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  1. I haven't been able to get my hands on the NexonKnights sets but I was really interested in doing this with my sets when I got mine. Since I haven't got mine yet I would like to challenge you guys to try and rebuild things from NexonKnights as things from the medieval era. I don't have any rules other then that it has to have some relation to NexonKnights and must have a fantasy/medieval look to it but what you create is up to you.
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    Could someone make the teenage garmadon robes for the chest and legs. Here's some images of them
  3. When I first saw the sets of Nexon Knights I didn't think much of them until looking at the Main Characters. At first I thought Lego was trying to create something to replace Ninjago but after thinking about it it reminded me of an older Lego theme Knights kingdom. While you could say that this can't be true just because one happens to be more Sci-fi and the other more fantasy they do have share a couple of things in common. We already know Lego likes to reboot or recycle their old themes, like they did with Power Miners and Space Police so I thought that Nexon Knights might've been them trying to recycle Knights Kingdom. Lets look at a couple of the similarities that Nexon Knights shares with Knights Kingdom. Both series have a group of knights in both series each knight has a different color and unique crest with animals on them. in both themes all the knights are different styled helmets, in both of the themes the knights also have different names while these aren't all of the similarities in them you can understand where I'm going with this. Personally I think this was their second attempt at making knights kingdom, while most Lego castle themes didn't have many characters with personalities Knights kingdom seemed to try and create unique individual characters just like the characters in Nexon Knights. However I haven't seen much people talking about Nexon Knights being a reboot to Knights Kingdom or having any sort of relation to it, maybe Nexon Knights could've just been created without them even thinking about Knights kingdom and I might just be trying to connect them just because of the couple of things they share do you think this is just a coincidence or did Lego recycle their old theme in a completely new and interesting theme