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  1. Hello everyone, and mostly @msx80 I have finished my first project and also created a Building Instruction with the Blueprint Software of @msx80 I wanted to put an image as an example of the 15-pages-long instruction booklet, could not make it, so instead I put a link to the file: Example-Image I would also thank you, if you click and visit the ideas.lego.com site and support my project, if you like it! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/f9005b21-ccb3-4f1b-92d8-baae05729e6d
  2. That is all reasonable, this is why I originally asked @msx80 for all the possible parameters. I hoped, at least all the parameters, that are in the Page Settings Dialog boksz has in BP can be managed from ini, but this is not the case. Imagine, that he might refer to the white color of parts background in his BP all over at lets say 30 places in the code. He needs to replace these codes to refer to page.whatevercode he wants and the put it in the ini file. All such improvments do not give any new feature of such to the application, just makes some of us easier to work with. This results in a low priority.
  3. @supertruper1988 is right, ini file should be treated as part of the BP installation, which can be different at each computer, but should be kept identical, if you expect to see the same results. I think your OneDrive case makes the situation a bit more complicated, so I would highlight some neuralgic point: - You ini file should be edited by notepad. This way it is ensured, that there is no hidden TABS, and other invisible characters in the file, that makes it useless. - Please check on the syntax, page.color.o is a typo? it should be 0 (zero). - If you have OneDrive folder synced to your computer, I pretty assume, that the path to the folders contain spaces. As you can see in my way above example, I carefully create my folders to avoid such situation a path has a space in it. Also it is with the username. Probaby it can be worked around by encapsulating the path to qoutes " " or ' ', have not tested it. - What is more important, that BP is using LDD database. It is highly recommended to be updated to the same version, and I would install the same version and bit of Java as well on all affected computers. @msx80 did not specify page.background.0 Such things are not like what we figure out. Only those parameters exist in the ini, that he explicitely defined and refers to in the BP. You may try to use page.background as he listed, but not give a value of a path to a file, but give a value of a #color code. If that is not working, it is just simply not in use by him.
  4. hello @knigtonwheels I am not really a support specialist on this. Can you please detail, what OS is you computer, in which directory you ini file is, and where those project folders are? I am not sure, if this helps, but if it is a Windows, I might can help. The ini file is 1 file and has to be in a proper place, not moved to any other place, full Access might needed to this file. Project folder can be anywhere, as you always need to open it, from whatever folder they are, when you try to use Blue Print.
  5. Not explained, probably there is somewhere a hint, that what is set here, can be avoided to set manually. Just to be sure regarding the color syntax, I paste my ini file here below. There is 2 things above by @msx80 I will add soon, The width and the height. When I finish my first project, I will try to write a log of how I did. And with my 1600 part set, I decided to cut them into as many pieces as I need to create as professional PNG files, as posssible for a future to be instruction. This result in: I do many-many new projects, somethime 1 BP project produces only 1 next page in my future-to-be-instruction, therefore I need to set the width anf height from time to time. With the above ini file settings that will save me some valueable time. directory.open=C:\Users\myusername\Documents\LEGO Creations\BluePrint directory.open=C:\Users\myusername\Documents\LEGO Creations\BluePrint directory.input=C:\Users\myusername\Documents\LEGO Creations\Models\Project directory.input=C:\Users\myusername\Documents\LEGO Creations\Models\Project page.background=C:\Users\myusername\Documents\_Priv\Lego\SW\Blueprint0026\bg.jpg directory.export=C:\Users\myusername\Desktop\LEGO\PrĂ³ba\PNG page.color.0=#ebf4eb directory.save=C:\Users\myusername\Documents\LEGO Creations\BluePrint I try to insert 1 page of the instruction here. I needed to scale it down to be less, then 0.1 MB in size here.
  6. @supertruper1988 and @iceleftd - thanks for both of you for the great instructions and links and advices on groups. I guess, I need to re-think grouping, a more flat-like hierarchy would serve building instructions better. I felt like I just get lost of the depth of levels, when using BP. Probably the order of groups would also help me creating the instruction. I am not planning to print instruction, so I prefer a high resolution, that can be zoomed in. There is one other thing. Probably this is not the proper topic. But it looks, like the official Lego Digital Designer Gallery is not available anymore. I am still struggling with finding and using new parts in LDD Extended mode. I usually went online to LDD Gallery and find someone's build, from which I copied and pasted the extra items. I am designing a Minecraft set, and it would be more then amazing, if the Minecraft chicken head would appear somewhere in an LDD set, and I would use it as well. Since LDD Gallery is not available, I cannot have new items. Or: until now only Steve was included in the database. Is it true, that Alex is also added? If so, how can I find her?
