costumes or forgotten heroes (I'm looking at you, Element Lad!). Some customs might still be a little bit "rough", but I really wanted to share with you the first figs I managed to do :)
  5. Barbabrique


    Hello There! RĂ©mi, French, 24, love James Bond, Doctor Who, B-Movies and storing an unhealthy amount of VHS Tapes oh... and Lego of course! :) Glad to be here! :)