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  1. SquirrelArmy

    LEGO lighting kit Back to the Future DeLorean

    Is the Brixmax kit worth the money for this set? It seems to be double the price of the other light kits for the same set. I've got this set and Ecto1 10274 to light up and just wondering which are the best light kits to go for.
  2. SquirrelArmy

    LEGO Atari 2600 Set

    I know what you mean. This is definitely a display piece. I remember playing with one as a kid so I have the memory factor tempting me. The price is just too much. If you wanted a 2600 on display you can buy an original working one for less money than this set. Personally I think they should have left out the opening section and possibly the mini builds and priced it at the same original cost of the 2600 when it came out. I like the cartridges though, definitely possibilities of making more games if someone made sticker sets for them.
  3. SquirrelArmy

    Tantive IV hallwall MOC

    Looks to be pretty similar sized to one I made. I'm happy to share build details if you want.
  4. SquirrelArmy

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    For the more seasoned collectors, our hands may not be as steady as they once were so not having to deal with stickers is a bonus.
  5. SquirrelArmy

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    Hopefully this is the first of many sets in the Transformers line. The UCS style branding & pricing suggests that there are going to be more sets in this scale. Brickheadz and Star Wars style Helmets also have potential as sets. The big question is would they ever make them in System scale. The amount of potential there is huge. There's also the minifigure side of things. Kreo did attempt them, would Lego succeed where they failed.
  6. SquirrelArmy

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    Not all license deals will be of the same value. Habros biggest competitor in the Toy market is Lego. For them to allow them to use one of their most popular brands must have come at considerable cost. Hasbro will be making as much profit as Lego out of this deal. Disney licensing is also on the high side too compared to the ones you listed. I can't see them making a G1 Megatron for the reasons you gave. Even Starscream is unlikely as the G1 version was a combat aircraft. Soundwave is more likely and as a fan I would be interested in owning that set if it's made. The only other main non military Decepticons are the Constructicons and Insecticons. G1 TF fans who owned the toys in the 80s are all in their 40s and 50s now. It's a Prime market with disposable income.
  7. SquirrelArmy

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    This is a day 1 purchase for me. I know it's heavy on the price side, understandable with the license though. For pure childhood nostalgia I have to own this. I already own a version of Prime made by another brand but to actually have an officially licensed version is fantastic. I've seen a review where they mentioned the obvious lack of trailer. That could be an epic MOC. I'd probably just try and make a better name plate stand that can hold the accessories not in use depending on how it is being displayed. That's my ringtone!
  8. SquirrelArmy

    Star Wars

    Precisely why I avoid all Star Wars trailers. They get over analysed, fans expect certain things to happen and then get disappointed when they don't. Could still be Maul
  9. SquirrelArmy

    Star Wars

    Firstly I'll start by saying I haven't seen the trailer for Kenobi. I never watch any Star Wars trailers, I like the first viewing of a film or series to be the first time I see the footage. Obviously I know all the talk is of Vader & the Inquisitors. I'm wondering how does Maul fit in to this? Are we going to get a live action recreation of Maul coming to Tattooine? His survival is canon in the movies as seen in Solo so I'm definitely expecting a Ray Park cameo at some point.
  10. SquirrelArmy

    Questions about Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga??

    Have you seen the recent gameplay trailer? This looks like a total rebuild of the gameplay. It's nothing like the original Lego Star Wars or even the other Lego games. It's a completely new game engine and perspective. It's more 3rd person open world style gameplay but set in the Saga universe including sets from all the films including Rogue One and Solo. If it plays as good as it looks it's going to be absolutely fantastic. I can see why it's taken so long to make it. I've got the deluxe edition pre-ordered. Should have it in a couple of weeks.
  11. That is some impressive bridge work. As an engineer myself I would be all over this kind of set. Definitely supporting this!
  12. SquirrelArmy

    Mainman's Lego AN-225 Mriya Cargo Plane

    We could definitely rule out System scale. It would be an absolute monster that no one could fit in a city so it would be have to be primarily a display set. Even at 1:200 you would only just get it on a shelf with a 40cm wing span. I suppose the question is how small can it be made and still keep the detail.
  13. SquirrelArmy

    Mainman's Lego AN-225 Mriya Cargo Plane

    A Lego wingspan of 80cm. That would take up some serious shelf space, would you get the detail in a smaller scale though?
  14. SquirrelArmy

    Mainman's Lego AN-225 Mriya Cargo Plane

    Glad there was already topic on this. I don't want to trigger a discussion on the conflict in Ukraine but rather a conversation on this aircraft in particular. It's apparent destruction is a loss to the aviation world. It's last flight was actually from Billund to Kyiv taking aid to Ukraine. I've just seen a rumour that Lego could be making this into a set. Is there any truth in this? I would certainly be interested especially if proceeds were donated to helping those affected by the conflict.
  15. SquirrelArmy

    Questions about Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga?

    My pre-order has been updated to show the date. The minifig looks like it could be worth more than the cost of the game.