  7. Hello icelefttd! I would happy to here some more basics on groupings. I have only 1 LDD, I created, 1600 parts, and I made a huge effort on groupping, such as it has 2 main groups, and the 1 Group has 2 subgroups, and then each subgroup have many sub-sub Group, I gues 4-5 levels approximately. All is done to prepare the BP, but I still struggle to have it prepared as optimal as possible. I know 1 basics: If in a Group the there is lets say 100 parts, lets say 2 subgroups of 40 element, and 20 parts not in a subgroup, then always this 20 parts comes first in the building instruction generation. So grouping in a flat level can help to order the sub sections in the instructions. Is that true according to you? Moreover, does it make any sense to have 4-5 level of groups? Regarding to prepare the building instruction as optimally generated as possible. I am still willing to re-do the grouping, if you say, the instruction will better prepared with another logic of groupings. (Probably I wrote earlier, my main goal is to have an instruction booklet as similar to the TLG made as possible... Thanks for any advice.
  8. well msx80 was not seen here recently, he never declared the project closed, but he works on it in his free time, which is not predictable. I installed it many months ago, never been alerted for virus (W10, nod32, defender) I assume the Avira alert was invalid, but use it as is. br. Tyke
  9. Thanks for all the confirmations, you wrote back. I created a PNG with the size, I calculated, and then printed out from Windows Image and Fax Viewer, to PDF Creator, I could set DPI = 300 and the custom size, at which I provided my intended inches. The I opened the PDF file, and it reported the milimiter sizes, what I have expected, which means it WORKS. :-) Sometime back on 25/9/2017 msx80 said, that there was a bug, if you export the Layout while zoomed in or out, so not at 100%, that there are some rendering problems (I do not qoute him exactly), but it is just an extra step to zoom back to 100% on the Page Zoom, before exporting. Hi supertruper1988 I just checked out the PDF of your 40 End Dump Trailer, and found, that the milimiter size of your PDF is 635 x 423,3, which is more than half a meter in width. Is it by accident, not setting the DPI, or you definitely intended to "propose" a so large printout to users, who wants your instruction in hard copy? Your PDF - by the way - opens on my screen (set to the screen width) with 32% zoomed out. But at least I get all the points, and I will try and find my best looking zoom of parts, assemblies and text. I hope, msx80 will come out with blueprint.ini parameters, with which we can customize e.g. text (font) size without zooming. By Tyke
  10. Hello Iceleftd! I read your latest posts, and felt like I need to look after, what DPI is exactly. What I learnt from this, that DPI is an essential info, only when I want to print out the instruction manual, that I try to put together in BP. So first I took an existing LEGO manual in hand, and found, that this physical size is, what I want (10,9" x 8,3"), then assumed, that a 300 DPI should be considered, so I did the math, and found, that in BP I should set the Page Width and Height to 3260 x 2480 pixels. I hope I am correct until this point. Now (on a notebook) this canvas is much larger, then the display screen, so in BP on Page Layout, I Zoomed out from 100% to 35%, this way I see the whole canvas. However, all items (such as regular minifigs) are to small. And I guess, this means, not tiny just for editing but will be for printing with 300 DPI to 10,9" x 8,3". So the question is: should I then go to Page Setup in BP, and set Zoom of Assemblies, Parts and Text Field from 100 to 300?! And if this is correct, is it a normal approach for people, who might want to print? Will this look okay even if it is printed into a PDF file only and opened on screen? We would really learn from what you experienced by printing professionally so far. It would save me time to do my first instruction with proper image size. Thanks! Tyke
  11. Hi msx80, and Everybody, Thanks msx80 for your amazing artwork and enthusiasm with supportting and developing BP. I noticed, that some cool settings can be done in blueprint.ini. Is any list of these settings? I make notes of page.color.0 and page.background. No more. Thanks