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    Wakaliwood Brickfilm

    Recently , i did a recreation of a scene from the famous Ugandan low-budget action movie called "Who Killed Captain Alex? Besides some technical issues, i'm happy with the result and i'm just a rookie brickfilmaker with too much to learn. I hope you enjoy it.
  2. AlexSkywalker

    Can i share Brickfilms in this forum? and where?

    Thanks ;3 Very useful :D
  3. Long time being abscent from this forum, hello, everyone, i have the idea of creating & sharing my own brickfilms. But can i share them in this forum and where?
  4. Hello guys, i should create this topic on the buying, selling & trading forums but i'am a new member and my liberty in this forum is so limited. The next month i will buy The Lego Movie 70816 Benny's Spaceship ¬°¬°SPACESHIP SPACESHIP!! set on eBay but i got too much concern about it is the real set or it's a scam. Leave you hints & suggestions replying on this topic. That's all pals, hasta luego.
  5. Hello friends, i've been playing Overwatch since November 2017 and for that i made this topic. Anyone of all the Overwatch heroes maybe like us for personal, or competitive reasons. And here goes my personal favorites. Mercy - Her angelic look alike suit, appearance and moral purpose of saving everyone (Including reviving you, nerfed or not), makes her one of my favorite heroes of all the game. D.Va - The gamer mecha pilot with famous quotes like "NERF THIS" or "DVA ONLINE" makes her my favorite and a good tank hero due to her abilities (Even i will buy her cosplay) . Sorry if i only add the Mercy image, it's due to the image capacity limitation. And that's all, reply on this post your favorite Overwatch heroes. I hope you like it, see you later and. . . NERF THIS
  6. AlexSkywalker

    Hola a todos/Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, i'm join recently to this forum, i am AlexSkywalker from Mexico and i been a great lego fan since 2009-2010 with Lego Racers 8673 Ferrari F1 Fuel Stop set. i quited lego in 2012 until December 2015 rebooting my collection with the Lego Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport set, and the most recent set that i have is the 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship from The Lego Movie Theme. in addition of Lego, i like Videogames, Maho-Shojo animes, seeing videos and having a channel in Youtube, etc. And that's all folks.
  7. AlexSkywalker

    I need hints to buy retired Lego sets

    Thank you, both of you. I will try on ebay
  8. AlexSkywalker

    Hi everyone! Im new Here!

    You are welcome Max
  9. AlexSkywalker

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Shape of Water from Guillermo del Toro
  10. AlexSkywalker

    Hola a todos/Hello everyone

    Thanks Littleworlds