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    This was posted by an illustrator for the LEGO Magazine... Could e possibly mean Doctor Who?

    I presume that he's referring to Star Wars, seeing as Force Friday starts on the 4th and the new sets are released. They will no doubt be incredibly popular.

    Edit: Beaten by J2G :grin:

  2. Like this Cyberman head...?

    Also, is this gunna be the Daalek in the set? It's very Lego-y, but nowadays I'd almost expect a new mold to be made so it could look a bit more accurate shape-wize...

    I may well be wrong, but I think the Dalek included in the Ideas set will be made up of some sort of new mold. If it's similar to the Dimensions Jurassic World Raptor, it may well be brick built so a) it's cheaper to produce in such a small set and b) provides kids with something to actually build with bricks, instead of two minifigures, to try and justify the price point in Lego's eyes. Just my opinion (and hope) though.

  3. Well, maybe I'm just skeptic about such things until they're confirmed. But right after having the green ninja - I can't even see how they'd implement a golden one!

    The way I think they'll implement it is if the gold ninja was actually Sensei Wu; an option which would also work as the last theme will be based on 'the final battle between good and evil'.

  4. The presentation was supposedly only for 1st half year and there's a action theme slot in 2nd half year too. So the Polar theme could still be in there.

    It's not from the actual article but in the comments to this article. It's almost at the bottom of the coments

    That's the one I had saw, but where's the information from Andhe come from? Things such as the gold ninja?

  5. Thats about it, yes. Chima is going to be huge, with cards etc...

    I dont know what name chima stands for, but those figs look very much like IJ akator skulls with monkey faces on them, so i thought maybe chima stands for chimp. But i guess we will have to wait for oficial presentation to what tlg thought with that.

    Where is the article you two seem to be referring to? I've seen one on Brickset but it doesn't correspond with some of the things you've said.

  6. You're right; I had forgotten that piece.

    Is there another piece everyone may have forgotten?*Cough cough*. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this old snape hair piece. From the trailers, we can see his hair is longer than in Thor and thus I think the Bruce Wayne is not long enough at the back. Whereas, the old snape seems long enough at the back like Loki's does in The Avengers.

    Just my opinion on the matter though :tongue:

  7. The Kunai in that set are actually Titanium Metallic (Pearl Dark Gray/Gunmetal). They do look very shiny but that's probably just their surface finish.

    Anyway, I'm even more excited for the Epic Dragon Battle after seeing it in person. The Samurai Mech and Ultra Sonic Raider also look brilliant. Lasha's Bite Cycle is a bit underwhelming, though.

    Which photo can you see these kunai? The only ones I see are those in the Zane ZX booster pack not the NRG Kai set :sceptic:

  8. First official pictures of the Avengers sets!! Directly from Marvel!

    Beat me to it :wink: However on this website, it states at the bottom 'Please note that not all Avengers LEGO minifigures and accessories included in each set are pictured in these images.' This could mean 1. As with the London Toy Fair, some figures aren't being shown due to spoilers etc. :hmpf_bad: and 2. This is showing that the figures are not finalised and neither are the accessories. I mean, look at Loki's staff, it sounds nothing like what we've heard from the descriptions of the previous toy fairs we've had from Brickset and FBTB saying its a 1x1 clear brick. Either way, i think we can all tell thats not a Cosmic Cube sitting on top. :grin:

  9. Yes, but how come the T-Rex in the Dino Defense HQ is different to what we have? I mean yes its the same one as on the logo, but does it signify a new wave or is it just one of the original prototypes? Probably the latter, but i makes you wonder...


    This dutch seller lists some of the Superheroes sets. It seems the DC and Marvel waves are being merged into one wave with less sets, and the missing sets from his list are going to be exclusive to some chain like TRU.

    6866 Wolverine's Hubschrauberduell €21,95 (27$ Lex Luthors Power Suit)

    6868 Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout €39,95 (50$ 2012 Star Wars TIE Fighter)

    6869 Quinjet Quinjet Aerial Battle €23,95 (30$ Star Wars Battle of Naboo / Droid Carrier)

    Dollar prices are made from comparing sets of the same price-class.

    Euro prices are lower, because everything on the site is cheaper than the regular euro price tag.

    Hubschrauberduell = helicopter duel

    No offence but I very much doubt this list. One because I believe many websites state differently about the Quinjet set price and have a 700+ piece count. This one has repeated that word twice giving me some mixed thoughts. Two because I doubt 3 sets will be TRU exclusive (Captain America, Loki, and Spiderman). But who knows, anything's possible.