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  1. With this set Company is making fool of us. Let's buy this year Lepin's originals instead.
  2. with the knight shield on the bonnet.....LOL
  3. Thank you for the answer. I have thought maybe somebody carried out experiments with spray lubricants ( e.g. silicone.....) or heat treatment ( artificial aging) or both .... Maybe Chinese lego's clones have less grip ( are easy playable)? I can't recommend son to play with dirty toys ( dust on the surface..)
  4. It wasn't meant to insoult you...., I thank you for the feedback anyway...
  5. Too much grip of Lego tires; would like to hear yours view on the following ; when my son was younger we played with DUPLO wehicels which tires have a little grip and are easy to manuver and play , drive it. Now when he is older, we are assembling Speed champions and other sets and finding out that Lego tires have too much grip and are consequently much less enyojable to play with than with duplo. Has anybody already tried to find the solution for this...?