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  1. Could someone tell me what instgram page exactly had the leak? I always search these things and find multiple lego star wars leaks pages, but rarely find the leaks being talked about here.
  2. I believe Cody’s coming. It just wouldn’t make sense otherwise. The minifig selection, setting, timing, heightened price and recent trend of rare figs being thrown in with ships to help sell them (like the 20th anniversary slave 1) makes this too likely in my opinion. The set probably was realistically worth just over $60 all things considered, but instead of rounding it up to $70 for the normal profit, they created a new mold for Cody’s helmet and used that to justify bumping the price to $80. All speculation. But history repeats itself and the trends are there.
  3. When was a yellow light saber released? Wouldn’t this be a first?
  4. I for one, think it’s long overdue for a remake of the Clone Wars era Y-Wing. Perhaps in a new color scheme, say like red, or even blue maybe? Think I saw one in that opening battle to the episode with Obi-Wan and Anakin on the bridge. Maybe this could even be our retailer exclusive this year? Who knows what figures they could possibly put with it though...
  5. Does anyone have the link to the original website that leaked the AT-AT pictures?
  6. Guys, it is going to be based off Season 7. Not a Season that came out 8 years ago. Plus, the scene you’re describing is what the last 501st AT-RT and BARC Speeder w/ Captain Rex were based off of.
  7. In the unfinished release of TCW season 7, back when Disney first canceled the show, the last episode of “The Bad Batch” story arc had Mace Windu and Obi Wan assaulting the main factory on Anaxes with their respective Clone Trooper Battalions in the spotlight. This has us expecting to see them again and they could potentially show in one of the sets based off this season. Basically it’s just a Clone legion that’s never had the spotlight before in other media, so yeah we’re excited to possibly get a new variation. But with the 332nd being introduced and the pivotal role they’ll play with Ahsoka and Order 66, it’s much more likely we’ll see these guys alongside the traditional 501st Troopers. Mace’s battalion is unlikely, but possible.
  8. Honestly so excited for this wave, but really hoping the Clone Troopers are the same quality / style as the 2014 battle packs. Need some pictures! I also just realized that hoping to squeeze three clone units (501st, 332nd and whichever unit is attached to Mace Windu nowadays) was way too wishful thinking. This isn’t 2005.
  9. It almost definitely will be Phase 2 to coincide with Season 7 of The Clone Wars. I’d say that with 100% certainty but I have no inside information, so 99.9% certainty. Great news. I wonder what set Ashoka will come with now? Must be the AAT. I can’t imagine her not coming with this wave. Unless there will be future TCW sets in Winter 2021?
  10. My point is it would be nice to check the thread once the discussion has continued a few new pages and see some actual news or at least a productive discussion. Yes, people will complain about anything. And here we all are complaining about the people complaining. I can deal with it for a few pages but please, enough already. If there’s no new leaks or nothing relevant to add to the “educated speculation” then this thread should stay where it’s at so people don’t feel the need to go back and read the last few pages just to find out all they missed was bickering.
  11. Can we please stop arguing about MandRproductions being a reliable leaker or not and 501st BP supporters being immature? This has been all weekend. @jdubbs nothing personal I’m just quoting your post because you’re our fearless leader. 😂 I keep checking this thread because I’m impatiently waiting for the details to drop on these potential new army builder sets and all I keep getting is this back and forth banter. Anakin Voice: “The fans have requested.. that a 501st battle pack be made.” Mace Voice: “TLG will decide what is to be made, not the fans.”
  12. I am fully expecting this. Even though nothing is confirmed yet, I think any hopes for this set to contain a legion other than the flagship Clone Troopers of Season 7 are misplaced. If we’re lucky, we may get some 187th Troopers along with the new AAT. But otherwise I think we can reasonably expect one or two Clone Troopers (332nd and 501st) with the BARC Speeder / AT-RT. Also, this will most likely be the Ashoka set.
  13. Does anyones really think those two Battle Packs sold poorly? I always thought they had to be some of the best selling Battle Packs of all time, considering how easy it is to find youtubers and collectors with absurd amounts of them stockpiled. I figured they would have appealed strongly to kids as well, given one had the cool droid for your Troopers to fight and the other was all camouflaged guys which had never been done before. Kids love their green army guys. 😂
  14. So anyways... where do we stand on the leaks? Have any more details or pictures dropped since the razorcrest?
  15. What’s off about the cockpit? I don’t see it.