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    A 'Lego Pirates' Movie

    No matey I'm not an youtuber, and I don't intend to be one, as I stated I want to make this one a DVD release as I will invest a lot of work into it. But if things won't work out as I planned, it will end up on youtube. Also I do have some experienced folks in my crew, me being in charge of this nice project. That doesn't mean that I am not open to any tips and advices.
  2. CaptainRoger

    A 'Lego Pirates' Movie

    I'm not that much into video games and I did not know about that soundtrack. I have listened to it and I liked in particular "Cavalry Hill". It's an interesting idea and I would like to use it. I will try and see if they will allow me to use it. Thanks for the interest!
  3. CaptainRoger

    A 'Lego Pirates' Movie

    That depends on how things will work out. My intention is to make a DVD, but it will depend on the reply from the Lego Company and the funds raised. Either way I'll do my best to make this possible.
  4. CaptainRoger

    A 'Lego Pirates' Movie

    I'm not working alone in this project, we are a team. I personally coordinate the project (my background is in engineering), I do have experience in making independent low budget movies, having done a couple in the past. None of us have made movies with Lego in particular, but as I said we are a team and one of us is a professional cameraman who has knowledge in stop motion and claymation. Great point! Thank you for asking
  5. CaptainRoger

    A 'Lego Pirates' Movie

    Avast me mateys! Captain Roger here, I just wanted to let you know I got myself an idea. I'm going to make a stop motion movie with classic lego pirates (1989 - 1997). At the moment I'm seeking an official approval from the Lego Company and after that I'm going to make a kikstarter page for the project. Help our community grow! Follow, share and like: https://www.facebook...07191193029468/ All the best! :jollyroger: If you think you can help, or want to get involved, you can contact me at: or on facebook: