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    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    The final design, 'Crimson' ARC trooper, is pure beauty I can't believe TLC are putting it in a cheap battlepack, one of this detail should be in a set a lot more pricy!
  2. Housey98

    Ninjago 2012

    Thanks a lot! The main reason I wanted to know was incase the 2 headed red snake in the SnakeQuad was in any other set. Any chance you can tell who the snake is in Jays Storm Fighter? Or is the light blocking the way, so none of us can see? Hmm, I wonder what the deal is with the spinner packaging. Most are red with pictures of the dual headed snake on, however, 2 are blue (Kai ZX and Fang Suei, I think) with pictures of the blue cobra next to the green ninja head.
  3. Housey98

    Ninjago 2012

    I'm being torn between a few of the sets. Although I would like to know some of the snakes which are included in the sets. I can't seem to be able to tell which snake is included in Jay's Storm Fighter as the light is blocking the picture. I also would like to know who is driving the RattleCopter and the SnakeQuad. If any of you could tell me which figs these are, it'd be grately appreciated!
  4. Housey98

    Ninjago 2012

    It is as a single weapon in 1 or 2 sets; look at Kai in the rattlecopter and you will see he is holding 2 gold sai's.
  5. Housey98

    Dino 2012

    Seems a bit disapointing to find that they are using another pteranodon in this set, instead of a new dinosaur the doesn't appear in any other sets.
  6. Housey98

    Dino 2012

    Hold on, you listed 7 sets yet we've only heard of 6?! 5888 I think hasn't been mentioned of before! Sorry if I'm wrong, this is my first post on eurobricks :D