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  1. Thanks Atheos! Had to take break to finish up a board game prototype for a convention but I had some time to do some more work this weekend. Focused on the Command Center and reworked everything except the wall the doors are in but it will be getting over hauled. Where I'm placing it in the main layout has put me in a pinch. I need to have about 4 more studs of space to fit the "Alf" shelf and door. I think I'm gonna flip the CC around and push out the back wall of the bays to make room for it. So this build is my first foray into SNOT building and my first big change using SNOT is the supports/cable runs. I really wanted the black plates to be ingots to give more texture but I just couldn't make it work. The screen consoles got a recolor and adjusted. Raised the height on the top of the terminals and made a few other tweaks. Want to add details to the side of the terminals next. Rebuilt the doors using SNOT. Built whatever the cylinder is. I feel like they filmed this scene way later and just threw random props in the room cause you look at where some of this started and where it ended up doesn't work.
  2. JangoFett140

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    That matte painting is also on the X-Wing wall which then differs greatly for the cross sections and other materials. I guess another way to look at this is since this is meant to be shared and modular its easier to start with 5 and then if someone wants to have less its easy enough to eliminate one and adjust then try to add one in.
  3. I'd like to, we'll just have to see how the final design for the table ends up. As for space I already have a 48" x 60" NES coffee table that I build huge for LAN parties. So I'll be finishing it and selling it to make room for this project. The Falcon is sitting on it now to help me figure out sizing. (my poor X-Wing still has no wings) Thanks for the files! From what I could tell I thought the vents were round but with your file and pics I caught the bits that showed I was wrong so I have now rebuilt mine. Also from one of the pics you had I reworked a lot of the Cat Walk. Redid the greebling to be more accurate and rebuilt the feet. Big thing I have been working on is the Command Center. This will be above the speeder bays as seen below. Hard to find great reference material for the exact layout. Lots of maps have different Console arrangements so I used ESB as the base and then filled in from other stuff what made the most sense. The Consoles and Computers and Screens will us custom stickers I'll make. Found Frank Diorio's website who makes diorama's for the figures and will use his designs as the base design for the stickers. The clear wedge of the Consoles will be lit by LED fiber optic so the sticker placed on it will light up. The door is an area that is contradicted by everything. ESB clearly shows 2 halves that separate while every map has it a single door the slides to the side. I'm probably going to rebuild the door tonight to be better detailed. I then have the hall outside where they argue. Still need to do hoses and i think ill go ahead and narrow the hall on that end by the vent.
  4. JangoFett140

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    The part of problem with that wall is that’s where the camera is positioned for a lot of shots in ESB. So we have lots of straight on shots of the Xwing wall but only parts of the Snowspeeder one. EDIT: Been watching ESB at half speed and noticed in the background of this shot that you can see an X-Wing in the last bay on the Snowspeeder side when Luke gets in his speeder.
  5. JangoFett140

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    To clarify are we talking about the back bays (that you have marked blue and red) or the front set? I think the front should be 3 and back 4.
  6. JangoFett140

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    Looking Great! I'm on a smaller cross section also building the hanger for my Falcon. Like you I was surprised in researching how many things people have missed over the years and some things like the catwalk never really being accurate. I'm going to custom make a print a part for mine but I like your railing alot. i may tweak mine slightly now since i don't quite like how big the bow out is on it. Based on those floor plans you found I may be changing my side bay sizes again. It's not really clear in the movie or pics I had but from what I could tell X-Wings fit on either side so I scaled as such but now....lol. Can you post a pic of how you did the ceiling vents in each bay? I've been messing with a few ideas and haven't liked much so far. I feel proud though that with all your research that my build dimensions seem to basically match yours for scaling by just intently starting at screenshots. I also found this layout online The cross section on the wiki gives an idea of scale for the Ion Cannon I feel yea. The main part I wanted to use for the Fuel Cart doesn't come in dark blueish grey. Like you I'll have to switch to light blueish grey.
  7. Not one to start small for a few weeks now I've been working on flushing out the Echo Base Hanger display I want to build for my UCS Millennium Falcon. I've been planning this since the set was announced but couldn't really start till I had the set in hand to base everything off. It will be in a glass coffee table I'll be building to display it. The planned layout is currently 47.5" by 41.75" but I may go to 47.5" x 47.5". I'm going to use Stricklybricks 50x50 baseplates with one set getting trimmed down. I'm trying to be as accurate as possible and get all the little details I'm finding as I research that I haven't seen before. This will also display some of the rest of my collection so the ships inside will be a mix besides the Falcon. My 99 X-Wing and probably one of Cehnot's beauties and 4 different official speeder sets spanning the years. I'm using Migui94's Falcon as a placeholder as I work to confirm sizing in addition to the physical test layout I have set up. I see that last week Cehnot also started basically the same project with similar goals but he is going for the whole hanger while I only have room for some of it with size limitation. Can't wait to see his take shape and maybe collaborate on a few elements. I'm building in Stud.io first since I don't have the money to start buying all the bricks and figure it out by physical trial and error. So to get started with where I am at here is an over view of the layout. I have a lot of detailing to do on the walls but I've been waiting till I had the structural strength and sizing dialed in first as I kept tweaking. I originally had 2 full bays but they wouldn't hold an X-Wing so I widened it and also ended up raising them to fit the vents. This top down view with the yellow fence shows the 41" width. and the potential space if I expand to 47". I'm going to curve the wall behind the Falcon some more but I'm not going to go all the way around to keep the sides of the Falcon visible through the sides of the table. This front view of the bay shows the vents in the top of the bays. My current thought was stickers to detail the vents but i will probably revisit them to look ate a brick based option but scale is a limit here. The Cat Walk for the X-Wings is an item that has been done but lacking in detail. I used Enderman eye plates for the side detailing. The current support beam X cross braces are temporary. After much thinking and tinkering I decided to design and print custom pieces to go there. The 3L bar on top will be cut in half to finish the top rail on the ends. I do like Cehnot's top rail better though and may try to rework mine based on his. Some small detail builds I have are the (quite silly) Treadwell 1016 droid briefly seen twice (somehow it gets on top of the Falcon with treads...). I also have a fuel tanker cart seen between the Falcon and the X-Wing. The floor light took days to get the scale right and try to be easily lit from below. The plan it to get vinyl stickers for the sides to cover the trans-clear plates then put an LED under them trough a hole in the baseplate. Not shown here is that the front 1x2 plate is clear while the 2 under the slope grills are trans med blue to get the right light out the back. I have lots more to do but finally felt I had enough to start sharing. Any suggestions on how to improve something are welcome! I will also be overhauling the Falcon itself to be more ESB accurate. Haven't yet decided on adding an interior since it will be in a closed display. -JF140/Cody
  8. JangoFett140

    "Hello There"

    Hey everyone! Glad to be on the forums finally. I've been a huge Lego and Star Wars fan since getting the 99 Naboo Star Fighter for Christmas. That present literally changed my interest in life. Finally getting deep into the world of MOC's and am going to start with heavily modding my UCS 75192 Falcon into ESB version and building a large Echo Base Hanger to display it in. Once I can manage to get Brickshelf site to cooperate I'll start posting my progress on stuff.
  9. JangoFett140

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Thanks! This build is so fantastic thanks for sharing
  10. JangoFett140

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I tried downloading the LDD files but the link isn't working for me. Do I need bricksafe account?