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  1. This upset me initially at first as well. I was actually more confused that LEGO would create a separate helmet for the Imperial Scout Troopers when I’ve been waiting for them to update to the same helmet as the Clone Scout Troopers since 2014. I looked into it, and after all these years I can’t believe I never realized the Clone Scout Trooper helmet is actually an entirely different phase of Scout Trooper armor than the Imperials. There are three phases of Scout Trooper armor. Phase I being seen on Clone ARF Troopers, Phase II seen on the Clone Scout Troopers from Revenge of the Sith, and Phase III being the Imperial Scout Trooper armor. Compare any picture of Imperial Scout Troopers with the image below and you’ll see the visor is less profound and the helmet overall is more squared off than the Imperials.
  2. Looking like the UCS Cloud City will be the last release of 2018, right? Still I’m trying to keep up to date on the rumors for upcoming sets. Have we heard any news since the announcement of the August wave? What about the talk of a dedicated Mimban Trench set? And of course, any news about the rumored V-19?
  3. The discord legoleaks was taken down. Will the next wave of sets be the 2019 winter wave? I’m still hunting for information on the rumored V-19 from this year...
  4. Has anyone seriously discussed the possibility that the Imperial Landing Craft was actually mistaken for the V-19 which started the rumor? The description matches in a way as well, if the Sandtroopers were mistaken for Rex and Cody respectively. I hope this isn’t the case as the V-19 is the one rumor I’ve been closely following this year, but I’m worried. That Landing Craft came out of nowhere.
  5. In the trailer there is a split-second shot of what I’m 90% sure is an AT-RT, and it looks as though it’s being deployed from some type of drop ship. Perhaps the Y-45. If that is the model of walker in that shot I’d love to see the Imperial rendition of it like we did in Rogue One with the HAVw A9 Juggernaut. Edit: Just looked this up, didn’t realize we were getting ANOTHER new walker in Solo. I agree the AT-DT must be paired with the Y-45. I’m sure we’ll get a Lego version that pairs up sometime in the future. Man I just want my AT-RTs to make a comeback...
  6. I’ve found the new pilots in multiple places but where are we seeing the new Anakin figure? Discord/Instagram/Reddit? Where and what to search would be appreciated...
  7. Watching it period was watching it the wrong way. #notmyLukeSkywalker
  8. I’ve been fully expecting this. So excited to hear the V-19 rumor may be true after all!!!
  9. I’ve always been surprised by the amount of backlash they get. I love the prequels, even Episode I save for Jar Jar. Episode II is my all time favorite film. Yes, I’m aware of all the criticisms and agree with many of them. As far as future set designs and UCS sets go, I do wish they would give the prequels more serious attention like LEGO did with the Summer 2013 and Winter 2014 waves. What a year that was. Complete redemption after all the years of the cheaply designed and cartoon looking “The Clone Wars” sets. Hoping with the release of the V-19 this year and if the minifigs continue to be based off their movie or “real world” counterparts, we’ll continue to see a nice trend with prequel era sets, like the Y-Wing.
  10. Would love to see the Clone Wars era Y-Wing rereleased as well. I’ve always doubted that sets like that would ever be more than a one off because the prequel trilogy is so widely hated by fans... and it’s a ship that doesn’t appear anywhere in the actual movies. But, LEGO has surprised me before with Clone Wars sets so I guess there’s always hope.
  11. Still, I’ve found the description we have so far to be very odd. I’m hoping something’s off about it, either that the speeder is completely separate from the V-19 or that it’s not a V-19 at all. Really hope this V-19 rumor is true but I don’t want to see the accuracy of the build sacrificed for this play feature. Can’t wait for more details!
  12. Right there with you dreaming for more sets from the original Clone Wars mini-series (you know, the one that was actually good) but with TCW version of Anakin’s Starfighter already leaked we know what era they’re focusing on this wave. Good news is, with Anakin’s Starfighter already being rereleased, it makes complete sense for LEGO to rerelease the Torrent alongside it, which is what makes that rumor believable to me. I also think that with the Jedi/Clone battle pack releasing in April, we can rest assured that we will never have to suffer seeing stylized characters from TCW again. I’m confident the Anakin we receive this summer will be based off TCW, but have a more realistic/movie accurate printing to him. Same goes for any other TCW characters that may be released with the rumored Torrent. Really hoping those days are over... So many great sets and ships were released while TCW was running, but I’ve always cringed at the stylized characters. ESPECIALLY the troopers... Thank the makers for the summer 2013 wave that righted all the wrongs of that age.
  13. It just doesn’t sound right. This is the most questionable detail of that rumor to me. It sounds like someone took the original wave of sets from TCW back in 2008 and just combined features from each set, including the character selection. Maybe that was LEGO’s goal, but I really hope they didn’t sacrifice the design of the build just to add that small feature in. The Torrent is my favorite starfighter from the entire saga, and I never owned the original set.
  14. Regarding the V-19 Torrent rumor, does the description of the included speeder bike having a mount on the main build concern/confuse anyone? ”There is also a brown speeder bike which has a rail like design at the bottom, and can fit into the brick built rack on the Torrent which has a rather large slot.” The Torrent is a starfighter not a transport, not to mention I can’t see how LEGO could pull this off given the sleek design of the ship. I can’t imagine why or how this feature would be included in the set if the rumor is true.