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  1. SquirrelArmy

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    You're not the only one. Hopefully it will happen soon.
  2. I’ve had to rearrange it. Although I had two tracking numbers from LEGO I only had the single one from the courier company. Altering one delivery gave me two notifications. so for the UK both items should arrive in the same delivery but in separate boxes
  3. No love for R2-D2? They're always forgetting to include him.
  4. Has anyone in the UK who ordered their AT-AT online had it delivered yet? I have had an email saying that the AT-AT and GWP will be boxed separately which is fine as they are probably coming from different manufacturing facilities. Both packages are being delivered by the same courier company though so I'm hoping they deliver both packages at the same time. I have one of them arriving tomorrow, I don't know if it will be both packages or if they are just delivering one of them, which package it is. Normally it wouldn't be an issue but I've got a meeting at work in the morning so I'm trying to see if it's worth avoiding the meeting to stay home for a package. If I knew it was the GWP arriving tomorrow I wouldn't mind the extra days waiting for a new delivery slot.
  5. SquirrelArmy

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    @merman Opened a can of worms you have! Some of the comments on there are insane. All criticisms and no solutions!
  6. SquirrelArmy

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    For me there's no issue. I just posted a possible solution for those who would want to completely disassemble it. If that rogue assembly stopped you from removing the legs then it could be an issue. I'd only partially disassemble it if I was moving and taking the legs off would make that easier.
  7. SquirrelArmy

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Potential solution if it's just needing more elements to bulk out the inner area, although it would need someone with a set to confirm it would work. The Red Crank Liftarm and 5L Yellow Axle are just coloured for image clarity. Would use colours more fitting with the rest of the model.
  8. SquirrelArmy

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Mine has just been shipped so haven't had the chance to build it for real yet. Looking at the instructions I can't see why they just haven't used a black pin on the outside. I can't see what the purpose of the additional elements are.
  9. A UCS style Nubian Royal Ship would get past the play wear issue but it's still a lot of chrome pieces for a single set that probably won't ever feature in another set so would be a large initial manufacturing expense. The chances of the pieces scratching even during transit would be huge. It would look amazing though but certainly would not come cheap. You just have to see the current cost for a "UCS" Naboo Star Fighter which was only partially chromed. Crazy money for a set that only has 187 pieces. Surprised that it had the UCS branding considering the size.
  10. SquirrelArmy

    UCS 75313 AT-AT Modding

    I was going to make a dedicated thread just for my own ideas but it's probably better to have a general mod thread for this glorious piece of Empire equipment. I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered but I already have ideas of how to add more to it. There was a very brief discussion about bringing the AT-AT up to Canon specification. I have decided that is what I'm going to do with mine. With the addition of 3 more speeders and 35 more Snowtroopers, the vehicle will have it's full complement of troops but what about the rest of the listed specs? I'm getting all my information from wookiepedia: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/All_Terrain_Armored_Transport_(Galactic_Civil_War) I don't think there is a more comprehensive source for Star Wars trivia. There is seating for 40 troops in addition to the crew but it seems that Lego have forgotten about a couple of crucial crew members. Each AT-AT comes with it's own engineer and loadmaster. I've chosen an Imperial Ground Crew Technician minifig to represent the engineer and an Imperial Gunner to represent the loadmaster. The next crew member not included with the set is the AT-AT Commander. I know General Veers is included but was he commanding the actual AT-AT? He was in charge of all the AT-ATs and troops on the battlefield, would the AT-AT have had it's own separate commander in addition to Veers? I think so and have added an Imperial Commander with battle armour to my list of figures to buy. Next we come to the weaponry included with the set. At least 20 E-11 blaster rifles[8] At least 5 DLT-20A blaster rifles[8] I'm not sure exactly what comes with the set and battlepacks yet but I'll make sure I have enough firepower for all the troops on board. The next item that stands out is this: LX-4 proton mines (25) This is an item I've not heard of and obviously hasn't been recreated in Lego so it's something I've had to imagine up. I've found this image which seems to match the description. The AT-AT has 25 of them according to the specs. I think they would all fit on a rack in the lower part of the main hold and would look something like this: Once the set arrives I'll be checking to see if there is anything to represent a sensor array and terrain scanners and I'll be working out how to fit in another speederbike The next question will be how to display it. I have a strong feeling that a Snowspeeder will be involved!
  11. SquirrelArmy

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Years of Glastonbury ticket buying has got my F5 key very well trained. Good luck, hope you make it through.
  12. SquirrelArmy

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    AT-AT Order confirmed. Now the long wait for delivery!
  13. The Minban Stormtrooper being a prime example. I can't believe the price people have been paying for them recently. I can't fathom why. They had a brief appearance in the least popular of the recent Star Wars films. I've ended up with a few as I wanted a small squadron of Tie fighters. I have no idea why they are now sought after apart from coming from a retired set. The other figs from the same set aren't experiencing the same level of price increase either.
  14. Find any random person and ask them what is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Star Wars and there's an incredibly high chance that they'll either mention Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or using the force. The OT has had a huge cultural impact on modern society. I don't think any other series of films has become so embedded in culture. The PT & ST haven't had the same impact. Comparing it to another cultural icon which has been produced in Lego. Lord of the Rings also has it's iconic characters and stories. Everyone knows of Frodo, Gandalf and the other Fellowship members. Ask a random person if they know of some of the lesser characters especially those who appeared in The Hobbit Trilogy. Unless they are a hardcore fan they will struggle to tell you some. Jurassic Park is another example that follows the same pattern. It's hard to beat the magic of the original. There aren't many film series that have their most iconic and memorable characters appearing in later films of the series.
  15. Do Lego publish their sales figures for individual sets? They are the ones who know what sells and what doesn't. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Clones which could prompt some interest in that era again. It's been over 40 years since the AT-AT first appeared on screen and we're only just getting a set that justifies it now. Be patient young Padawan. Your time will come!