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  1. GabryS

    M24 Chaffee

    Hi, Today I'd like to present to you my latest model. M24 Chaffee - american light tank developed in the later part of WWII. Served also during several pastwar conflicts like Korean War, in Alegeria and finally in first nad second Indiochina wars. As usually my model is made in 1:40 scale. It's very simple build' done only during two evenings, no special fatures except rotating turret. Some thumbnails - click for larger images. I hope you like it. C&C are kindly apreciated. Cheers, GabryS See also others of my MOCs on my flickr photostream.
  2. GabryS

    [MOC] Distribution

    Hi! Today I'm gonna show you my newest dio, that I've built to introduce my ZiS-5 and GAZ-69 model into Vietnam War. The scene shows the process of sharing and distributing supplies Soviets and Chinese that VC and NVA forces were recieving during Vietnam War to more efficiently spread the idea of red revolution and finally chase away americans from brothery South Vietnam. (Sorry for blurry pic, I noticed that after I've posted them on-line) As I mentioned, the pretext to build the dio were models of soviet trucks - ZiS-5 and GAZ-69, that I've built recently. Both models are created in 1:40 scale. ZiS-5 - soviet copy of american truck Autocar CA was main truck used by the Red Army during WWII. More photos can be found in my Brickshelf gallery. To see them before the moderation process ends, you can go here: and change "1" in the adress up to "6". GAZ-69 - Main light truck of all Soviet -related countries world-wide. More photos can be found in my Brickshelf gallery. To see them before the moderation process ends, you can go here: and change "1" in the adress up to "5". See more in my flickr photostream I hope you like it. C&C would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, GabryS P.S. Water technique 'stolen' from LL. Also special thanks for some pieces of advice goes to Maks.
  3. GabryS

    1:1 MOCs

    Whoah! Great idea! Very creative and still they are built well :D Cheers.
  4. GabryS

    Chinook CH-47

    When I build minifig scale stuff I made it in 1:40 scale and then add some 1x1 plates to their legs, to make them higher. I like your build, the only thing that I could suggets is covering the studs with some tiles to make it a bit more modle-ish. Cheers :D
  5. GabryS

    Moc: Century Fighters

    Top work here. I love the camouflage. Also, I must say, that I really like, that uoy are making your models' canopies with bricks, it definately shows your commitment in making them as perfect as possible. What scale are they? Regards, Filip
  6. GabryS

    Wyvern Tilt-Rotor

    I relly like it! It's nice how much it can carry. Cheers.
  7. GabryS

    MOC: B-52H Stratofortress

    Oustastanding masterpiece, nothing else I could say. I really admire the amout of bricks, time and cool techniques you put into the model. Can't wait to see how else could you amaze us, since it's going to be harder now, after this giant. Best regards, Filip I also wonder, did you have all the pieces "around", so yuo just could just sit and build, or did you hav to make some BL orders all the time?
  8. GabryS

    MOC: Panzer I Ausf. A

    I believe these are cut flex tubes. And about the tank, It's really good, as usually, Done. Cheers.
  9. GabryS

    [MOC] PT-76

    After the WWII, the authirities of Sviet Union decide do go back to porducing light tanks. They want them to be able to work in any terreain in any weather conditions. That's when PT-76 is being constructed. Light amphibius tank is a great design and soon spread into every battliefield of Cold War. It does great as a recon vehicle as well as an infantry backup. Today I'd like to present you my latest MOC: Model of soviet amphibious light tank. The model is as always created in 1:40 scale. The hardest part was to build the turret, as it's diameter has to be about 7 studs long. After few times I came up with somthing that you can see on the pictures; some may not like it, but I'm quite satisfied with it. Interesting fact about PT-76: While swiiming, it's being proppeled by hydrojet - the same way that the jet ski is. That would be all. I hope you like it. C&C are always welcome ;) Cheers, GabryS
  10. GabryS

    MOC: T29 tank

    Nope, it's not. The real tank (w/o barrel) is 7,62 meters long, wchich divided by 76 equals 0,1m (10 centimiters, while 1 stud is about 0,8cm long, makes 12,5 studs in lenght). You've got here about 21 (21x0.8cm=16,8 cm) it means, your model is in about 1:45. Your mistake: The fact, that the blueprints you used were drawn in 1:76 doesn't mean that it's shown in real proportions on your screen (it all depends on the zoom, resolution etc) - the only way to make blueprints reliable is to download it, than import into a greaphics program, draw a line equal to the scaled lenght(you can also make it to the height or widht, but IMO lenght is the easiest way to do it), than resize the bluperints and print it. The printed bluperints are the ones you can trust. I know it by myself, as I always make my model in 1:40. I hope you understand everything. Cheers, GabryS
  11. GabryS

    MOC: T29 tank

    Not bad. Somethings could be better though, like for example red axle near right front wheel IMO would be better as a black one. But that's not what bother me... What does is: why did you write it's 1:76 scale? It's definately larger... Apart from that, it's quit nice build. Good luck with next builds and with the contest too, GabryS
  12. GabryS

    MOC: BTR-50

    Thank you all guys. It's a pleasure to get such a nice comments.
  13. GabryS

    MOC: BTR-50

    Just a small vig to show my newest model: BTR-50 - Soviet amphibious APC from Cold War Era. Once again in NVA markings. Model is created in 1:40scale, and can quite easly fit 6 fis (sometimes even 8 if you rip off their arms ;p) Model isn't very sophiscicated, but it was fun to build all those angles. C&C are very welcome. Cheers, GabryS
  14. GabryS

    MOC: T-55

    Hi, Today I'd like to show you my first model of a tank. My model of T-55 is built in minifig scale, what means 1:40 to me. It took me about a month to build it, but I guess it was worth to do so. Once again (after my M113) I decided to put my model onto a vig, to vary the presentation a bit. Mroe photos you can find in my galler I hope you like it. Coments are welcome. Cheers, Gabry$
  15. GabryS

    MOC: M113

    Hello! Today I'd like to present you my model of M113, american armored personnel carrier, which served on many fronts (let's focus on Vietnam, as that's the version I've created). To vary my MOC a bit I decided to put it onto small vig with plants from the region, which I think came out pretty well. See more on my brickshelf gallery (change 01 up to 17): For other MOCs go to my flickr gallery: Comments are wlecome. Regards, GabryS