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  1. What’s off about the cockpit? I don’t see it.
  2. Both of the above posts. 👍🏼 It was a mistake when TLG decided to do highly stylized mini-figures for TCW instead of trying to make them as movie accurate or “lifelike” as possible at the time. TCW wasn’t animated in the way it is because it looked good (at least at the beginning it wasn’t), it was done that way because it was the cheapest form of animation they had at the time and the target audience was young children who presumably wouldn’t care (I did, but I guess I was already too old at 10). So when TLG took the route they did for the initial TCW sets, and for several years following the sets just felt, well, cheap. Empty. Half-assed. Even a lot of the designs were very lacking in comparison to their original Episode 2 and Episode 3 counterparts. In recent years (since the 2014 wave) TLG seems to have tried to right the wrongs of the past. But TCW had ended. I’m very interested to see if they choose the cheap route again for this wave, or if they put the same amount of effort they did into the last Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter we received. That set was great all around. Design both set and mini-figure wise, AND price. We will see. But they really need to let the lackluster stylized Clone Troopers die. Please. Don’t bring them back. Ever. What a waste.
  3. So the BARC Speeder also includes an AT-RT?! Little do we realize this is the long awaited 501st battle pack...
  4. Duel on Exegol is purely rumor/speculation at this point and we’ve been asked to stop circulating the rumor. Fingers crossed for ya mate but at this point there have been no leaks pointing towards that set coming. I still think it’s coming though... But again, nothing concrete to go off of.
  5. Honestly? Same here... I got back into collecting when we received the two Clone Wars (not the show, the era) waves back in 2013 Summer / 2014 Winter. I’m still blown away that PT fans were given those waves, even considering the films 10 year anniversaries. I felt the Clone Troopers were finally done right after all those years of the laughable animated style. But after all these years of collecting this generation of Clone Trooper mini-figures, I’ll finally consider my collecting days over when TLG decides to retire the current molds. I think it’s terrible what they did to OT fans with the short run of Stormtrooper molds. Also, thought the previous version was perfect, so really it’s just a shame. Hope like hell they don’t continue that trend of updating the “army builder” figures every couple years.
  6. Yes. Unless the mystery April set turns out to be one but I’m pretty sure the price was already leaked and it’s well above battle pack range. Most likely next battle packs will be winter 2021. The current packs will ride out the year on shelves I think.
  7. Nooo! By the force I hope they haven’t completely redesigned the Phase II Clone Troopers like they did the Stormtroopers. Please no. The 2014 wave and design was perfect. There’s no reason to change it, just give us the key characters that haven’t been released yet. Can you guys imagine the outrage if TLG FINALLY gives us 501st troopers in bulk that are movie accurate (aka not TCW animated style) but they’re a new mold and incompatible with EVERYTHING before them?
  8. Ah yes, you’re right. I’ve always considered that set our modern remake / mix of the now legendary original two battle packs. Great! Honestly sounds like a fantastic wave to me so far. Unless TLG fails miserably on the mini-figure line up (or you’re just one of those hard core prequel haters) I don’t see why anyone was disappointed initially.
  9. So is that supposedly the missing April set?
  10. Wait was the Razor Crest confirmed? I thought that was just wishlisting
  11. Remember the last BARC Speeder came with four minifigures, notably Captain Rex, a CIS speeder AND was $25. That was 2013. $5 more in 2020 covers inflation and suggests four minifigures, meaning this set will most likely see the return of Phase II Captain Rex or an equally desirable figure. I’m most excited for this set!
  12. I’m convinced this is because the last April set is Duel on Exegol, and they’ve kept it quiet for as long as possible to ensure theaters everywhere have finished their runs of the film. My local theater only had it’s final showing just last week.
  13. So excited the full summer list leaked. Can’t wait to get full details / pics! Going to be an expensive year for this PT fan. Although I admit, Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor will need to have an impressive minifigure line up, it feels like we just got it, several times... Still waiting on those clone starfighters...
  14. My money’s on Duel on Exegol is the last April set. By far makes the most sense all things considered. That brings us to: - *Duel on Exegol* - Night Buzzard - AT-AT - Soulless One - AAT
  15. Same here. Seems extremely likely actually given the Soulless One is coming. TLG (and kids) love vehicle pairs. Plus it’s the only good match that could realistically fit the $30 tag. Honestly disappointed though if that’s the case. We need Troopers, not our hundredth Jedi fighter. We shall see.